Anthony's Plan is Twisted.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Ric hears Anthony out and goes along with him, Jason turns Sonny down and Lulu loses it yet again.

Anthony's Plan is Twisted. image

Lulu rushes out into the hallway to ask Howard, the orderly, if he left a note on her tray. He didn't. When Lulu returns to her room, the note is gone, making her wonder who else knows that she killed Logan. She quickly calls Johnny. When he returns to Shadybrook to see what she's so upset about, she can tell that he doesn't believe her. He tells her that maybe it's all in her mind, that's all. He explains that Tracy took him to Laura's room earlier and he's worried that Lulu will end up the same way. The more Lulu begs him to believe her about the note, the more he affirms that her mind is crying out for help, that's all. He says that he can't give her the help she needs, so he has to leave. She follows him out to the hallway and starts screaming at him until the men in the white coats come to take her away.


Jason is at GH with Sonny. He listens as Sonny tells him to send a message to Karpov tonight. Finally he says that there's no proof that Karpov was the shooter. Just then, Spinelli shows up and says that the shell case was Russian. Sonny goes in with Kate, and Jason tells Spinelli that anyone can buy a Russian gun.


At the airport, Liz is being told to board her plane because it's about to take off. Jason calls her to apologize for missing the flight and explains about Kate's shooting.


Back at GH, Olivia is sitting next to Kate's bed having a one-way conversation. She's terribly upset at the thought of losing 'Con'. She compliments her cousin for being able to spend so much time with Sonny without telling him the truth. She recalls how, all those years ago, Sonny dumped her to go out with her cousin. She says that if only she had been honest back then Kate would never be in this hospital bed. Soon Monica, followed by Sonny, comes into the room. Kate's still not stable enough for surgery, but Sonny wants Monica to find Patrick Drake.


When Sonny steps out of Kate's room, he finds Karpov standing there! He pins him against a wall and promises to make him pay. Karpov reminds him that they have a truce in place and assures him that he did not violate it! After he leaves, Sonny continues to lay out his plan to Jason, who just takes it all in. Finally Jason says that people are depending on him and he can't risk their lives on this. Sonny calls him a traitor, and tells him to leave.

Jason finds Spinelli and says that he's not going to war because Sonny's not thinking clearly. Liz shows up at the nurses' desk to report for work and catches Jason's eye.


When Sonny goes back in to see Kate, Olivia pushes him out to the hallway. She says that he lied to her and said he was out of the mob. She wants him to say that he did this to Kate all by himself.


Out at the Zacchara mansion, Anthony tells Ric to give him some credit for hitting his target, after all, he's been through a lot of reading glasses since the last time he fired a gun. Ric takes it all in, but his voice cracks a little when he asks if Anthony meant to shoot Kate? Anthony says that he'd never shoot Sonny because he has big plans for him. Ric doesn't see why Anthony would want to shoot Kate? Anthony explains that he used a Russian rifle and bullet so that Sonny will want Jason to retaliate in the same fashion that he used to do when Sonny was in charge. However, Jason isn't emotionally involved, so he'll refuse, and Sonny will come to him to ask for help. "That's the first step to taking Jason out of the picture for good," Anthony says. He says that he'll remind Sonny how many times Jason betrayed him until Sonny realizes that he has to take Jason out. Anthony says that's when he'll whack Sonny, but only after he's confident that he's back on top. He proudly says that his ascent back to the top is based on, "Jason's stupid, blind loyalty and Sonny's stupid, blind pride."


Trevor comes into the room, stunned about the news of Kate. He's furious at both Sonny and Karpov for the way they did business and now 'Katie' is the one who is paying for it. Claudia comes into the room and announces that she just met with Karpov and he didn't do it. Trevor rambles on about how Kate's been shot twice because of Sonny. Claudia says that even if she doesn't die, she should run for the hills. Trevor yells at her and says not to use Kate's name, and Ric defends Claudia. Suddenly Trevor realizes that Ric and Claudia are a team now and he warns his son that she's a viper who will suck him dry.


Mac and Detective Harper show up to ask Anthony a few questions. Anthony says that he's just an old man in a wheel chair, and then tells Trevor to make himself useful. Trevor puts his drink down and tells Mac that they need to look at a new player in town named Karpov. Mac asks if he's willing to come to the station to talk, and Trevor agrees. After they're gone, Ric mentions that Karpov is guilty. Anthony nods with satisfaction and warns Claudia that Sonny will likely come to their front door first. He tells her to go see Sonny to represent the family and reassure him that they had nothing to do with Kate's shooting. He tells her to comfort the man in his time of grief.


Carly and Morgan have returned home from The Metro Court. She tries to explain why sometimes people near his father get hurt and that's why he can't spend time with him anymore. She says that Sonny loves him, but he doesn't have to worry about getting hurt like that. After Morgan goes upstairs, Jax shows up. He says that, after Kate, she and Morgan are the closest people to Sonny, therefore a target. Carly points out the window to Jason's men who are guarding them and Jax says, "Mob security is an oxymoron, I want to keep you safe." He tells her that he has booked a suite at their hotel for her and Morgan so he can keep an eye on them.


After Morgan is tucked into his bed at The Metro Court, Carly tells Jax that everything he did today proves that he loves her. He can't deny it and gives in to a kiss.

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