Tequila Time!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Trevor visits Shadybrook, Jax wants to buy Spoon Island and where else but Jake's for Robin's baby shower?

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Tracy can't take Luke's snoring anymore, so she bangs a tray against the jail cell bars to wake him up. He has a massive headache, of course, but she reminds him that it's all his fault. Soon an attractive senorita comes and bails Luke out, leaving Tracy behind. Luke comes back as quickly as he can with bail for Tracy. He explains that he helped the woman out of a bad card game once and she owed him. Skeptical but glad to be free, Tracy leaves with him and heads over to the cantina to wait for word from Edward.


Back at Shadybrook, Lulu sees Johnny's face looking through her door, but when she rushes out into the hall, he's gone. She shouts that she doesn't know what's real or not, so if he's not really there she's really losing it. Worried that she'll be even more confused, Johnny comes out from hiding and says that he doesn't want to interfere with her recovery. He says that he wants her to be happy, even if that means she's without him. As he walks away, Lulu yells for him to come back!


Instead, Maxie and Spinelli come to see her. They have proof that Lulu could not have written the blackmail notes to herself. Spinelli produces a computerized sample of her handwriting and the notes and demonstrates the differences. Lulu lightens up a little at the thought that she's not as far gone as she thought. They brainstorm and try to figure out who would be trying to scare Lulu.


Robin is in full gear at GH today. Liz and Epiphany gently warn her that it's time for her Type A personality to lighten up a little. Robin resents being referred to as a control freak, and then goes to Lainey with ideas on how to treat a patient while she's on maternity leave. Before long, Epiphany informs Robin that the rest of her patients for the day have cancelled, and Robin thinks everyone just wants her to go home and put her feet up. Patrick tells her that he has something in mind and takes her by the hand.


Trevor meets Johnny at The Metro Court and tells him it was a bad idea to go out to Shadybrook. He explains that he's been monitoring Lulu, if only to keep him out of trouble! He points out that he might be on the outs with Anthony, but he can't live forever and Johnny will surely inherit the kingdom.


Over at the free clinic, Nikolas is trying to talk business to Nadine, but she'd rather talk about how casually he's acting after their night of great sex. Leyla is trying to get her to be quiet, but Nadine keeps on talking. She tells Nikolas to keep on doing whatever it is that he does. Nikolas tries, but can't get a word in edgewise.


Carly pops in on Jason and learns that Sonny is about to make a deal with Zacchara to run his organization. Carly is enraged as she points out that Zacchara just wants Sonny to implode! She asks Jason how he plans on stopping it and Jason says that he'll have to give Sonny back his business. He says that he'd like to walk away from it all, but he doesn't want to give Sonny a loaded gun. Carly apologizes for getting him into this whole thing.


Ric joins Claudia at her table at The Metro Court, but she's in no mood for chitchat. She tells him that since he is tight with her father, he betrayed her by not warning her about the old man's scheme. Ric doesn't know what she's talking about, so she tells him that Anthony wants her to marry Sonny. Before Ric can respond, Claudia says that Sonny will use her to get his power back and she might as well use him too. Ric tells her that they have a good thing going between them and she shouldn't blow it!


Patrick brings Robin in to Jake's and all of her friends are there for a surprise bridal/baby shower. Lainey, Kelly, Liz, Epiphany, Nadine and Coleman all have margaritas, but give her a 'virgin' one. Coleman makes a crack about a pregnant virgin, while Liz gives a lovely toast. Then they do a 'lick it, slam it, suck it' for old time sake with tequila shots.


Jax is in debonair businessman mode over at The Metro Court. He's meeting with a female broker about buying Spoon Island out from under Nikolas. Carly spots him from across the room as she offers Nikolas some papers to sign. She tells him that Jax is up to something.


Trevor has gone out to Shadybrook, but he's stopped by a guard for not signing in. Maxie and Spinelli are on their way out when they see him. They hide so that they can see what he's up to.


Jason is in a tizzy in his office when Claudia shows up. She insists that he hear her out, but he says that he already knows about Anthony's offer to Sonny. Claudia tells him that the deal has to go through her first. Suddenly, she has Jason's attention.

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