An Oath Trumps a Vow.

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Patrick says that Robin will understand why he is performing emergency surgery instead of going to their wedding, Robin's friends and family surround her with love and Jason wears a tux!

An Oath Trumps a Vow. image

Sonny is over at GH telling Olivia to stay out of his face. As Kate is wheeled back into the room, he says that he has no intention of marrying Claudia. Kate calmly tells Olivia that she's starting to think she wants Sonny for herself and that’s why she's so upset about the Claudia thing. Olivia is so furious that she leaves with her hands flying in the air. Later, Sonny finds her and she says that the best thing she ever did was break up with him all those years ago. Sonny says that she didn't get too far because she's here now causing him problems! When he refuses to discuss business with her, Olivia says that he will do what he has to do, but he'd better be honest with Connie.


Liz and Jason are enjoying a stolen moment at Queen of Angels. They're at the altar, of all places! She tells him that she feels as if she's dreaming to be with him, like this. Suddenly Maxie, Mac and Robin arrive and Mac gets in Jason's face for showing up. Robin asks for a moment alone and asks Jason what changed his mind about coming? She's happy to hear that Maxie was the person to finally get through to him about how important he is to her on this day.


Then she goes back to the bride's room and Liz starts working on her hair. Robin is as calm as can be and Liz wistfully tells her that she makes love look good. Robin says that she's grateful for her friendship and then confesses that she invited Jason for a secret reason. She admits to wanting him to be able to look at Liz during the ceremony and get some ideas of his own. Liz just smiles as she finishes Robin's hair.


Out in the sanctuary, Maxie is in a rush to go home and change, but Mac pulls her down on the pew next to him. He talks about the first time he met Robin, and then recalls the day he married Felicia and inherited her and Georgie, too. Maxie says it doesn't seem fair that he got stuck with all of them. She asks what he might've done with his life if he hadn't been burdened with three girls to raise. Mac says that was the most important thing he ever did. Maxie says he did a great job with Robin and Georgie, but Mac insists that he did great with all of them.


Robin finally has a moment to herself back in the bride's room. She cradles her belly and talks to the baby about her daddy and how patient they're going to have to be with him. Anna arrives with a note from Robert. He sends his love and promises to come to visit soon.


Mac and Coleman find themselves together in the lobby greeting guests. In the rare moments that Coleman isn't telling the women that they look hot, he asks Mac if they can pretend that he didn't bust him a few dozen times, just for today! Mac insists that Coleman perform his Best Man duties and find out where Patrick is.


Sonny arrives and has a hard time walking into the same room where Kate was shot. Jason shows up beside him. Sonny speaks of the time when Robin lost Stone and how Jason was able to help her through that. He says that no matter what is going on between them, he's glad that they could both be here for Robin today. Jason nods in agreement.


Out at the Zacchara mansion, Anthony is lying on the floor seizing as Claudia gives him a little kick to see if he's bluffing. She says that she used to pray for this when she was a little girl and maybe God is finally answering her. Johnny rushes in and races to the phone. Claudia begs him to hang up because their lives would be so much better without the old man. Johnny says that he is their father and he can't just watch him die.


Patrick is still at the hospital, much to Epiphany's dismay. He tells Matt that both he and Robin would like him to be at their wedding because they are brothers. Matt reminds him it's a mere technicality in their case, but Patrick says that Noah was absent from both of their childhoods, so they're even. He says they can build on their relationship or not, but he's making the offer. Leyla stops by to wish Patrick every happiness and then he heads to the elevator.

Instead, Johnny and Claudia, along with Anthony on a gurney, get off the elevator and Johnny tells Patrick that he'll pay any amount of money if Patrick will stay and operate on his father. Patrick does a quick evaluation and says that there's blood leaking into Anthony's brain from an aneurysm and he needs immediate surgery. Johnny insists that Patrick put his wedding on hold so that his father can have the best surgeon. Matt overhears, and quietly offers to do the surgery and if another mobster bites the dust, so be it. Patrick learns that the doctor on call is at least twenty minutes away and then announces that he'll do the surgery, with Dr. Hunter assisting. When Matt reminds him that he's supposed to be 'getting shackled to Robin', Patrick says that she'll understand.


In the OR, Matt keeps looking at the clock, but Patrick tells him to focus on the patient. He says that he'll be where he's supposed to be, but first they have to repair the aneurysm. Matt offers to keep the patient stable in case Patrick needs to make a phone call, but Patrick can't be derailed. When he finally finds the bleed, the intensity picks up in an effort to save Anthony's life.


Back at the church, Robin is ready. Mac describes her as eerily calm, while Anna and Maxie bestow various traditional bridal items. The 'old' is a necklace that Anna wore on the day she married Robert, the 'blue' is a bracelet of Georgie's, the 'borrowed' is a handkerchief of Robert's and they all agree that the baby is the best example of 'new' that ever was. Just then, Spinelli bursts into the room to report that the groom is missing!

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