It's Gonna Get Ugly.

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Johnny's walking into an ambush, there's a sniper on Sonny and Maxi's a sitting duck in a hot tub.

It's Gonna Get Ugly. image

At Kelly's, Maxi tells Coop about her romantic plans for tonight at Sam's penthouse. He is happy to hear about it and echoes her sentiment that he is glad they got back together.


Spinelli and Georgie are at Sonny's coffee shop looking over Coop's military record. He says that it's entirely possible that Coop is a good soldier, nothing more…except that it turns out that a woman was strangled in Iraq when he was there. Suddenly, they both think they might be on to something.


In Sonny's office, Sonny tells Jason that if Johnny wants to break free of Trevor, this is his chance. Jason thinks Johnny will make a deal and Sonny hopes he's right. Kate arrives, so Jason gives them some privacy. Sonny informs Kate that Alexis has filed an injection against him - did she know it would go this far? Kate says that she had no idea, but "so be it." Unless he's ready to call off his guards, that is. They lighten up a little and playfully talk about how they would both prefer the other to be meeker and more submissive (instead of so stubborn).


Meanwhile, Trevor and Johnny are at the Metro Court bar. Trevor is telling Johnny that arranging a meeting with Sonny is a sign of weakness. Johnny resents Trevor's presence in "his" business and Trevor reminds him that he spent the better part of the last decade trying to keep him out of juvenile court. As they jockey for position, someone delivers a note to Johnny. Johnny turns his back and reads it privately - it's from Jason and he's asking for a meeting tonight at the docks.


The docks are already starting to hum for the evening. Lulu is there, waiting for her supposed meeting with Johnny. Logan shows up and asks what the heck she's doing there? He says he was driving by and saw her car, and promises that he wasn't following her. Lulu says that she's meeting her dad's cigar supplier here, so she can bribe him to do physical therapy. Logan reminds her she is attracted to dangerous situations and this wasn't a good idea - especially if she was meeting someone here. Lulu tells him that she is interested in trying again with him, but not if he starts bossing her around.


Lucky goes over to Sam's place to tell her that he's been thinking about her offer to move in. Sam back peddles and says that she gets it -- she was rushing things. Lucky asks if she's having second thoughts and she says no. "I think it would be a great idea," Lucky tells her. Sam smiles, but reminds him what a huge step this would be and they are both on the rebound, right? Lucky tells her that she makes him happy and she agrees. She asks about the boys and he says he'd like them to accept that she's a part of his new life. Then he wonders if it would be better if Sam moved into his house. Sam thinks that might be harder onto he boys and Lucky says they don't need to decide anything now. Then, he gets called to a crime scene and has to leave.

Georgie rushes into Kelly's and tells Maxi that she needs to stay away from Coop. Maxi thinks Georgie might just be jealous because she can't even get a nerd like Spinelli to look at her. Georgie comes right out and says that she and Spinelli learned that a woman was strangled in Iraq when Coop was there. Maxi doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Lulu and Logan come in for coffee (before she has to "baby sit"). Georgie immediately fishes for information about a woman she says that Coop was telling her about - the one who was strangled when they were in Iraq together. Logan says that he doesn't remember that and Lulu wants to change the subject. Just then, Johnny walks in. He sees them and orders coffee to go. Logan tells him there are other places for coffee. After Johnny gets his cup and leaves, Lulu tells Logan to stop it! They argue over Johnny, as usual. Logan is worried about her and she contends that Johnny isn't the terrible guy everyone thinks he is. They call a truce and he offers her a ride to Liz's, but Lulu declines.


Jason goes to Spinelli and gives him some work to do, but Spinelli says that he is busy. Jason looks at his computer and sees that he's researching a woman's death in Iraq. Spinelli confesses that he's working on something for Georgie, but Jason says that maybe Georgie just used that as an excuse to see him. Spinelli doesn't understand, so Jason spells it out for him. "Georgie. Likes. You." Spinelli ponders for a minute and then nervously spills the theory that Coop is the text message killer. He explains that Coop doesn't have an alibi for a lot of the B&W ball, and several times Georgie has seen Coop with his cell out at the exact time that Maxi received texts. Jason says that's not enough proof, but respects Spinelli's instincts. Jason asks if he can hack into Coop's phone records, and Spinelli agrees to, but then asks why he thinks The Wise One likes him. Jason explains and Spinelli is especially adorable as he tries to conceal his surprise.

Maxi shows up at Sam's and says how nervous she is to be with Coop. She says that she's falling in love and Sam is happy for her. Sam wishes her luck and then takes off for New York. Maxi immediately starts lighting candles and setting a romantic scene for her evening with Coop.


Trevor calls Sonny and tells him if there is to be a truce, it'll be negotiated between them, not Johnny. They agree to meet at the Metro Court right away. Sonny asks Kate if they can continue this discussion later. Kate tells him she is temped, but she has to pass until they negotiate their ground rules. He tells her that he loves her, and she playfully says, "that makes two of us" as they walk out the door.


Coop puts down his cell and reaches for his coat. Then, he heads out the door to meet Maxi. Soon after he's gone, Jason picks Coop's lock and comes in. As he's going through the drawers, Jason hears footsteps in the hallway, so he hides behind the door and draws his gun.


Still behind the counter at Kelly's, Georgie tells Lulu goodbye and then gets a text. It reads, "Tell Ur Sis to meet me in the park." She grabs her coat and takes off for the park. As she waits nervously, she looks terrified when she hears someone approaching.

Maxi is out on the terrace in the hot tub when "someone" arrives at Sam's.

Lulu rushes to the docks but Johnny hasn't arrived yet.

Waiting at the Metro Court, Trevor tells his goon to put a sniper in place to kill Sonny. He explains that later, they'll think John did it, but at this moment, John is on his way to an ambush that he will think Sonny set up. When Sonny shows up, they take a table on the balcony and start their negotiations. As they talk, a red laser light appears on the back of Sonny's head. Trevor is talking about how untrustworthy Johnny has always been and Sonny asks if he is advising him to kill Johnny. Trevor says that he can handle Johnny. Sonny notices that Kate has arrived at the Metro Court. Then we see the sniper as he lines up his shot and then…takes it.

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Georgie says, "Thank God it's you! I thought I had a stalker!"

As Kate approaches Trevor and Sonny's table she says, "If you two are discussing business, that's one thing, but if…"

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