Team Lulu Comes Together.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Lulu is in a world of her own, Tracy finds Luke and tells him everything and Jason and Elizabeth come to an agreement of sorts.

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Spinelli is worried because Jason didn't sleep last night. He offers him a smoothie, but Jason says that Sonny is in trouble and if he could find Kate's shooter, things would ease up a bit. Spinelli offers his P.I. services, but Jason says, "The last time Jackal PI got involved, you lost your spleen." Spinelli implores Jason to indulge him in acting out a chess metaphor in an attempt to decipher the code of the shooter. No matter how Spinelli moves the pieces on the board, it keeps coming back to the likelihood that Karpov must've been the person to shoot Kate.


Nikolas meets Carly at The Metro Court bar. She tells him that his offer to buy her shares just doesn't add up. He calmly explains, again, why he wants to buy in. Finally, he says that he might be motivated by a woman. He offers little by way of explanation, but says that the thought of waking up every day in Port Charles and working from there, rather than jetting to his holdings all over the world, is starting to appeal to him.


Out at the Zacchara mansion, Johnny is cleaning a gun while talking with his father. He says that he needs a faster boat and then pretends to shoot him. Anthony doesn't flinch and Johnny asks what it will take for him to get out of the chair and run away? Anthony contends that he is crippled, but Johnny says that he must have something pretty big planned to have shot Sonny's bride.


Maxie brings magazines, truffles and perfume when she surprises Lulu at Shadybrook. All Lulu can manage to say is, "Have you seen Johnny?" After it finally becomes clear that Lulu only wants to hear about Johnny, Maxie says that he isn't doing too well. With the voice of a child, Lulu says that he must be coming out to see her today.


Later, Spinelli comes to see Lulu. He brings poetry books, as well as some comic books. Lulu just gazes at him and softly thanks him. As Spinelli starts to read to her from Robert Blake, Lulu coos that it sounds as if he's describing Johnny.


Nadine and Elizabeth are working together at GH. Nadine admits that she hasn't told Nikolas her true feelings yet, and Liz suggests that she just keep it simple and find a reason to spend time together.


Tracy finds Luke, face down in a pile of tortilla chips, in a Mexican cantina. He objects to her efforts to sober him up, but she persists. She tells him that Lulu is more and more like Laura every day, and Luke gives a goofy smile. Tracy sits down and explains about Logan's murder and how his daughter ended up at Shadybrook. Luke goes from being proud to hear about his daughter's resourcefulness in hijacking the mayor's car to full attention when he hears that she is hallucinating right next to Laura at Shadybrook. He stands up and says that he lost his car in a card game and asks where her rental is. As they head for the door, they are stopped by a Mexican police officer.


Maxie goes out to the Zacchara house to see Johnny, but Anthony only wants to show her his new roses. Finally, Johnny comes out and sends Anthony away. Maxie tells him that Lulu needs to see him. He says that he's helping her by staying away.


Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and finds Nadine waiting for him. She quickly changes her mind about stopping by and tries to leave. He pulls her by the arm and says that the night they spent together was wonderful and he hasn't been that happy in a long time. They sit down and talk, and realize that they both are excited about what has started between them. They kiss and then start to peel off their clothes until Carly comes in and interrupts them.


Liz calls Jason and asks him to come to her studio. When he arrives, she asks him to paint the walls for her. He tells her that this is a bad time for him, so she explains her thinking. She says that there will never be a good time for them, so she wants to use whatever little pockets of time they can find. She says that she's responsible for other people too, but she needs to unwind. She offers a place to hang out together and time whenever they can manage it. Jason takes off his jacket and asks where he should start.


Back at Shadybrook, Lulu is in a session with Lainey. Johnny is listening outside the door, but only for a minute. He hears Lulu say that she hasn't had any more hallucinations and now knows that she didn't really get any threatening letters. Having heard enough to know that she sounds as if she's getting the help she needs, he leaves.


Later, Lulu goes back to her room and reaches for the book of poetry. When she picks it up, she sees a note underneath that was left for her.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny gives Jason an ultimatum.

After Jason refuses, Sonny strikes a deal with Anthony.

Lulu tells Spinelli and Maxie that she's probably been writing blackmail notes to herself.

Maxie and Spinelli try to break Lulu out of Shadybrook.

Carly lets Jax believe that she and Nikolas are an item. Sadly, Nadine is the one who believes it!

To spite Jax, Carly decides to sell half her shares to Nikolas.

Just as Sam tries to steal Jerry's PDA, Alexis arrives.

Tracy tries to bribe a Mexican cop.

Robin decides that a C-section would be safest for her baby.

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