Dr. Robin Drake?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Lulu visits Johnny but sees Logan, Maxie and Spinelli's stakeout ends badly and Robin turns Patrick down.

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Johnny asks Claudia to prove her so-called love for him by getting him to see Lulu. She won't do it and reaffirms that Lulu's mental problems aren't his fault! He laments over the mistakes he has made that has lead them into this mess. Just then Lucky comes in and yells at Johnny for what he's done to Lulu. Claudia tries to get him to back down, but he rants on. He ends up jerking (a shackled) Johnny around and Claudia screams for help. Detective Harper pulls him off and tells Claudia that all he saw was an officer trying to subdue an out-of-control prisoner.


Jason is out at Shady Brook with Lulu. She begs him to pose as her brother and take her to visit Johnny. She says that she feels herself getting worse and needs to see Johnny before it's too late. Jason tries to talk her out of it by saying that Scott Baldwin will say she's able to testify if he sees her at the PCPD. Desperate, Lulu asks Jason if he had the chance to see Jake and Elizabeth just one more time in his life, wouldn't he take it? Jason agrees to do it. Soon after they are gone, Lucky arrives and is told that she went for a drive with her brother. Lucky seems confused that Nikolas would do that and then the nurse adds that they left on a motorcycle.


The crowd that has gathered around Patrick and Robin at GH is listening intently as he professes his love for her. Anna and Mac, Kelly, Leyla, Liz, Dr. Matt and Epiphany all appear to be touched by his words. When he gets down on one knee and presents Robin with a diamond ring, his chin quivers as he says, "Robin, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" She remains stunned and Patrick asks her to say yes already so everyone can get back to caring for the sick and the needy. She smiles and tells him that she never thought of marriage happening like this and then runs to the elevator.


Sonny busts into Karpov's office and dumps his wedding gift on the desk. Karpov considers the gesture an insult, but Sonny reminds him that their business is done. After he and Max leave, Jerry steps out from behind a wall and says how awkward that was. Karpov continues their conversation about Jerry's loyalty and Jerry assures him that he's loyal to whoever pays him. Then Karpov takes a call. After he hangs up, he tells Jerry that there's a problem but he has the chance of being the solution.

Nadine has joined Nikolas at the dinner table and jokes about all the extra silverware on the table. As they eat, Nik compliments her for her zest for life and openness to new experiences. She asks if he's open to new experiences and he just sips his cabernet. After dinner they walk on the grounds and Nik explains that he was raised to be pretty rigid. Nadine says that they can work on that. He asks what she would suggest and she thought waltzing would be good for a castle. He agrees and she says she did used to stand on her dad's shoes while he waltzed. Nik teaches her the proper stance and they begin.

Patrick finds Robin outside on a park bench. She asks him to be honest about why he suddenly wants to get married. She wonders if he feels like he should get married, but not because he wants to. He says that would be a mistake and denies that's what's going on. He says that he wants to say vows and promise to go through life together. She tells him that she loves him, kisses him and says that she's sorry that she can't marry him.

Inside, Kelly, Lainey, Liz and Leyla are all talking about Patrick's proposal. Leyla and Liz are impressed with Patrick's effort and feel as if the leopard has truly changed his spots. Lainey and Kelly aren't so sure but are willing to help Robin to follow her heart.

Kate is trying on her reception gown when Sonny comes into her office. Clarisse tries to cover her but finally Kate decides to let him see her. He says that she's so beautiful that he can't stop looking at her. He wonders how the wedding gown will compare and hopes it doesn't look like a bunch of pillows exploding. She promises that it doesn't. After a kiss, Sonny tells her that he's sorry for making fun of her big plans for their wedding. He's happy to make a big statement to the world on their wedding day. As he kisses her again, he pricks his finger on a pin and a drop of blood spills on the dress. Kate says that is the worst possible luck.

Jason and Lulu have arrived at the PCPD and Jason assures Detective Harper that Lulu's been searched and is okay to see Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny has seen her through the window in the interrogation room and already opened the door. Claudia objects, but Johnny orders her to leave so Lulu can come in. Claudia steps out and gets in Jason's face for bringing Lulu. She doesn't have to do it alone for long because Lucky storms in and takes over.

Lulu sits across from Johnny and cries as he puts his face down on her hands. She tells him that she can feel herself getting worse and he makes her promise to hold on. He promises to beat the murder charges and will wait for her to get better. Just then, Lulu sees Logan and loses it.


Maxie and Spinelli are on a stakeout outside of Karpov's warehouse. Maxie is bored as Spinelli explains the Zen-like state one must be in while lying in wait. Maxie rambles on about the fact that she could be arrested for aiding and abetting in Logan's death. As they talk, Maxie spots someone walking into the warehouse with a gun. She wants to call the cops, but Spinelli sees his chance to look heroic. He says that he has to investigate further. He gets out of the car and Maxie follow him, begging him not to take any chances. They don't even see the car racing toward them until it's too late.

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