Emily's Funeral Begins.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Monica stands tall as she buries her daughter, Sonny reflects upon his mistakes and Luke tries to bust out of the hospital.

Emily's Funeral Begins. image

Luke has somehow managed to slip out of his hospital room long enough to snag some get-away clothes. The second he huffs and puffs his way back under the covers, Tracy comes in and asks what he thinks he's doing. She says that she saw him roaming the halls and he is supposed to stay in bed. Luke tells her not to be late for Emily's funeral. Just then Lulu shows up to bring Tracy her cell phone that she left on the table at home. Luke asks if that means that she moved back into the Quartermane's? She says that she did, for many reasons- not just because of his health problems. She says that she was trying to spare Spinelli's feelings. She explains that he likes her too much for her to live under his roof - since she doesn't reciprocate the feelings. Luke says that he's not going belly-up any time soon so he doesn't need her to baby sit him.


Jason is in Sonny's office and Sonny say that he'll come with him to Emily's funeral. Jason says that he's not going and he doesn't think Sonny should go either. Sonny thinks that when Monica told Jason not to come, she was probably out of her mind with grief. Jason says that he wants to respect Monica's wishes - it's the least he can do after being to blame for her death (by leaving Emily alone at the ball).


Monica is at home staring at a picture of Emily when Alice tells her that there are visitors for her. Monica doesn't want to see anyone, but Alice tells her that she'll make an exception when she sees who it is. Just then Monica hears "Hi Grandma" and Michael, Morgan and Carly come through the study door. Monica brightens at the sight of them and they tell her that they are going to remember Emily today by having root beer floats at Kelly's. Monica says that would make her very happy.


Out at Wyndemere, Nikolas is beyond sad as he recalls how excited Emily was before the B&W ball started. Soon he realizes that Alfred has removed all of Emily's things and he orders him to bring them back! Alexis has arrived and heard the yelling, so she comes into Nikolas's bedroom and tries to calm him down. It works, and Nik quietly asks Alfred to put all of Emily's things back. Alfred agrees and then leaves the room. He asks Alexis if she thinks he's crazy for wanting all of Em's things back, and she tells him that he should get all of the comfort that he needs, but she wants him to try to control his anger. She says that she'll do everything that she can to help him. "No one can help me…because Emily is gone," Nik says.


Lucky goes to the church early so that he can try to process the fact that Emily is gone. Instead of being alone, he finds Liz there. She tells him that she hopes that they can get Nikolas through this together, as Emily would want them to. They decide to go out to Wyndemere together to pick up Nikolas. They find him in his bedroom, putting Em's engagement ring next to a photo of her on the nightstand. They say that they'd like the three of them to go to the funeral together… "one for all and all for one" style. Nik says that he used to think the 4 musketeers thing was silly, but Emily certainly liked it.


Alice goes to Monica, this time with news of a visitor that Monica won't want to see - Sonny Cornithos. Monica tells her to send him in, and then puts a photo of Emily down. When Sonny gently steps into the study, she tells him that she doesn't want him any where near Emily's funeral. Sonny pays his respects and reminds Monica that he really did love Emily at one time. He says that Jason is walking around in a cloud and needs to go to the funeral. What's more, Sonny says that he thinks that Monica needs Jason, too. "I need the Jason that he was before he was a criminal. I need A.J., I need Alan -- whose heart you broke before it ever got a disease, I need my grandson whom you stole from us…" When she has finished listing all of the ways that Sonny's business has negatively affected her family, she tells him to leave. Sonny simply turns and walks out the door.


When Nik, Lucky and Liz arrive at the church, Edward is already there lightening a candle. He tells Lucky that he was always a great friend to Emily and Liz was more like a sister. Then he addresses Nikolas. He thanks him for not listening when he tried to chase him out of Emily's life. "You made her very happy," Edward says. Liz, Nik and Lucky take their seats as other people start to arrive, first Monica followed by Dillon and Ned. Edward says that their family has lost so much…A.J., Justice, Lila, Alan and now Emily. He doesn't know how much more he can take. Jax arrives, then Maxi and Georgie. Dillon and Georgie catch up for a few minutes. He asks her why she isn't returning any of his phone calls and she admits that there is someone that she is interested in now. Dillon tells her that she is still his best friend and he wants her to be happy. Leslie is there, complimenting Monica on teaching Emily how to be a good mother to her grandson (Spencer). Monica reminds Leslie that the two of them spent years fighting over Rick and now here they are alone. Lainey and Kelly are smiling about how Emily could throw back tequila shots, and Logan greets Lulu when she arrives with Tracy. The first thing Tracy does is tell Monica that she regrets the way she treated Emily. She explains that she resented the way everyone compared her to Lila. "I am so sorry for your loss Monica and I hope you can forgive me," Tracy chokes out the words before she takes her seat. Monica is touched by her honesty. Jax finds Alexis and sees how worried she is about Nik. "It might help if he didn't have you to worry about." He explains that Jerry's nurse tells him that she has been checking in on his brother. Alexis says that she is just concerned about her client, that's all. Jax warns her not to get too close to his brother.

There are still a few people outside of the church as well. Ric finds Skye and asks if he can sit with her during the service. She is surprised to see him and he said that he snuck out of the hospital. She gratefully accepts his arm and they walk inside. Bobby comes with Mike. They both agree that losing a child is the hardest thing in the world.


Sonny goes home to find Kate dressed for the funeral. He explains that he's not going because Jason's not going -- and why. He says that Monica blames Jason for bringing Anthony Zacchara down on Emily. He says that over the years, he has hurt Monica's family and he respects her wishes. He tells Kate that if it weren't for Emily, he wouldn't have gotten treatment for his bi-polar disorder and his kids wouldn't have a father. He admits that he used to smash things and his life was spiraling out of control, but Emily gave him a new life. Kate suggests that he take that gift from Emily and build a new life for himself.


Carly finds Jason at home, alone. She offers to help him get ready for the funeral, but he says that he doesn't think he should go. Carly says that Emily would want him there. She reminds Jason about a time when Emily told her that she would rather stick cocktail forks in her eye that have her marry A.J. -- hence earning Carly's respect forever. Jason recalls that he tried to speak at his grandmother's funeral but he couldn't do it, but Emily could. He says that Emily taught him to tell people that you love them whenever you have the chance. He quietly tells Carly that he loves her and she returns his words. "Go to the funeral. Not for Emily's sake, but for yours," she says.

Knowing that Tracy is at the funeral, Luke puts on his stolen doctor's uniform and tries to leave. As soon as he stands up, he clutches his chest and sits back down on the bed.


As the service is about to start, Monica sees Spinelli enter the church. She tells Edward that she doesn't want anyone connected to Sonny in the building. Edward says that the boy is harmless and Emily wouldn't object. Monica walks over to Nik's bench and asks for a word with him. He asks if there's anything he can do for her and Monica says that Emily loved his manners. She tells him that the last few months were the most joyous time for Emily -- because of him and Spencer.

The doors to the church are finally closed and the only person left outside is Jason.

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