Sonny Swims With the Fishes!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Claudia agrees to marry Sonny, Karpov makes a move, Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas are on Scott's trail, Tracy tells Luke she can't keep doing this, Robin has trouble when her water breaks and Jerry seeks out Sam!

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At the wedding, the minister asks for a doctor and half the congregation stands up. Kelly steps forward and takes charge; the crowd is dispersed. Kelly says they can't wait for an ambulance and they commandeer a limo to get Patrick and Robin to the hospital. Anna drives while Patrick, Robin and Kelly are in the back; Robin tells Anna to slow down but she just keeps driving faster!


On the plane, Lulu is taken by the happy pictures from Laura's scrapbook. Lucky tells Lulu and Nikolas that Scott isn't a romantic hero but they both see a different side of Scott. Lulu turns a page and reads them a note from the wishing well. They try to deduce where Scott will take Laura; Nikolas says they should call hotel rooms and ask for Scott. Lulu wonders where Luke is and she and Nikolas say they are on their own. Lulu looks through the scrapbook and finds an entry about Laura getting a job – with Luke! Nikolas learns where Scott is staying; he and Lulu continue to defend Scott, saying that Laura was happy until Luke came along. Lucky can't believe them.


In the car, Scott tells Laura that he'll know where they are going when they get there. He takes her to a cantina with a wishing well – the same one they went to when they were kids. Laura remembers the day they spent there. She makes another wish but misses. Scott takes a coin and says he is going to make a wish, too. His coin goes into the fountain. Laura tells him she isn't going to fall for him because she belongs to Luke. "Don't ruin my time," Scott says. Laura says her wish was for him. Scott tells her that Luke married Tracy! She doesn't believe him at first but Scott convinces her that it is true; he says Tracy and Luke got drunk, got married and stayed married because of Tracy's money. "No! He would have told me," Laura says. Scott says Luke hired an actor to play a minister during their wedding and dares her to call anyone in Port Charles to learn the truth. She calls Edward and he confirms everything; Laura tells Scott to take her back to the hotel.


At the hotel, the concierge realizes that the card Luke is trying to use is the same card as Scott's! He questions them and Luke says the card must have been stolen. He insists on Baldwin coming to the desk but the concierge says Scott is gone. Tracy says they'll use her card – but it has her real name. The concierge asks what is going on. Tracy takes off her disguise but the concierge won't let them use the card or register. Tracy says in Hollywood all kinds of people check in under false identities; Tracy says her husband is a drunk and a bigamist and she was looking for solace with Luke. Luke keeps talking in his German accent, saying he is best with scorned women. "Give me a key!" Tracy says. The concierge checks them in. Luke says this is their first lead – and they can find Laura from here! Luke sits down with Tracy and he tells her he wants her to play lookout while he searches Scott's room; Tracy tells him to rescue his damsel in distress on his own. Tracy says she can't bow out and watch their marriage disintegrate; Luke says she doesn't have to bow out. Tracy says this isn't going to end well.

Scott and Laura return to the hotel; she says knowing the truth doesn't change how she feels! Scott says Luke only lies to her. Luke turns and sees them!


In the hospital, Claudia is pleading with Anthony to make a change so they can be a real family. He wakes up and calls her by another name; she tells him who she really is. "You're a viper," he whispers and accuses her of trying to kill him. Johnny comes in and Anthony tells him that Claudia left him to die. Johnny says Claudia saved him but Anthony won't listen. He keeps telling Johnny that Claudia tried to kill him; Johnny won't listen. Sonny comes in and Claudia agrees to marry him! Sonny says the organization needs him and he is willing to step in to ensure that their organization doesn't fall apart. Johnny hates the idea but Anthony interrupts and says he approves the marriage. Sonny walks out. Johnny can't believe it; Claudia says she understands why it has to happen. "This is for your benefit," Anthony says.

Anna, Robin, Patrick and Kelly arrive at the hospital; Kelly and Elizabeth takes Robin and Patrick into a delivery room. Kelly sees that the baby's heart rate dropped and says there could be problems. She tells Robin they have to move the baby and asks Patrick to support Robin so they can work quickly. Kelly calls for an O-R but they are booked. Epiphany and Liz look at one another. Kelly leaves to clear a room, just in case they have to do a C-Section there. Patrick tells Robin things will be okay; she has another contraction and screams. The baby becomes more distressed.

Maxie wants to see Robin but Mac, who is freaking out, and Anna tell her to give the doctors room to work. Spinelli arrives and Maxie asks him if everything is going to be okay with Robin's baby. Mac is worried, too, but Anna tells him that Robin – and the baby – will be fine because the staff knows how to protect her. Matt walks in and asks where Robin is. Elizabeth comes out and says there is a complication. She says the baby is in a bad position and they are trying to move the baby. Maxie can't believe this is happening to Robin. Spinelli gives her a book of art to cheer her up. Elizabeth returns and tells them that the baby's heartbeat isn't strong; Jason hears and walks out.

Sam arrives at the hospital and tells Nadine about her drug bust. Jerry watches from the hall. She sees Matt at the desk and asks him about the clinic fire. Jason watches them. Matt says he remembers a man standing near him but says he only saw shoes; he says the shoes looked like something Jerry would wear! Jerry calls Sam for a meeting.

Sonny approaches Nadine and asks for an update on Anthony's condition; she says he is expected to be fine but Sonny should talk to his doctors. Sonny gets into the elevator – and two Russian thugs pull a gun on him!

The thugs take Sonny to the docks; he tells Karpov to admit he shot Kate and says after that, he can kill Sonny! Karpov says it doesn't matter who shot Kate because she lived. Then, he stabs Sonny and throws him, weighted down, into the water!

Sam arrives in an alley and looks for Jerry.

Next on General Hospital:

Luke and Scott get themselves into a high-speed car chase.

Laura urges Scott to stop the madness, but he won't hear of it.

Scott loses control of his car.

Nik, Lucky and Lulu are surprised when they find Tracy in LA, too.

Robin has an emergency C-section, but the baby is born healthy.

Carly rescues Sonny from the harbor and takes him back to her house.

Sam and Jason start working on tracing the bomb explosion.

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