Unlikely Alliances.

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Sonny and Jax find themselves on the same side for the first time, Anna and Luke party it up and Claudia spews her venom on Kate.

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Anna and Luke are still partying it up on The Haunted Star. They have strewn some of their clothes about and are wishing there was a strippers' swing somewhere in the vicinity. They are able to rig one up and just as Anna starts to play on it, Robin, Patrick and Tracy show up. In spite of their scowls, Anna is thrilled to see them because how many grandmas do they know who can perform such moves, she asks. As she stretches to reach another shot from Luke, she pulls a muscle in her back. They get her off the swing and she agrees to go home and leave "Spence" behind. Luke slurs to Spanky Buns that she needs a ride on the "trying flapeze." Spanky doesn't think so.


Jason and Spinelli are on their way to find Devlin. Maxie is hiding in the trunk and can hear them arguing over who gets to drive. Jason finally gives in and gives Spinelli the driver's seat, but is quickly sorry because Spinelli doesn’t want to hit moose offspring that tend to stroll after dark. Finally they stop talking about wildlife and Spinelli fills Jason in on how Dr. Devlin ended up with a tracking device in his pants in Canada. Before long Spinelli's theory about rambling young "antlered ones" proves true and he swerves to avoid hitting one. As a result, Maxie slams around in the back seat and reveals herself. Spinelli smiles when he sees her. Jason doesn't. He makes her get out and tells her that a bus will be along within an hour or two. She begs Spinelli to stay with her and tells Jason that she'll lose her job if a million bucks don't appear in Kate's account by morning. Jason tells her that he'll take care of that, but they have to leave now!


Out at Zacchara headquarters, Claudia has been banished from the "men's" business dealings and is trying to eavesdrop from outside the door. Logan finds her and she immediately starts to flirt with him. When that doesn't work, she insults him by calling him her father's glorified nurse. On the other side of the door, Johnny tells his father that he is in charge and what he says goes. Trevor takes the opportunity to point out to Ric that is how a son respects his father. Ric turns the tables on him and reveals that Trevor is now the owner of the Alcazar piers and if he wants to show respect, maybe he should turn them over to Anthony. Anthony likes that game and asks Johnny which of the two Lansing men does he want for a friend and which does he want for an enemy? They discuss possible scenarios about the property and decide that Trevor can keep them for now. Anthony dismisses Ric and Trevor and tells Johnny that he's proud of him, but he just made an enemy of Ric.


At Crimson, Kate is urging Lulu to stop blaming Maxie for her ineptness. The phone rings and Lulu patches a call from Devlin through to Kate. He threatens to come back to Port Charles unless he gets more money from her and Kate says that he is to stop blackmailing her. She informs Devlin that Sonny will kill him if he returns to town, but Devlin says that maybe he'll kill Sonny. Either way, Sonny will either end up dead or in prison.


Out in the foyer, Lulu is trying to get some work done but Claudia shows up to ask questions about Logan. Kate comes out and asks Claudia to leave her assistant alone. Then she tells Lulu that she's going to GH to visit Michael. Claudia jumps right in and calls Kate dumb if she's going to see Sonny's son. She reminds Kate that if she hadn't insisted on taking the boy to see his daddy at work, none of this would've happened and that Carly must hate the sight of her face.


At GH, Carly pulls herself out of Sonny's arms and rushes into Jax's. He asks about Michael and Sonny tells him that his son is in a permanent coma. Jax is sorry to hear that, but quickly offers an option. He's just come from a world-class facility in NYC in which Michael would get excellent care. Carly is upset that he has given up on her son. Jax said that he merely wanted to be prepared in case they didn't get the news they wanted. Carly doesn't want to hear more, but Sonny does. After Jax explains everything the place has to offer, Sonny is impressed and Carly feels betrayed by both of them. She tells them both that if they think there's no hope, why should they bother to keep Michael alive? She says she'll get a court order to remove the feeding tube if no one has any faith in him. After she goes back to Michael's side, Sonny thanks Jax for his help.


Robin gets Anna back to her place and they continue to talk about impending mother (and grandmother) hood. They complain of stretch marks and pimples, grey hair and wrinkles. Robin expresses her fear of raising her baby alone - in spite of all of Uncle Mac's invitations to move back home. Patrick returns with takeout food and before Robin even gets a mouthful of corned beef down, Anna asks him when he's going to marry her daughter.


Luke is feeling his hangover when Sonny comes to The Haunted Star asking for a drink. Luke gladly gives him one and Sonny asks about the time when Lucky was in a coma. He tells Luke about Michael's prognosis and then about Carly's comment about how letting him die might be better. Sonny admits that he's starting to wonder if she's right. Luke asks if Michael can breathe on his own and Sonny says he's in perfect health but he can't wake up. Luke says it was easier to make the call (to pull the plug) with Lucky because he was on a ventilator. Then he realizes that Laura's kind of in the same boat as Michael, but she always believed in miracles. Sonny says that Michael's odds are 10,000 and 1 and the house always wins. Just then Claudia shows up and says that they need to talk about her father.


Back at the country bus stop, Maxie ducks in the bushes and hides when she sees none other than Dr. Devlin show up. She starts to text Spinelli, but Devlin nabs her before she can finish.

Next on General Hospital:

Robin insists that her mother do damage control, but Anna has to leave town again.

Patrick goes to Luke for advice.

Dr. Devlin uses Maxie as a human shield.
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