And the Car Goes "Plop!"

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Jason helps Liz get out but Sam is still in the back seat when the car plunges off the edge, Patrick sulks over scotch and Kate takes the high road.

And the Car Goes

Jason drags Lucky's unconscious body behind his car to protect him from gunfire. As he's doing so, he hears a shot fired inside the car that's teetering over the edge of the bridge. He makes his way to the car and Diego jumps out and attacks him. Both armed, they struggle precariously close to the edge. A fierce fist fight ensues until Diego runs off. As the car teeters toward the water below, Liz screams to Jason for help and he quickly jumps on the trunk in order to balance it.


At the hospital, Robin has just confirmed to Patrick that he fathered her baby. She tells him that she was committed to going to the sperm bank but after their night of comforting each other after Georgie's funeral that wasn't possible. She says that she didn't expect to pick up where they left off and that she didn't sabotage the condom. She admits that she knew the condom must've broken because how else could she have become pregnant? She says that nothing really changed. "I'm going to be a father," Patrick reminds her that is what has changed! He says that she's already decided how he's going to react, right? Robin says that she knew he would do the right thing, but she didn't want to force him into a life he didn't want. He yells that she is to stop telling him what he wants! He says it doesn't matter what he wanted before. He says that she has to let him be a part of this, but Robin doesn't see it that way. She assures him that she's not going to tell anyone and he can spare his reputation. She tells him to go brood over a beer and prove to the world that he's still 18. Tired of having words put in his mouth, Patrick likes the idea and leaves her behind to cry.


Down the hall, Claudia is perched on Kate's bed telling her all the details of her night with Sonny. She insists that she's doing Kate a favor and that she should know the kind of man that Sonny is. Calmly Kate tells her that she was just being used and could have been anyone. She tells Claudia that she just came to check out the competition and Claudia says she doesn't see any! Kate says that she's a scared little girl and Claudia denies it but adds that she's no lady (in bed)! She calls Kate a phony and says that she isn't secure enough to tell Sonny about this conversation. Then she leaves.


In a warehouse somewhere, Trevor is tied to a chair and being roughed up by one of Sonny's goons. Sonny comes in and tells him to take a message back to Anthony, "He'll get his son back when I get mine back." Trevor can't believe that Sonny kidnapped Johnny. He warns that Sonny has set a chain of events in motion that even he can't turn back. Sonny has Trevor released and then leaves.


"We are trapped like hamsters in a rank and smelly tube!" Spinelli yells at Maxie somewhere down below Port Charles. They decide to stop fighting about whose fault it is that they are in this mess. He says there's a chance he can override the sewer security system but they'll have to wait 24 hours. She throws a fit, but he reminds her that it was Coop's excellent clue that led them down here in the first place. Then, Spinelli gets an email. He says that someone has just taken money from Lorenzo Alcazar's accounts!


Sonny takes Kate a present and when she opens it they both laugh. It's a replica of the same yellow hat she wore years ago. He tells her that he loved her in that hat because he loved her. Kate is speechless for a minute and then starts to cry. Sonny asks her what's wrong and she says her medication makes her emotional, that's all. Convinced, Sonny goes on telling her how much he loves her but all she can think of his him having sex with Claudia. When she lies back to rest he promises that he'll make everything up to her. He says that things will be different soon and they have their whole lives ahead of them.


Back on the bridge, Jason talks to Liz through the rear window. He tells her that Lucky is still alive and then tells her to shield her face. He breaks the windshield and as she climbs out she tells him that Sam is in the trunk. She rushes over to check on Lucky and Jason yells for Sam. She has been able to untie her hands and pushes through the seats to the back seat of the car. As she looks up through the broken window at Jason, the car teeters even farther off the edge. Jason tells her it's going to fall and she needs to jump. Lucky struggles to sit up and he and Liz both turn to see the car go off the edge!


Trevor has summoned Claudia to meet him at Jake's. He tells her that Sonny had Johnny kidnapped and Claudia says that she's already taken steps to get him back. Trevor reminds her that they are in this together. Claudia says that if anything happens to Johnny she will make Sonny pay. Trevor reminds her not to let this get personal. She reminds him that Sonny is his step-son and Kate is his ex-girlfriend and HE is the one who is personally involved. Trevor says that the only way out of this is to help Sonny find his son.


After Trevor leaves, Patrick rushes up to the bar and orders a scotch on the rocks. He and Claudia make immediate eye contact and the mating dance begins. She seductively breezes by him and sashays out the door as he watches like a wounded, (but hungry!) wolf.


Robin, however, is a mama bear. She's at the hospital having her first ultra sound. Kelly helps her to see that her baby's heart beat is strong. (Just like its father's!)


On the bridge, Lucky tells Liz to go to Jason. She scurries over to him and finds him bloody and unconscious. Lucky crawls over to the edge and yells for Sam.

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