A Marriage, a Birthday and Pending Doom.

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Robin and Patrick officially tie the knot, Carly and Sonny spend Michael's birthday at his bedside and Jason warns Sonny not to cross him ever again.

A Marriage, a Birthday and Pending Doom. image

After a long and twisted road, Robin and Patrick are finally at the altar exchanging wedding vows. Robin recalls a time when she had given up on love, but then met Patrick. When it was his turn to speak, Patrick says that falling in love with her has been the most profound experience on his life. He promises to value that gift and to love Robin and Emma as long as they all live. After pretending to have lost the ring, Matt finally hands over Robin's ring as Maxie rolls her eyes in frustration. In the end, Robin and Patrick are pronounced 'man and wife' to cheers and plenty of applause.


The reception gets underway. Maxie bemoans how Robin now has the perfect life, but assures Spinelli that she hasn't wanted the traditional stuff since she was about six. Patrick dances with Anna, Robin dances with Robert, and just as Spinelli is getting ready to ask Maxie to dance, Matt does. She hands Spinelli her glass and gives Matt a whirl.


While waiting, Spinelli fantasizes about singing "They Can't Take That Away From Me" to Maxie as he leads her in an equally romantic soft-shoe dance. His voice is spot-on as he sings about 'the way she holds her hat' and 'the way she sips her tea'.


Later, Robert makes a lovely speech. He applauds Robin and Patrick in choosing each other. He advises them to stay the course when facing challenges. Anna chimes in and gives a list of 'don'ts' for the newlyweds to follow. Later, Anna and Robert each remember the night that they told tiny Robin that they were divorcing. When they realize that they're thinking of the same thing, they point out that Robin was born of their love for each other. Robert tells Anna that it still ranks as the greatest love of all time.


Edward approaches Luke and asks him to hurry up and win Tracy back because she's driving them nuts. Luke says that he's trying, but Edward says that he has to grovel and use romance. He admits to getting the boot from Lila many times, but he always won her back.


There are a few people in town who aren't at the wedding. Jax has returned from Australia and is sitting with Carly at The Metro Court. She asks about Lady Jane and he says that she's in denial about losing Jerry and thinks that their marriage will work out in the end. She asks why he's being so nice to her, but he says that this must be a rough time for her.


Jason is over at Sonny's house asking him to leave the Zacchara's. He tells him that conflicts will continue to come up between them and asks how far Sonny is willing to push? Sonny tells Jason that the hunger for power has overcome him, but Jason says that he's trying to work things out between them. Sonny picks up the phone and orders someone to land their shipment on pier 17. Jason can't believe that Sonny would challenge him in this way, today of all days. Sonny remembers that it's Michael's birthday and says that he doesn't need Jason to remind him of anything. Jason says he will not give an inch, but in Michael's memory he will not stop this one shipment. "If it happens again I will do what I need to do," Jason says as he leaves.


Sam is surprised to find Jax at her door. He asks if she can fill in some of the blanks about his brother's last few hours and if she's certain that he is dead. Sam sits with him and tells everything that happened between her and Jerry. Jax listens and says that Jerry could've pulled off his scheme to make law enforcement believe he's dead. Sam doesn't see how that is possible and tells Jax that she's sorry for his loss. Jax apologizes for what Jerry did to her and Sam tells him that Jerry never spoke of him with anything but love.


Later, Sam calls Jason over to tell him that Federal Agent Rayner called her and had a bunch of questions about Spinelli. Neither of them are happy to learn that now their friend Spinelli is on the fed's radar.


Carly shows up in Michael's hospital room and finds Sonny sitting with him. "He loves you so much Sonny and it's well deserved because you are a terrific father," she says. Sonny cries and apologizes for the millionth time about what's happened to their son. Carly tells him that there's nothing they can do to change anything so he needs to stop beating himself up over it. She says that her gift to Michael is to forgive him, and now he needs to forgive himself. Sonny cries and says that will take a while. He holds Michael's hand and Carly cradles Sonny in her arms.

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