Coop Steals the File!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Coop reads that Johnny Z isn't the match, Alexis and Sam get spine-tingling text messages and Leyla toys with Patrick.

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Kelly and Robin are working the night shift and they agree that it's pretty much a ghost town. Kelly starts to talk about Robin's pregnancy, but Robin tells her to "Shh!" Just then, Patrick comes up from behind and asks Robin why she is keeping things from him. It turns out that he's talking about Nikolas's treatment. Robin hastily tells him that she just doesn't want Nikolas to be another notch on his OR belt just like all of the notches on his "other" belt. Patrick says that it's a good thing they broke up because they would've deteriorated to this level down the road anyway.


Nik is spending his last night in the hospital. He tells Emily that he can't risk losing her and he's not having the operation. As they discuss it, Nadine comes in with his release papers and hears him talking. Nadine treads lightly, and then asks if she chased Emily away. She says that she feels "it" too - the presence of someone she loved and lost. Nik listens as she says that she has decided to keep the best part of him with her, and is trying to move on. She tells him not to let go unless there's no other choice and he'll know when that time has come.


Jason slips into Liz's room as she fitfully sleeps. When she wakes, he explains that he wanted to thank her for saving their son. He tells her that he was going crazy during the bomber scare because he couldn't get to her. It never occurred to him that she and Jake would die because of something random - something not related to his business. Liz says that the fire was her fault because she was too distracted when Cam was playing with matches. Jason says that he never wants this to happen again. Liz asks if he wants to take Jake? Jason says that's not what he's talking about. He knows they did the right thing, but he thinks about her and the boys every day. Liz says that she feels the same way and they didn't fully anticipate how much pain this sacrifice would cost him. "At least we have the safe house," Liz says. Jason tells her to sleep and get better so they can get together soon. Then, he sits with her until she falls asleep.


Lulu follows Johnny's blood trail and finds him on the Haunted Star. She gives him the antibiotics and he reluctantly takes them. He's feverish and through his delirium he says that he had no idea she was on Moreau's boat and if he would've killed her he couldn't have lived with himself. Then he calls Trevor to call off the search for him. He also tells him that he doesn't want to be found and will come home when he darn well pleases. After he hangs up, he tells Lulu to leave. When it's clear that she won't, he asks her to tell him about this boat. She holds him close as she tells him of the adventures her parents had on this boat.


At the PCPD, Scott tells Mac that one of his cops is also a killer because that's the only reason the DNA results would turn up missing. Later, Mac and Scott ask Coop where the test results are. Coop explains that he put them on Mac's desk.


Alexis is fighting for her life as her attacker tries to tighten the rope around her neck. Sam comes along and jumps right into the fray. She fights with all of her might until the guy pushes Alexis to the ground and leaves. Alexis gasps for air and Sam immediately starts screaming, and then calls 911. Mike Corbin hears the screaming and comes running. As Sam explains what happened, Alexis gets a text and it reads, "Changed my mind. You first, then your daughter." Lucky arrives and Alexis says to skip the hospital, she wants to get to the PCPD right away.

Trevor tells his goon that he's starting to think that they need to stop trying to get Johnny under their thumb. It's time to make a substitution and he knows how to find "her." Then he comments how easy it will be to get Ric to give him the piers.


Meanwhile, Ric is still outside his childhood home on Martha's Vineyard. He's remembering the day that Sonny met him there and learned that he was Ric's big brother. He's deep in thought as the caretaker comes back outside. She asks if he lost someone in his house and Ric says that he lost himself. She shares her coffee with him and then leaves him standing there, lost in his memories.


Scott goes to Logan and asks if he took the DNA file that fingered Johnny. Logan asks why in the world he would miss the chance to get Johnny out of Lulu's life forever? He's had it with his so-called father and tells Scott to stay out of his life!

Maxie goes to the PCPD and learns that somebody took Georgie's DNA tests. She comforts Coop by saying that there's no way Mac thinks he took them. Then she tells him that her mother left a note and is gone, again. She goes in to see Mac, who admits that he was pretty rough on Felicia and she should be nice to her when she gets home. Maxie tells him about the note. Then, Alexis, Sam and Lucky show up and tell Mac about Alexis's attack. Sam is upset that she forgot all of her training and went after the attacker. Now he'll be really ticked off, she says.


Back at the hospital, Patrick opens the door to a room and finds a naked Leyla waiting for him - at his request. He tells her that he called her for a meeting WITH Dr. Ford! She panics and gets dressed and then he tells her he was just teasing. She smacks him in the face. She doesn't appreciate her career being toyed with. She says that he may be good in the OR, but she's had better in the bedroom. He says he must be slacking off and pulls her in for a steamy kiss. She manages to get him to lie down and give her his pants. Then, she tells him if it's games he wants, she'll win. She takes his pants out to the hallway and dumps them in the dumpster. As he rushes out to get them, Robin sadly looks on.


Rick is still standing out front of the white picket fence; He remembers when he told Sonny that the kid his mother was pregnant with when she fell down the stairs was him. Finally he walks away, only to be replaced by another Lansing man. Trevor!


Coop has left the PCPD and is looking at the DNA files. He sees that Johnny Z is "no match", but Cooper Barrett is! Then, he reaches for his cell phone.


Lucky is walking with Alexis and Sam when both of their phones signal. They look at their own displays and quickly exchange phones. One text reads, "You'll die slow." And the other says, "And you'll watch."

Next on General Hospital:

Michael asks Jason why no one is trying to stop the killer?

Coop asks Maxie to come to Canada with him.

"Are we over?" Nik asks.

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