Bittersweet Holiday Moments.

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Carly recalls happier holidays, Sam envisions Alexis in her mind and Robert returns to Port Charles to meet his granddaughter.

Bittersweet Holiday Moments. image

Jax has brought his gift for Morgan over to Carly's house. He explains that Lady Jane misses Jerry so he's going to spend the holidays with her. Morgan wants her to come here, but Carly says that won't work. Jax lets him open his gift early. When Morgan delights at the new gaming system, Jax promises Carly that she'll enjoy it as much as Morgan does. Carly thanks Jax for staying in Morgan's life and points out that he lost a lot this year. Jax tells her that no matter how much has changed since last Christmas he'll be thinking of her. Carly tears up and Jax tells her to concentrate on the son that she has in order to help deal with the one she lost.


Sonny has come home and busted Claudia looking at a DVD on her laptop. She quickly puts it away and tells him to respect her privacy. She covers by saying that her secrecy has something to do with the Christmas gift that she's getting him. Sonny notices that the tree is trimmed and insists that he's not celebrating this year! He sees the ornaments that Michael made and Claudia tells him that he's not mad at her, he's mad at the universe. To prove his point, Sonny smashes an ornament against a wall. Claudia tells him that she's sorry if she made things worse for him this year by putting up the tree. He says that Devlin broke the rules by trying to kill him in front of his own kid and adds that he doesn't believe that the crooked doc was working alone. Claudia reminds Sonny that Devlin paid with his life, but Sonny says that's not enough.


Back at Carly's house, Carly looks through some old ornaments and recalls a year when Sonny came over to hang stockings with Michael and Morgan. Tears stream down her face as she picks up the phone and tells Sonny that she needs to see him.


As soon as Sonny leaves home for Carly's house, Claudia goes back to watching the DVD. Jerry gives her a hint as to where the next DVD with a clue is. "It's hidden in the window of your soul," Jerry quips.


Matt and Patrick are at GH arguing over patients. Matt insists on taking Patrick's patients so that Patrick can start some holiday traditions with his new family. Patrick asks Matt why he's warm and fuzzy all of a sudden? Then he tells Matt to take the 26th off because he needs a best man. Matt asks if he's desperate and Patrick insists on an answer. Matt stalls by saying that he has plans with a six-pack and a large-screen TV that day. He adds that Patrick doesn't have to compensate for what Noah did. Patrick claims that's not what he's doing. He says that he has chosen a different path than their father and family means something to him. He says that Robin's an only child and he only has one brother. Fresh out of excuses, Matt accepts.


Anna is shocked to see Robert on Robin's doorstep. He insists that he's in remission and didn’t bust out of the clinic in Switzerland. They start to argue and Robin can hear them from the hallway as she returns from walking Emma. She is thrilled to see him. Robert smacks Anna on the rump and says they were only playing 'catch up', not arguing. Then, he only has eyes for Emma and sits down so that he can hold her. He says that she is proof that he has done something right. He references his battle with cancer and says, "You, my darling, were definitely worth the fight." When he notices that both the women have teared up, he says that he survived the cancer and they need to lighten up! He tells them to call the doctors and they'll reassure them that he's in great shape now. They agree to take his word for it. Robert switches the conversation to the wedding and asks if there's any way he can help. Robin says that she has everything she needs.


Patrick comes home and Robert says that he's come to have that 'talk' with him before the wedding. Patrick takes it good naturedly. Anna whisks Patrick away so that Robert and Robin can have some time alone together. Robin says that she's really glad that he's here. He admits that he's at about 90% and that his appetite is back and the hair is on its way. Robin says that since he's doing so well would he walk her down the aisle?


Down in a pit somewhere outside of Port Charles, Sam is in bad shape. She is very tired, but hears Alexis's voice in her head urging her not to fall asleep because she'll freeze to death. Sam tells her that she doesn't like being her mother so why does she care? Alexis says that's not true and that she needs to save herself! "Get up and start moving," Sam hears in her head.


Jason meets Sasha on the waterfront and learns that Sam escaped when they were transporting her out of town. She says that she could've killed her, but is glad to use her instead. Jason surmises that Sasha will trade Sam's location for freedom. She says it's only a matter of time before her organization wants her dead, so she needs his help escaping them. She says that Sam was alive less than an hour ago and she can help him find her. As an act of good faith, she tells him that the Russians are starting to doubt coming to Port Charles and if he makes one or two good moves, they'll likely leave. Jason calls Bernie and orders him to transfer money to Sasha's account and before Sasha can tell him where Sam is, she is shot.


Carly lets Sonny in and thanks him for coming. He compliments her on her pretty tree and then Morgan comes out and stands before him. "Merry Christmas Dad," the little guy says. Sonny looks over at Carly and then back at his beautiful son with a big smile.

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