Ka. Boom.

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Carly and Michael reunite at the warehouse, Marianna needs Ric's help at the warehouse, and Claudia, Sonny and Johnny broker a deal at the warehouse. All while the bomb ticks down to zero.

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Sam and Alexis are walking the hospital halls when Wes, the Exec Producer for Everyday Heroes after Amelia left, shows up. Sam tells him that she is looking forward to getting back to work, but he tells her that she's suspended until she can meet the physical requirements of the show. He says that her replacement goes on location to Hawaii next week and then raves about her athletic ability and beauty queen status. Alexis tells Wes to have his lawyers call her. Later, Sam is down in the dumps, but she won't let Alexis sue the network because she is damaged goods and nobody's hero anymore. Alexis tells her that she has faith in her, is proud of her and…loves her.


Lulu is at Logan's bedside talking to him about the things they can do when he wakes up. Luke finds her there and tells her not to feel so guilty. He says that guilt can ruin a life. He says that he never should have pushed Laura to remember that she killed Rick Webber. Scott comes in and Luke tries to get Lulu to leave with him, but she sticks around. As Lulu tells Scott about Logan, his hands move! They call a doctor in and after his examination he tells Lulu to keep doing what she's doing. After he leaves, Lulu tells Scott that things are going to be different when Logan wakes up. She doesn't want their family history to be a problem for them any more.


Liz finds Jason's bed empty and before she can absorb it Lucky shows up. She quickly explains that Jason went to Seattle for hand surgery. Lucky asks what she and Jason are keeping from the PCPD about the night Sam was hit. As she starts to stammer, he admits that he heard them talking about the possibility of her being the driver who hit Sam. Liz says that she's had a feeling that she did it for weeks now. Lucky tells her that there are other suspects, including Monica. Fueled by guilt, Liz admits that she and Jason have been secretly meeting and that's where she was going that night. They talk about possible courtroom scenarios and Liz tells him that Sam will go for blood and their boys will pay the price. Liz apologizes to Lucky for all the pain she has caused him. She asks if the paperwork on the case has been done yet. He says that she's not even a suspect and Sam doesn't know anything. Liz asks if it could go on the books as unsolved. Lucky agrees that it would be best for everyone. It probably would have been too, if Sam hadn't heard their conversation.


Carly wants to send an ambulance to pick Michael up, but he says he's not hurt. He makes her promise that she'll come meet him without Sonny. She rushes right down to the location he gives her and before long she has her little boy in her arms again. (The bomb above them ticks away and is down to under 2 minutes.) She tells him they are going home and Michael says that he can't see his dad ever again. She begs him to explain what's going on and finally Michael said that he's the one who killed Kate. He says that he was throwing away a gun in the dumpster but it went off. Carly processes everything and says, "You just left a woman lying there bleeding and you ran away!?!" She asks where he got the gun and he tells how he bought the gun from some kids and Grandpa Mike caught him with bullets and made him throw them in the ocean. She finds out that Sonny knew, too, and that he told Michael to keep on running if he ever touched a gun again.


Sonny is at his office with Kate. He calmly tells her that he's sorry that he hurt her. He promises that it won't happen again, but Kate says that Claudia is still in town and very interested in him. Sonny tells her that Claudia is trash and not to be worried about. Kate fights back tears and says that Claudia is trouble - for both of them. She says that she doesn't want to know the details but says that she's sure that he and Claudia go to a very dark place together. He doesn't want to talk about it and says that if they were married it would have never happened. After a while, they agree that they can weather this storm and that Claudia only has as much power as they give her.


Meanwhile Claudia has paid Ric a surprise visit. He lets her into his home and she tells him that she knows he is Trevor's son and Sonny's half brother. He is flattered that she knows so much about him. "I'm Claudia Zacchara and this might be your lucky night," she tells him. She says that Trevor patronizes her and will soon be out of both of their way. She pours herself a glass of wine (from Marianna's place at the table!) and asks if he wants to get the respect that he deserves. She asks him to team up with her and end up in the position of power. He asks what's in it for him if the Zaccharas end up with the access to the water front? She says that he gets revenge. Ric says that he's over revenge and wants something simpler these days. "How's that workin' out for ya?" she asks as she looks over at the empty dinner table. Ric insists that his girlfriend will show up. On her way out, Claudia tells him that she never gives up. Right after she leaves, Ric gets a call from Marianna. She tells him that she needs help!

Claudia calls Sonny and offers the St. Lawrence shipping lanes in exchange for her brother. He asks if she has Trevor's authority and she says she doesn't need it! She says that a man named Carlos will assure his access to the waterway. They agree to meet at the cannery and hang up. Claudia has no idea that Trevor has heard the whole exchange.


Before long, the cannery is bustling with clandestine activity:

Carly tells Michael that he will never be a part of his father's world. Then they turn to go home.

Ric finds Marianna and she shows him Randy's body.


Trevor has brought a goon and gives the order to shoot Claudia in the heart. Claudia arrives, is frisked by Sonny's men and then Sonny and Johnny step out of the shadows.


Before he hands Johnny over, Sonny demands that Claudia call Carlos. She pauses and then makes the call without any clue that she is in the cross hairs of a shooter's gun. The bomb ticks down 3, 2, 1.

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Jax rushes to the waterfront and asks Sonny where Carly and Michael are.

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