A Shocking Purchase.

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Michael takes matters into his own hands, Logan and Coop talk, and Jason hurts Carly's feelings.

A Shocking Purchase. image

When Johnny and Lulu finally pull apart from their kiss, she tells him that she's just telling him goodbye because there's an APB out on him. He says that he's not going anywhere! He tells her that unless Logan told Scott where he's hiding, he doesn't have to run. He tells Lulu that Logan wouldn't turn him in because he's in love with her and she would get in trouble. He tells her to go meet Logan for her ice skating date and unless Logan called the cops, he'll be here when she returns.


Coop has come home and found Logan waiting for him. He says that he was looking for some cash but found the PCPD DNA results instead. Rather than let Coop explain himself, he says that before Georgie was killed she was looking into his background and found out about the female private who was strangled where they were stationed in Iraq. Coop affirms that he is not the text message killer! He explains that he did see Georgie in the park the night she was killed and she freaked. He tried to calm her down and even reached out to her, but she fought him. He says that's the only way that his DNA ended up under her nails. He left, but warned her not to stay out there alone. Coop says that he just wants to get Maxie out of town - for her own safety. Coop reminds Logan that there are things about him, too, that no one knows. Logan tells Coop that as far as he is concerned he is the person of interest.


Liz calls Lucky from the hospital to check on the boys. He assures her that they are all fine and tells her to rest. After they hang up, Lainey sits with her and asks about the bad dreams she's been having. Lainey tells her to focus on something else besides the fire. As they talk, a handsome guy gets off the elevator. He introduces himself to Nadine as the new oncologist, Dr. Ian Devlin.


Michael is hanging around on the waterfront waiting for someone and finally, two teenage boys arrive. Michael asks about "the stuff" and the boys ask what he needs. Later, Michael and Morgan show up at the hospital to "hit Grandma Bobbie up" for a donation for a school fundraiser called "Dollars for Dolphins." Next they go to Kelly's to ask Grandpa Mike to contribute. As soon as they leave, Michael gives Morgan his cut and then makes him promise not to tell anyone about their little project.


Kate shows up in Sonny's office and asks where Sonny is. Jason says that he thought Sonny was with her. On her way in, Carly overhears and asks Kate what the heck she did to Sonny? She insists on finding out who Sonny took along to NYC for protection. Kate says that Sonny came alone and assures her that he wasn't picked up by the cops. Jason tries to calm Carly down by saying that Sonny's driver called and said that he picked Sonny up in Benson Hurst. Carly can't believe that he'd go to the place where he had such a rotten childhood. Then she turns to Kate and asks what they were doing there? Kate says that they went to a few of their old places. Carly pushes to know more and finally Kate blurts it out. "He proposed to me Carly!" Jason is growing increasingly uncomfortable as the women bicker with both barrels. Carly asks where the ring is and when Kate doesn’t answer, she surmises that Sonny changed his mind. Kate asks Jason to tell Sonny that she came by and then leaves.

Daniel, the new guy at Kelly's, shows up for work and Mike asks him why he blew off his dinner shift last night. Coop and Logan come down stairs and Logan tells Coop that he'll see him around. Coop asks Daniel for change and then says that he remembers him as one of the catering employees from the B&W ball.


Dr. Devlin is getting a tour of the hospital from Nadine. As they talk, Leyla shows up and he checks her out. Before long, he has talked her into giving him a tour of the OR. After they finish, she asks why he didn't ask one of the doctors. He gives a smooth answer about the nurses being the heart of a hospital. At the nurses' desk, the nurses find out that he used the same line on all of them. Still, Nadine thinks he's cute, but Leyla declares that he is trouble. They watch as Patrick runs into him and greets his old friend. Leyla brightens up and says that there's nothing wrong with a little trouble.

Back in Sonny's office, Jason tells Carly to stop trashing anything good in Sonny's life! Jason says this is just like her reaction to him and Elizabeth. Carly jumps tracks and says that he should want to be with his son! Jason says that she judges all of them and nobody ever gets to say anything about what she does. He asks if she's bored with Jax being gone again? Carly breaks down and says that she just wants them all to have everything, but something always gets in the way. "Sometimes that something is you," Jason says quietly. Carly leaves.

Sam is at Lucky's house with him and the boys. He asks why she seems on edge and she says that she feels uncomfortable in the home he shared with Liz. He says he doesn't want her to feel that way. Then he suggests that she move in and says that he thinks they have a chance at something good. Sam agrees, but she still seems afraid to follow her heart. Lucky gets a phone call and learns there's a lead on Johnny. He asks Sam to stay with the boys and then leaves. Sam is nervous, but she immediately plays peek-a-boo with Jake.

Lulu meets Logan at Kelly's and asks if he ratted Johnny out to Scott. Logan says he would lose her if he did, so he didn't. Lulu smiles. She asks if they can get some hot chocolate before they skate. They sit at the counter and don't even see Maxie as she rushes up the stairs. But soon, all anybody can hear are her shrieks for help!

Trevor is on the waterfront with his goon talking about the fact that they've found "her" and she's in Milan. Trevor says that he thought she'd be in a trailer park by now. He remembers her long gangly legs and the sneakers she use to trip over. He hopes that she's picked up some class along the way, but wonders if an old dog can learn new tricks. (As he speaks, we see boxes of red designer shoes and a woman's legs as she tries them on.)


Michael meets the guys again and hands over a wad of cash. In turn, they hand over a handgun.

Liz keys into Lucky's house and asks where everybody is. Then Sam comes walking out from the kitchen holding Jake.

Kate goes back to Sonny's office because she left her gloves earlier. Sonny's there.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny tells Kate that he's finally over her.

Jason rushes upstairs to help Maxie.

Liz demands that Sam hand over her son.

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