Ravens, Food Poisoning and Carly.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Kate's bad wedding omens just keep piling up, Olivia's past becomes a little more clear and Jason gives Elizabeth the boot, so to speak.

Ravens, Food Poisoning and Carly. image

Jason returns home to find Spinelli practicing his dance moves for the wedding. He quickly stops to take a research assignment from Jason. He's very happy to hear that it involves something special for Elizabeth, and takes partial credit for it because he signed Jason up for on-line dating so that he'd realize that The Maternal One is the only woman for him. Jason admits that he proposed to Liz right before Michael was shot, but then he pushed her away. He explains that she wants to continue seeing each other privately and that's where he got the idea for his surprise.


Diane comes over and announces that if Jason acts fast they can get a stronghold on the waterfront by snatching up some property. Spinelli objects because Stone Cold is otherwise engaged. He turns to Jason and urges him to focus on his 'other project' instead. Diane informs Jason that he needs to appear in person or quite possibly lose this opportunity forever. After some deliberation, Jason tells Diane that he has other plans. Spinelli breaks out in a celebration dance of some sort and Diane bills Jason for her time anyway.


Over at Kate's house, she is nostalgic as she thinks about her past and Sonny picks up on it. Kate sadly says that she won't be wearing her Nona's necklace on her wedding day, that's all. Sonny asks questions about the last time she saw her family and Kate recalls the time when she wanted to invite them all to Manhattan for a dinner that she could finally afford, but she and Olivia got into a fight and it didn't happen. That would've been the last time she saw her parents alive, she says. Then she recalls sneaking phone calls to her mother for advice and buying her presents from Paris. She fights back tears and admits how much she misses everyone. Sonny tells her it's okay to miss her family and Kate promises that she's only looking forward from now on.


Jax runs into Carly at The Metro Court and hears her talking about the fabulous dress she's going to wear to the wedding. He can't believe that she would even consider going, but Carly says she isn't going to hide. Jax says that she has an agenda and it can't be good for any of them. Carly insists that she's going, and Sonny and Kate will be lucky if that's the only bad thing that happens on their wedding day.


Olivia is 'all keyed up' as she takes her seat on the plane. She explains to the nun next to her that she's on her way to see her old boyfriend marry her cousin. They get into a conversation about past mistakes and Olivia says that she had a 'close call' a few years ago, but is happy with the way her life turned out. When the nun poses some questions, Olivia explains that she hadn't seen the groom in almost 25 years, but he paid her way as a surprise for her cousin.


Out at the Zacchara mansion, Johnny gets a call from Lulu. She asks him to come out to Shadybrook because there's something she needs to talk to him about. He tries to get her to talk to her doctor instead, but Lulu insists. He agrees, and then has to face Claudia after he hangs up. She reminds him that she risked her life for him and he owes her an explanation about what he plans to do with fragile Lulu.


Johnny walks out of the room and practically bumps into Ric on his way. Ric asks Claudia why a newly freed man like her brother isn't very cheerful? Claudia says that he's not exactly free yet, but they are going to fix that. She tells him to let Lucky Spencer know that Johnny's on his way to visit Lulu. Ric doesn't want to get involved, but Claudia flirts until he agrees.


Nikolas brings sugar cookies to Lulu from Aunt Bobbie. It's the same recipe that Laura used to use and Nik comments that their mom is still helping them when they need her. Lulu excitedly says that Johnny is on his way to see her, and Nik says that's a bad idea. He says that she should get her strength from herself, not John. Lulu hears him out, and then says that she simply feels wonderful when she's around Johnny.


After Nik leaves, Carly drops in to see Lulu. She digs in on the cookies and ends up telling Lulu about what has transpired with her marriage. She says that she messed up and all she can do now is learn from it and move on.


Diane finds Alexis talking to Jax at The Metro Court. She announces that, as Carly's divorce attorney, she will beat their pants off, but then clarifies that this altercation is about something else entirely. She tells Alexis that they've both ordered the same dress at the boutique and they will NOT go as the Olsen twins.


Kate and Sonny have arrived at the church for their rehearsal. Kate gets a phone call from Giselle, who backs out from being maid-of-honor because she fell in Cannes and is in the hospital. She makes a quick call to Clarice and settles the matter by securing her to stand up with her. While Mike and the pastor argue whether it's ravens or crows that are bad luck (because there are several ravens in the bell tower), Maxie rushes in and reports that Clarice has run into some bad luck of her own; she has food poisoning. Maxie offers to call Diane or Alexis on speed dial, but Kate says she can't ask one without offending the other. She demands that Maxie stand up with her and that settles that. Except that the rehearsal flowers are lilies and they are known for funerals. Kate says that she cannot get married like this! Sonny makes an impassioned plea they are stronger then omens, in fact, they have each moved mountains already in their lifetimes. He is able to talk her out of her fears and they move forward with their rehearsal.


Back at Shadybrook, Lainey visits Lulu and finds her waiting for Johnny. She tells her that seeing Johnny is a bad idea and she can't allow it. Meanwhile, as Johnny approaches Lulu's door, Lucky jumps out and pins him to the wall.


Ric returns to the Zacchara mansion and proudly reports to Claudia that his mission was accomplished. Then he reminds her of a promise that she made a while back. Claudia offers herself to Ric alright, but as a date to Sonny's wedding.


Jason calls Liz to ask her to meet him at her loft. She rushes right over and he asks how she is. She says that Lucky and Sam are taking the boys to the mountains for the week, but she's fine, why? Jason says that he's going to Italy and he was hoping that she'd come with him.

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