GH is Starting to Feel Like The Wedding Channel!

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Nik tells Nadine that they can get married to please her dying aunt, Lainey tells Robin that she has 'the baby blues' and Sonny learns about Jake.

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Robin has gone back to work, but she's not doing anybody much good there either. She can't keep the charts or the meds straight and Epiphany tells her to go home. Robin insists that she's perfectly capable to do rounds, but eventually Lainey finds her and asks her to talk. She explains that the 'baby blues' are normal and will likely go away in a few days. She gently suggests that Robin take a walk in the park and treat herself to a cup of hot chocolate before going home.


Meanwhile, Patrick and Emma are having a fine time together at home. Matt stops by with a baby care package and Patrick hands her over so he can make them a sandwich. They bicker over what kind of car sound Emma likes the most and then settle in to play racecar video games with Emma napping in between them.


Down in the Dominican Republic, Tracy pretty much has no choice but to sit down with Luke and play poker until the storm passes. In between hands, Luke reminds her that she's the one who made him want to live after having his heart attacks. Tracy says that she knows he loves her but what happens when Laura waltzes back into his life? Luke says he's too drunk for logic and tries to get her to play a new game with him. When he can see that Tracy won't get off the subject, he admits to having feelings for the mother of his children but adds that those feelings do not diminish his love for her.


Back in Port Charles, Lulu has gone back to work at Crimson. Kate welcomes her back with a big (and surprising!) hug. Then she asks Lulu if she's well enough to speak frankly? Lulu assures them that she is, so Kate says that Carly's throwing a juvenile fit at the moment and she needs to know where Lulu's loyalties lie. She explains that she and Jax are throwing a cocktail party tonight and don't want Carly to ruin it just because they'll be together. Lulu assures her that she'll keep her private life away from her workplace.


Over at the newlywed's house Claudia proposes a strictly sexual relationship without any emotional attachments, but Sonny reminds her that their marriage is just about business. Claudia says that she simply cannot remain celibate for the duration of their marriage and asks if she can find someone to satisfy her needs? Sonny sees no problem with that. Max announces that Sasha has come to see him and shows her in. Sonny quickly reminds her that his father was beat up, but she claims to have come to talk about the future, not the past. Sonny tells her that he is now the head of the Zacchara organization and is ready to establish what happens to people who come after the people he cares about. Sasha looks concerned as she says that there are reports that a child has been taken so now wouldn't be a good time to start a war. She can see that Sonny is enraged, and quickly assures him that the child isn't one of his. Max drags her out of the room and Claudia tells him that he was very impressive.


Johnny shows up on the terrace and she rushes out to warn him that he could've been shot by the guards! He tells her that she'll be the one who is shot as soon as Sonny figures out that she was behind Michael's shooting. Claudia assures him that won't happen and rushes back inside.


Sonny tells her that he just learned that it was Jake Spencer who was taken and that he's Jason's child. He says that he won't dare make a move now. Claudia urgently agrees and says that he'll never forgive himself if anything happens to that boy. Sonny asks why she sounds as if she's talking from experience?


Lulu comes out of the Metro Court boutique and runs into Carly. The cousins give each other a big hug and Carly immediately asks her how things are going at Crimson. Lulu says that she's sorry, but she can't discuss that with her. Carly says that's okay, but all she wants to know is what Kate's wearing tonight. Jax shows up behind her and says, "Nice try Carly."


Robin arrives home with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand. She finds Emma sleeping soundly between Matt and Patrick while they play video racing games. Matt goes back to work and Robin says that she knows she should be grateful that Emma is healthy, but she can't figure out how to be a good mother. Patrick assures her that they'll figure this out together.


Down on the farm somewhere, Nadine apologizes to Nik for putting him on the spot. He tells her that it's not her fault. She says that's not entirely true because she hasn't been able to bring herself to tell Aunt Raylene that they're not really getting married. When he's brought in to meet her, they exchange pleasantries. Then Raylene asks to speak with him alone. He pushes Nadine out the door and is promptly asked the big question, "What are your intentions for Nadine?" Nik says that he cares for Nadine very deeply and that he honors and respects her, but he's not sure if he's ready to love like he did with his deceased wife. Wise Raylene assures him that he's a good man but asks him to be careful with Nadine's heart because she's been very hurt in the past.


Nik steps out and joins Nadine, who apologizes profusely. Nik says, "If your Aunt Raylene's last dying wish is to see you married, that's what we'll do."

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