Talk about a Cliff Hanger!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Nikolas goes to Jason with his realization, Michael finds a friendly (?) ally, and Diego slams into the side of bridge leaving Sam's, Liz's and his own life hanging in the balance.

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Patrick and Ian Devlin are at work discussing the perfect glass of gin. Patrick agrees to meet him for a beer later and then Robin gets off the elevator. He rushes over to her and says they need to talk about the baby. Robin says there's nothing to talk about! Just then Joe comes in and asks Patrick for another favor. He says that no one is telling him anything about his baby and it's driving him crazy. Patrick understands the feeling and says he and Dr. Scorpio will help. They find Kelly and Dr. Devlin suggests that a dangerous drug interaction may end up killing Angie and her baby. Kelly says they've just turned critical and they all prepare for surgery.


Jax finds Carly upstairs painting the nursery. He asks her to stop so they can talk, but she would rather keep busy. He says he understands and proceeds to tell her that he put his corporate investigative team on Michael's case on the off chance that his disappearance has nothing to do with the mob. He says they know how to work outside the law, but also have access to legitimate legal systems as well. He asks if she's mad and she just falls into his arms. Then they lighten up and talk about how awful the green color that she chose is.


It only takes Liz a second to realize that the monster who has opened Sam's door is the Text Message Killer. She takes off screaming but he is able to nab her and drag her inside Sam's apartment.


Nik and Emily are enduring their share of drama too. They have successfully relived her death scene and when Nik wakes up, Emily is gone but Nadine is with him. She says that she couldn't wait anything longer and came to Wyndemere to see what he learned. "He killed her, she's gone," Nikolas says. He explains that his last hallucination showed him the face of her killer, but doubts if anyone will be believe him. What's worse, the man he saw strangling Emily is supposed to be dead.


Michael is asleep on a quilted bed when he wakes up to see the barrel of a gun pointing toward him. The woman behind it tells him that people in these parts don't like trespassers. She asks what he's running away from and then gives him a box of chocolates. She says her name is Peg and then asks if he takes drugs or is having problems with his family. He says no, but he did something bad that his father will never forgive him for. He thanks her for the chocolate and tries to leave but Peg says he's not going anywhere.


Lulu finds Maxie and Spinelli at the coffee shop and flips their table! She says it's their fault that she suspected Logan as the killer and now that he's been cleared he's in a coma because of her fear. Maxie won't take any blame and then insults her taste in men. Lulu spits back that at least her guys don't end up dead. Maxi smacks her in the face and Lulu fights back until Jason rushes out and breaks things up. Spinelli tries to explain but Jason has had enough. "You and your blonde ones need to stay out of things!" Jason tells Spinelli. After Maxie leaves, Jason tells Spinelli that Michael is missing. He orders him to research punks who sell guns. He also tells Spinelli to see what he can find out about Lorenzo Alcazar being alive.


Jason goes back into Sonny's office but is quickly interrupted by Nikolas and Nadine. Nik tells him that Diego Alcazar murdered Emily. Jason says that corresponds with the fact that someone has been making withdrawals from the Alcazar accounts. He calls Max and tells him he has something for him to do. Nikolas asserts that he's not going to sit on the sidelines.


Diego (masked) has been able to handcuff Liz to one of the passenger seats in his car and is about to leave Sam's parking garage when he's stopped by Max! Max tells the punk to step away from the car and let him take Miss Webber to safety. Diego starts shooting and Max returns fire. Diego is able to get in the car and take off - but not before he backs into Max!


Sonny returns to Kate's room and finds Mike sitting with her while she sleeps. He whispers that he came to see if there's any word on Michael. Then he gets on Sonny's case for keeping him in the dark about everything - including the fact that he proposed to Kate. He recalls a time years ago when he came back to the neighborhood to visit Sonny and his mother, but he saw Sonny hanging out on a corner with a girl. He says that it blew him away to see how happy his son was and he didn't come forward because he didn't want to ruin it. He says that at that moment he wanted Sonny to find someone to make him that happy for the rest of his life. Sonny chokes back a tear and tells his dad that there's no news about Michael. Then he thanks Mike for throwing Michael's bullets in the water a few weeks ago.

Maxie waits until Jason leaves Spinelli alone and then returns. He tells her that he found a correlation between the digits that Coop wrote on the gift wrap and the Port Charles sewer system. They grab flash lights and take off.

Max calls Jason from Sam's parking garage and tells him that he's been hit. Jason, Nadine and Nikolas rush over to Sam's garage and Max explains that the guy had Elizabeth in his car but he didn't see Sam.


Patrick and Robin have finished with Angela's surgery. Robin wants to go find Joe and Patrick asks if she can handle it. She says that she can and he accuses her of not needing anything from anyone. "Is that why you haven't told me the truth about the baby?" he asks.


Diego races along a curvy moon-lit road. Sam is in the trunk and Elizabeth wakes up and realizes she is chained to the backseat. She asks who he is and he tells her if she had a phone he'd send her a text message. Liz yells at him for killing her best friend and calls him sick. Diego tells her that it's more than that - the cops think he's dead. Then he takes off his mask and reveals himself. As he tells her why he killed everyone, she reaches up with her free hand and tries to scratch his face. He turns around to smack her and when he turns back to face the road, he sees that they've entered a bridge and are about to slam into the steel girder on the side.


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Lulu goes out to Johnny's house but finds Claudia instead.

Sonny asks Kate if she still wants him after all he's put her through.

Jason finds Sam's new cell phone under her sofa.

Diego wakes up and finds his car teetering off the end of the bridge.

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