Johnny Plays the Double Jeopardy Card.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Johnny taunts Scott by saying what a baby Logan was while he was dying, Kate survives surgery and Robin proposes marriage.

Johnny Plays the Double Jeopardy Card. image

Nadine wakes up in Nikolas' bed and peeks under the covers to make sure that she didn't dream 'it'. Nik wakes up and playfully asks what she is doing? He offers her a 'reminder' of what they did last night, and just as they start to kiss, Alfred pushes the breakfast cart into the room. After he's gone, Nadine pops out of bed and gets dressed. She rambles on about how there's no pressure and how busy they both are. Nik asks if he said anything wrong, and she tells him that the foreplay, sex and breakfast were just great. She ends with a breezy 'see ya around' and splits.


"Welcome back, punk," Scott says to Johnny as he is brought into the PCPD. He asks why he'd try to kill himself by ramming his boat into a freighter after escaping a lethal injection for killing his son. Johnny asks for his lawyer and Scott promises Johnny that one day he'll swallow his silver spoon and choke on it. Johnny says that since the law prevents him from being tried twice for the same crime, he might as well tell the truth. "I killed your sorry little son and loved every second of it," Johnny blurts out. He taunts Scott about how Logan wined like a little baby screaming for mercy as he shoved the knife into his gut. Scott can't take it anymore, so he pounces on him. Ric, followed by Claudia, rush into the interrogation room and pull him off. Ric threatens a lawsuit until Scott lets Johnny go without charges. He says that the kid will self destruct anyway.


Claudia pulls Ric aside and says that it's about time that she reward him for getting her brother out of jail not once, but twice now. Ric tells her to hold that thought, but he has some work to do.


Over at Jason's office, Diane is asking Jason and Max what will be achieved by perpetuating the violence. She says that she doesn't want to pick out a smart outfit to go to Max's funeral just because Sonny wants to even the score. After she's gone, Max tells Jason that he'll do whatever Mr. C asks him to do. Jason says that the facts of Kate's shooting don't add up and he's not going to retaliate. Max asks how he can ignore Sonny's plea for help after all he has done for him?


Sonny is sitting next to Kate at GH. He tells her that she is going to come out of surgery 'whole' because Patrick Drake is the best. Olivia brings him coffee and Sonny thanks her for agreeing to go ahead with surgery right away. She says this will all be on him if it doesn't turn out well for Connie. Sonny says that it's all on him regardless. She leaves to get a few things for her cousin and says she'll be right back. Patrick comes in to check on Kate. He tells Sonny that she woke up for a moment when he was out of the room and wanted to tell him something. He assures Sonny that Kate will tell him whatever it is when she wakes up.


Sonny sits with her and tells her that she took his breath away in her wedding dress. After Epiphany has taken Kate to surgery, Robin sits with Sonny. He tells her that she has always been an inspiration to him in that she and Stone, even as kids, were so open about their love. He says if a person is lucky enough to find love, they need to accept it and appreciate it.


Nadine is talking to Leyla at the nurses' desk. She tells her that she and Nikolas are adults, and adults hook up all the time, right? She explains how she felt when Nik and his butler acted as if it were any other morning even though she was still in his bed! She says that she didn't want to appear needy, so she left in a hurry. Leyla asks how Nikolas is supposed to know how important he is to her if she acts like that?


Olivia goes to The Metro Court and asks Carly if they can talk. She asks if Sonny was lying when he told her cousin that he was out of the mob. Carly says that is hard to answer, but explains that Sonny sold the business to Jason Morgan after their son was shot. She says that Sonny signed away his sons in order to keep them safe, and then gave up the business. She explains how Sonny felt betrayed by Jason and ultimately got involved with Karpov. Olivia has heard enough to feel that Kate had a big target on her back.


Later, Nikolas meets with Carly and asks if she would be interested in selling The Metro Court. She's surprised, and asks why he wants it. Nik says that her hotel looks like a jewel in the Port Charles skyline and he'd like to own it. Carly asks why he is so eager to go up against Jax?


Back at GH, Robin is still sitting with Sonny when Patrick comes out of surgery. He tells Sonny that Kate made it and should make a full recovery. When Sonny is sitting with Kate later, still asleep, he tells her that she did her part and now he has to do his. He says that whoever hurt her is going to pay an ugly price.


Later, Robin and Patrick have gone back to the locker room. She's crying and he offers to take her for a walk around the water. She wants to tell him something first. She explains that Sonny helped her to see how precious love is, and now she's sorry for being so difficult. She tells Patrick that she loves him and knows that he loves her. Then she asks him to marry her.

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