Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Anthony Zacchara wheels out of his hearing a free man, Max stands up to Sonny and Nik promises to live a full life.

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Maxie finally breaks the suction between her lips and Spinelli's and asks if she has proven her point. Lulu says that the kiss merely proves her point that Spinelli is just a means to an end for Maxie. Spinelli tells Lulu that her unkind words are beneath her. He concedes that Maxie makes unwise decisions, but points out that Lulu does too. Lulu lists all of Maxie's evil acts over the past year in hopes of proving how manipulative she is. Kate comes out of her office, so they go back to the business of trying to find the lost attachment. After Spinelli finds it, Kate thanks him and Maxie walks him out.


On The Haunted Star, Tracy tells Luke that he is her favorite mistake and that she loves him too. However, hitching his wagon to the mob is more life threatening than three heart attacks and she begs Luke to sever his ties. Before he can react, Sonny shows up with some business to discuss. Tracy says that Sonny has perfect timing and now her husband can tell Sonny that they have no business. Luke turns to her and reminds her that he is his own man. Tracy leaves and Sonny tells Luke that she is right about warning Luke to stay away from the Zaccharas.


Luke pours a drink as Sonny explains that if Anthony goes free after today's hearing, the tension between the two families will accelerate. Luke assures his old friend that he won't get pulled in on either side. Sonny wishes him luck and says, "If you need my help, I will not turn you away."


Claudia has taken the stand in her father's hearing. Alexis is trying to get Claudia to admit that her father has threatened her life, but Claudia isn't cooperating. When asked, she says that her father didn't tamper with her brakes, she just had a little car trouble that's all. Alexis continues to question her whereabouts last night and Claudia sheepishly admits that she had a date with Jason! Diane takes over the questioning because Alexis is flustered at her own witness's change of direction. Claudia doesn't answer Diane's questions either and merely makes a point of saying that her daddy loves her.


After the judge has heard both sides, he comes to a decision. He says that no testimony was offered to convince him that Mr. Zacchara is a present danger to himself or others, and then releases him from protective custody. After it's all over, Trevor tells Ric to scurry off where he came from. Anthony tells them not to fight in public, but says that he's looking forward to their dog fight. Logan stands up and wheels him to his afternoon therapy appointment. Claudia kisses her dad in congratulations while Johnny just looks on in disgust.


The only people who remain in the courtroom are father and son Lansing. Trevor softly advises his son to sever all ties and get out while he still can. Ric tells his father to shove it and grow eyes in the back of his head. "You never know when I'm going to sneak up behind you and bury your butt," Ric says.


Kate is working at her desk when Lulu announces a call from Dr. Devlin. Kate quickly picks up the phone and he assures her that he has arrived at his destination. She doesn't know why he's calling her so he explains that he might be calling for more funding in the future. He says that she wouldn't want Sonny to know that she helped his child's shooter to get away, right? Sonny walks in and Kate bids her caller goodbye. Sonny is glad to see that she didn't run back to Manhattan after their talk last night and she tells him that she loves him and wants to be here. He tells her that Jax's doctors are still running tests on Michael, but in his heart he doesn't think Michael will come out of it. He takes Kate in his arms and says that he doesn't know what he would do if he ever lost her. She tells him that she's alive and exactly where she chooses to be. As they hug, she worriedly stares at the phone.


Johnny and Claudia get home and he quickly pours himself a drink because he's angry at her for not burying their father in court. She tells him that she has a plan and together they will destroy the crazy old man so that he never hurts them again. They "pinky promise" to seal the deal.


Anthony has Logan wheel him onto The Haunted Star and then leave. Luke finds him spinning the roulette wheel and they have a very civilized conversation. AZ acts truly remorseful for his actions against Luke during his "insanity" at the B&W ball and Luke seems to take him for his word. AZ quickly changes the conversation to his son's reasons for going into business with Luke. Just then, Lulu walks in and AZ asks whatever will they do about her? Luke grows visibly uncomfortable.


Sonny and Max are working at Sonny's house, when Jason comes in and announces that AZ has been released. Before he can react, Diane comes in and Sonny tells her that he is NOT happy with her performance. He reiterates his fear that she is too busy panting over his bodyguard and as a result is off her game. Diane objects, but he announces that he's sending Max to Puerto Rico permanently. Max "mans up" and tells Sonny not to interfere in his personal life ever again! (For some reason, Sonny seems to take it.) Next Diane pipes up and tells Sonny that he should be telling Jason not to date Claudia Zacchara.

Maxie goes into Kate's office and says that they should bring Spinelli back in because there's a million dollars missing from her operating account.


Emily is beaming as Nikolas twirls her around the ballroom at Wyndemere. He tells her how much he regrets the times when he hurt her, but she tells him that their good times far outweighed the bad. As she tells him that he is her teenage fantasy come true, he seems full of regret. She does her best to convince him that they ended up where they did because they are human, but they loved each other completely in spite of everything. She urges him to honor what they shared by going on without her. He starts to panic and says that he doesn't know how. She gently tells him to raise his son, meet someone and allow himself to love again. Through his tears, he protests that his heart is too full of love for her. She tells him to "stay open" and fill his life with meaning by having other children. She wants him to have a daughter and when she falls in love, he is to tell her about their love. Finally…reluctantly, he agrees to live for her and keep her in his heart for the rest of his life.

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Maxie asks Spinelli to find Kate's million dollars.

Anna's back and Robin tells her about Patrick's crush on her.

Jason explains to Sonny about Claudia.

Carly gets Michael's test results back.

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