One Less Evil Citizen in Port Charles.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Jason shoots Devlin before he can spill the beans on Claudia, Carly tells Jax and Sonny to go to hell and it's date night at the Metro Court.

One Less Evil Citizen in Port Charles. image

At the rural bus stop, Devin flashes a scalpel in front of Maxie's face and she tries to play the "dumb blonde" card, but he's not buying it. He taunts her friends to come out of the bushes and Maxie looks worried because she's alone out there. Before long, however, Spinelli appears from nowhere begging him not to hurt her. Devlin isn't happy just yet, he wants to see Jason. So, Jason obliges by firing his gun and stepping out from the bushes. Ian says that he's not bluffing, he will slit Maxie's throat. After all, he shot a child, he says. Jason calmly says that all he has to do is tell him who hired him to do it. Devlin says that Jason is the person who failed to protect Michael so what good will a name do? Jason shoots him and Maxie rushes into Spinelli's arms. Devlin dies before Jason can get a name out of him. Maxie is clearly shaken and yells at Jason for not shooting sooner. She says that all she could think of was that her dad couldn't bear to lose her so soon after Georgie. She looks for her phone and insists that she is calling 911!


Claudia saunters up to Luke's bar but receives a cold shoulder from Sonny and Luke. She tells them that they have one thing in common, their hatred for her father. "Who wants to step up and kill him?" she asks. She explains that Anthony is a free man now and needs to be stopped and then weaves a tale about the possibility that Anthony hired the shooter who hurt Michael. Sonny jumps to his feet and suggests that maybe she did it! Claudia does a pretty good job of reminding him of all the people who might like to see him out of their way, including Trevor and Ric.


Carly is stubbornly arranging medical supplies in Michael's room at home when Jax finds her there. He's angry with her for keeping the remake of the room a secret from him and reminds her that he is still her husband. She breaks down and owns up to the worst decision she ever made - bringing her children into their father's dangerous life. No matter what Jax says to her, Carly insists that she won't turn against her son.


Patrick has just stepped inside Robin's door with takeout food and Anna pounces on him asking when he's going to marry her daughter. Robin tries to protest, but Anna says that they are clearly in love and have many more opportunities than she and Robin's dad did years ago when Robin was in the oven. Patrick agrees that maybe he should go, and slips out. Robin turns to her mother and explains that Patrick is the ultimate bachelor and wants no part of marriage. She admits that if she looks into the future, a marriage with Patrick would be disastrous for her, too, since he'll invariably revert to his old ways. She says that she looks forward to a peaceful existence with her baby and a nanny. Anna asks her to be honest about her feelings and consider just how much she loves Patrick. Robin says that she respects Patrick's decision and that marrying him isn't her "be all, end all." She asks Anna to go find him and undo the damage she just caused. Anna begrudgingly respects Robin's wishes and gets up to go, but she gets paged to go back to the jungle for work. She promises to come back soon and help Robin paint the closet. As she rushes out the door, Robin corrects her and says, "…paint the nursery."


Alexis is at the Metro Court bar acting as if she's not waiting for Jerry. He arrives right on time, plucks her blackberry from her hands and then kisses her. "Pot Meet Kettle!" Diane jumps up from behind the bar and asks who has the weakness for a bad boy now? She storms off jubilant over her bust and Alexis tries to explain to Jerry how strange her friend is. Jerry points out that her friend is sleeping with Sonny's body guard and Alexis is stunned that he knows that. He simply points to the other side of the dining room and reveals Diane and Max making out. Alexis makes her way over and tells Diane she's making a fool of herself. Diane claims that she and Max were simply talking about the Dodgers and points out that Alexis is canoodling with the Metro Court hostage taker. Alexis abruptly returns to her table with Jerry, and Diane and Max quickly leave to go take a room upstairs. Her phone rings, but she decides to let it ring. Alexis, however, answers hers and finds out that Jason killed Ian Devlin.


Patrick shows up on The Haunted Star in hopes of buying a drink. Luke is happy to oblige and Patrick proceeds to dump his problems. He says that everyone wants him to move to the 'burbs now and Luke jumps at the chance to try to sell Laura's house to him. (He says that he'll kick Lucky out!) Patrick chuckles and asks Luke if he liked settling down and raising his kids. Luke sadly says that if two people have fundamental differences, no amount of love will keep them together.


Carly returns to the hospital and finds her mother sitting with Michael. She explains about the fight she had with Jax and Bobbie says that she would've been happy to help Carly set up Michael's room at home. Sonny comes in to say goodnight to his son and takes the opportunity to ask Bobbie her thoughts on where Michael should go. Bobbie wisely stays out of their decision and then leaves them alone. Sonny tells Carly that his vote counts, too, and then makes his case about what's best for Michael. Carly spits that shipping their son away would be good for Sonny because he wouldn't have to see what he's done! Jax appears in the doorway and says that for once Sonny is thinking of someone other than himself.


They step out into the hallway to continue their discussion. Jax asks about Carly's other child, her business and points out that he's not even asking her to consider their marriage. Sonny speaks up to support Jax and she tells him that she and the boys don't need him anymore. Sonny says that he won't let her destroy Morgan and that he'll go to the courts if he has to and let them decide if Jax's facility is better for Michael. Carly says that she will gladly tell the judge about Michael's father who saved his girlfriend instead of his son. Sonny struggles through tears and says that he will not let his guilt keep him from doing right by his boys. "You both can go to Hell because we don't need you!" Carly says to Sonny and Jax and then turns to Michael with talk of going home tomorrow.


Jerry joins Claudia at the Metro Court bar and they talk about the fortunate demise of Dr. Devlin. Claudia says she feels like celebrating, but Jerry tells her to keep a clear head in case Ian gave them up to Jason before he died.


Back at the crime scene, Detective Harper arrests Jason in spite of Spinelli and Maxie's protests. When Mac arrives, Maxie tells him everything, but Mac orders that Jason be taken into custody.

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Alexis asks Jason who Devlin's accomplice is.

Morgan breaks Carly's heart by begging his brother to wake up.

Jerry warns Claudia that it might be time for her to skip town for good.

Claudia finds a male visitor in her bedroom - Jason!

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