Nervous Zaccharas.

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Claudia promises Johnny that he won't pay for her mistake, Jax returns home to find his wife in denial and Liz and Jason agree on the ultimate sacrifice.

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Johnny is at the piano at home when Lulu appears at his side. He stops playing and asks what she's doing there. She tells him that she made sure that no one would blame him for Michael's shooting. Johnny immediately asks how Michael is and seems relieved to hear that Carly is hopeful. Lulu gets back to her point of her visit, that Sonny won't suspect him, but Johnny doesn't want her to get involved. She says that he's trying to keep her in his life, but he just won't admit it! Tired of their dance, she tells him to have a nice life and then leaves.


Over at Liz's house, Jason is trying to explain his decision to Liz. He talks about the time when he posed as Michael's father at Carly's urging. In hindsight, he now knows that he can't keep anybody safe and the truth is he shouldn't be anywhere near a child. Liz asks if they can move to Montana or New Zealand, but Jason says that he can't leave Carly alone right now. Besides, even moving away wouldn't ensure their safety. Liz wants to be clear, "You're choosing a life of violence over me and the boys?" Jason says that he made the choice before he even met her and adds that he refuses to be the reason that any of them die. Liz thinks for a moment and then says that she has tried to stop loving him before, but she just can't. She knows this is best for her boys and that she should make this easier on all of them. "I just hope that somehow there's a way that I can be with you again," she tells him. She asks why they can't continue to meet at the safe house? He tells her that if she calls, he'll be there, but he won't make the call. He tells her that he loves her, but she needs to think about Carly and Michael before she picks up that phone. After a tender kiss, he asks her to pray for Michael and then leaves.


At GH, Claudia insists to Carly that she just came to pay her respects and that no child deserves to be shot. Carly tells Claudia to go give Michael's father all the sympathy sex he can handle, but she is to stay away from her son. She finds the rosary that Claudia placed in Michael's hand and throws it across the room. As she's insisting that Claudia leave Jax shows up and asks Claudia if she came to admire her brother's handiwork. Claudia leaves and Carly falls into Jax's arms.


They sit by Michael's side and Carly informs Jax that Sonny is barred from Michael because he protected Kate instead of his own son. Jax wants to hear about Michael's prognosis and Carly avoids telling him just how grim it is. In fact, she tells him that her son squeezed her hand. Jason arrives and the two men greet each other guardedly. Carly asks Michael if he'd like Uncle Jason to tell him another story and proceeds to tell Jax about the adventures Jason used to tell Michael about. Jax offers Jason his seat so that he can read.


Sonny is at the coffee warehouse alone with his thoughts of Michael's last words. "I love you Dad" echoes through his head as he puts a cartridge in his handgun. Before he can do anything with it, Robin comes to see him. She admits that Alexis asked her to come and Sonny says that the mothers of his kids can't stand the sight of him. He says that everyone he cares about pays the price for his actions and he walks away without a scratch. He tells Robin that he doesn't deserve to be a father and Robin says that every child needs his father! She reminds Sonny of all of Carly's manipulations over the years and says that she is in no position to tell him what's best for his son. Sonny begs to differ and insists that he has failed his son in every way. She challenges him to think about what Michael would want. Sonny nods and says that he would want his dad with him.


Alexis has just barged into Sonny's living room and found Max and Diane in a compromising position. Alexis tells Diane that she is sleeping with a thug! Max informs her that he is a body guard, so Alexis corrects herself and calls him a "the minion of a thug." Diane tells Alexis not to belittle Max! She tells Alexis that she didn't sleep with Max because he's a bad boy. She lists his attributes and Max puffs up with pride as he ties his tie. Alexis tells Diane that Max is never going to love anyone but Carly! Max manages to change the subject and Alexis finally leaves. Max thanks Diane for defending him and she tells him it was her pleasure. They sheepishly collect their clothing and before she leaves she promises to call him.


Claudia returns home and finds her brother still at the piano. She says that she did something stupid - she went to see Michael. Johnny tells her that Sonny will start to suspect her if she doesn't stay away. She tells him that she's afraid Jasper Jacks might already have his suspicions. She explains that she was hoping to find the boy eating an ice-cream cone, but he was just lying there with tubes down his throat. Johnny makes her promise not to tell anyone that she was involved with the shooting. They go back and forth over which one of them needs to protect the other. Claudia says that she won't let him take the fall for what she's done if it comes down to that. On her way out the door, she finds a bracelet that Lulu dropped and asks why Lulu was there?


Jax shows up at Liz's house. She lets him in and learns that he wants to hear more about Michael's surgery. She tells him that she's not a neurologist and that he should talk to Carly. Jax explains that Carly thinks Michael is getting better and he needs to know if that's a possibility.


Back at the hospital, Carly and Jason talk about how much they'd love for Michael to wake up and Sonny arrives and asks how he is. "He has a hole in his head." Carly says flatly.

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