Nuts or Not Nuts, That is the Question.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Anthony's hearing begins but it's Spinelli who comes off looking unstable, Liz has a rough day and Luke makes something crystal clear to his wife.

Nuts or Not Nuts, That is the Question. image

Johnny is relieved when Claudia shows up on the waterfront to meet him. He tells her that he nearly killed Sonny Corinthos for taking her, and she says that it was someone else who tried to have her killed! She tells him that Anthony had her brakes tampered with and then hired a shooter to take her out if the car accident didn't! Then she says that they have to get over to their father's hearing right away.


Anthony is at the courthouse dressed in a suit and waiting for his hearing to begin. Trevor surprises Ric by appearing and announcing that he's ready. Ric starts to argue and Anthony tells his dysfunctional legal team to pipe down. Ric doesn't want to work with Trevor, but Anthony tells him that Trevor is a brilliant lawyer in spite of the fact that he's a snake. He makes sure Ric knows that this is his chance to humiliate his father in public, unless he can't do it, that is. Duly challenged, the defense team moves into the courtroom.


Diane finds Alexis in the courtroom and offers her services as 2nd chair in hopes of keeping Anthony behind bars. Alexis says that she is tainted by her association with Sonny, but Diane argues that Ric has an entire medical team to attest to AZ's newfound sanity. Alexis won't budge, so Diane sits behind her and says she'll be ready to jump in when she needs her.


It's a new day at Crimson and Kate's assistants are hard at work, sort of. Today Lulu looks like the perfect assistant and Maxie scrambles to look better in Kate's eyes. She messes with Lulu's computer and deletes an email attachment that Kate is waiting for. When Lulu tells Kate that the file is missing, Maxie saves the day by saying she'll call Spinelli over to retrieve it. Kate has had it with their sabotage and tells them from now on, if one of them is in trouble, they both are.


Tracy finds Luke doing paperwork on The Haunted Star. Surprisingly he's not too upset by being closed down because he likes the free publicity. Lucky shows up and says that with Anthony Zacchara likely to be released soon, it's a good time for Luke to leave town. After he leaves, Tracy suggests that Lucky might be right. Luke doesn't want to go anywhere (for a change!). As they talk, Sam comes in with a proposition for Luke. She wants to work for him as a professional player. She suggests that she can take a cut from the profits she brings in from the losers and Luke agrees to bring her on as soon as they open back up. After Sam leaves, Tracy is not happy with Luke's decisions lately and doesn’t hesitate to tell him so. He contends that she's just mad because he has his own money stream coming in and doesn’t need her bank account. Tracy asks why he keeps showing up at home then and Luke softens. He says, "You really don't know, do you? Tracy I love you."


Liz shows up at GH late for work and Epiphany yells at her. Liz explains that Jake has an earache and Cam was a handful this morning. Epiphany tells her that she knows how hard it is to be a single mom, but if balancing her life and work isn't working something has to change. Lucky comes by later and can see that Liz is frazzled. He offers to give up his Saturday baseball tickets so he can watch the boys. She tells him that she really wants some alone time with the boys this weekend but says he can come by for dinner after the game if he wants. A little later, Sam shows up to ask Epiphany if there's something different she can take for her pain. As they talk, they hear Dr. Ford yelling at Liz for her incompetence.


Back at the courthouse, the hearing is about to get underway. Spinelli shows up and tells Diane that he is the "eyes and ears" of Sonny and Stone Cold. Anthony is wheeled in and sizes up his offspring who have seated themselves on the D.A.'s side. When the judge appears, Alexis announces that Diane Miller will be 2nd chair. After Trevor and Ric have had their say, Spinelli jumps up and objects prematurely. He proceeds to list all of AZ's crimes as only he can do and is thus escorted out of the courtroom. Alexis makes her case of how dangerous AZ is and then Ric speaks about his client's illness at the time of his crimes. (An illness that he has now recovered from by the way!) Alexis calls Claudia to the stand, who tells the court that her father sent her out of the country years ago. Alexis tries to establish Claudia's opinion as to whether her father is sane or not and then asks if AZ has ever threatened her life. Claudia glares at her father and doesn't speak.


Spinelli rushes to Crimson to see what the crisis is. The second he arrives Lulu and Maxie argue over which of them is using him more. To prove that she has true feelings for him, Maxie dramatically plants a big kiss on his lips.


Nik finds Nadine in his stables and tells her that Emily never showed up last night. She assures him that she always shows up at some point and then tells him to saddle up. After they ride, Nadine tells Nik that she'd like to cook dinner for him. He says that he should be doing something nice for her because she's been so good to him. In any case, after the surgery is over, he says that he would love to have dinner with her. After she leaves Nik puts on a suit and rattles around Wyndermere in hopes that Emily will appear. She does.


Next on General Hospital:

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Claudia lies on the stand.

Nik asks Emily for one last dance.

Emily tells Nik to honor what they shared by filling his life with meaning.

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