Life-Altering Moments.

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Lucky's shot, Liz and Sam teeter on the edge of death and Patrick learns that he's about to become a father.

Life-Altering Moments. image

Before Patrick can press Robin into a conversation, Dr. Devlin comes out of the OR and says someone needs to break the news to Joe right away. Robin turns and leaves. Dr. Ford brings two guards to apprehend Joe and Dr. Devlin and Patrick go off on him for not being human.


Down the hall, Sonny tells Kate that she was shot because of him, but she doesn't want to think about that. Sonny assures her that he is holding an ace card. Then he jokes and tells her that he'd like to buy her a big yellow Easter Bonnet. She says that she would love that actually, and she'd love for him to escort her to the annual fashion designer's parade down 5th Avenue coming up.


Lulu storms into the Zacchara house looking for Johnny but finds Claudia instead. Claudia tells "Cutie" that she's in the wrong house if she doesn't want trouble. Lulu asks who she is and Claudia says that she's not surprised that her brother didn't tell her about his big sister. They argue over whether or not Lulu and Johnny are close and then Lulu says that Johnny's father tried to kill her at the black & white ball because of their relationship. Impressed, Claudia says that her daddy doesn't feel threatened by just anybody. She tells Lulu that she's going to give her a chance to prove how much she likes Johnny.


Meanwhile Diego's car is dangling precariously over the edge of a bridge, high above the raging waters of Port Charles' coastline. He has been knocked out by the accident and Liz tries to break free from her handcuffs. She reaches to the front seat to try to find the key but the shift in weight tips the car even further. She holds really still and then tries again. This time she is able to get the key and unlock her cuffs. Finally she hears a muffled voice coming from the trunk and she realizes it must be Sam. She struggles to try to get through the back seat cushions to the trunk, but suddenly Diego wakes up and grabs her.


Jason is scouring Sam's apartment for clues and finds her cell phone. He picks it up from the floor and plays a voice recording of Sam begging her attacker to let her go. Jason hears Diego's voice say that he's taking her to see his father. Jason tells Max that he took her to the area where he dumped Alcazar's body! Nik and Nadine show up and want to come along, but Jason tells him to sit tight and look out for his cousin in case she comes back.


Alexis goes to her office and finds Jerry sitting behind her desk again. As he starts to leave, she sees blood on his jacket. He tells her he had a little accident but she asserts that he's been shot! She demands to know who did it and he says it could've been any of his enemies. She says that it must've happened nearby and he came here to hide. He explains that he's in a race and needs to get to the finished line, that's all. She asks what is so valuable that has all the area mobsters all worked up? Jerry doesn't answer, so she lays out her theory. She says that he came to find out how he can reach Ric so he can get his hands on the waterfront property before anyone else does. She's getting a little too close to the truth and Jerry asserts that he's the only person in the bunch who has a vested interest in keeping Ric alive and well!


Lulu finds Sonny at the hospital and asks him where Johnny is. Sonny says that Johnny will turn up - but only when he's good and ready to make that happen. Lulu is disgusted with him and leaves, but Claudia shows up behind her. Sonny tells her that he doesn't have her brother, but Trevor might. Claudia says that she is trying to deal with him fairly because of their history. Sonny spits that history doesn't start in a hotel room and then calls her a tramp. Claudia seethes as she tells him to remember that he is the one who started this.


In the nursery, Robin presents Joe with his baby girl and Patrick looks on. Joe says he prayed so hard for his baby that he forgot to pray for Angela. Robin says that his daughter needs her father and Joe asks her to give him a minute.


Nik and Nadine are left behind at Sam's place and he's getting increasingly angry. He is upset that Emily is gone and Nadine tries to get him to calm down. She says that her aunt says you can feel a person the strongest where they died, so maybe they should go back to Wyndemere. Nik has an idea - he asks Nadine to take him somewhere.

Jerry has slipped away someplace private to make a phone call. He tells the mysterious man with a tattoo that nobody knows that Jerry Jacks and Mr. Moreau are the same person. "I will get the deed to the property from Sonny's brother whatever it takes," Jerry promises.


Down below Port Charles in the sewer grid, Maxie and Spinelli are determined to follow the clue that Coop left behind. They need to get behind a grate because the tunnel behind it leads to the area beneath the water of the Alcazar piers. Spinelli says he can figure out a way to open the gate if she'll only be quiet for a minute. Maxie ruins her shoe and throws a little fit that is just big enough to trigger a gate closing behind them.


Robin goes to the locker room to change clothes and Patrick finds her there. She says she doesn't want to talk now and he says that Angela, Joe and their baby should've been a family. Robin says it always doesn't work out that way. Patrick says, "I'm the baby's father aren't I?" Robin takes a deep breath and finally says yes.

"Johnny stays on ice until I get my son back," Sonny orders into his phone. Meanwhile, Claudia pays Kate a little visit. She tells her that they have a lot in common. "…like Sonny. I'm the woman he slept with right after your big break up," Claudia proudly announces.


From his padded room, Johnny tells a pseudo ominous-looking Milo that he knows nothing about Michael's disappearance or Kate's shooting. After Milo leaves, Johnny finds a marker beneath the padding in his cell and starts to write music on the walls to keep himself sane.


Lucky has heard an APB about the car/bridge crash and turns on his siren on his way to the bridge. When he arrives, he requests backup and an ambulance and then steps out of the car. That's when Diego shoots him, much to Elizabeth's horror. Lucky is unconscious on the snow as Jason shows up at the bridge. As he takes cover behind Lucky's car he sees that Diego and Liz are struggling inside the teetering car.

Next on General Hospital:

Patrick tells Robin that he wants to be a part of the baby's life.

Sonny goes into Kate's room and finds Claudia there.

Sam's muffled screams don't even come close to overpowering the sound of gunshots within Diego's car.

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