(Un)Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Monica reels from her loss, Nikolas sends his son away and the others do their best to give thanks for their blessings.

(Un)Happy Thanksgiving. image

Luke is groggy as he wakes up and finds that Tracy has slept in a chair next to his hospital bed. He reminds her that she took a nasty fall last night but she says that she feels grateful -- all things considered. She starts to tell him about the lifestyle changes he needs to make and Luke threatens to tunnel out of there. Lulu arrives and Luke asks where Lucky is. Lulu promptly tells Luke that Lucky is really upset about Emily's death and he's working overtime to get the case closed so they all can heal. As Luke starts to hammer into Lulu to stay away from "psycho junior" (Johnny), Dr. Leo comes in to do some tests. Tracy quietly thanks Lulu for lying to Luke about Lucky.


Ned has arrived at the Q mansion and is hugging Edward. He walks his grandfather over to the sofa so they can sit down and talk. Edward says that he feels broken inside over the loss of Emily. Monica walks into the room and calmly tells Ned that that they only seem to see him at holidays and funerals and today he gets to kill two birds with one stone. Ned and Edward sit quietly and let her ramble. She says that she should've cleared her calendar and been at the ball herself to celebrate the endowment for Alan. Then Dillon arrives and says all the right things to Monica. She tells him that she's glad to see him, but can't say anything meaningful right now. She says that if she would've spent her daughter's last few hours with her maybe she could've made a difference. Ned points out that Anthony Zacchara is a madman who couldn't be stopped. Monica points out that he is a mobster, just as her son is.


Jax and Carly are at home trying to figure out how to tell Michael and Morgan about Emily's death, as well as the fact that Sonny has been shot. Before they can decide how to proceed, Michael comes in with a bunch of art supplies and wants the family to make turkeys together. He asks his mother if she is okay and she decides to put on a cheerful face. She explains that she is just excited for the first Jax family holiday together. Soon, Mike arrives with a homemade thanksgiving meal. Carly has flour all over her face even though all she made were some store-bought biscuits. Mike quietly assures her that he has seen Sonny and that he's doing -- and that Kate is with him. Carly says that she is glad because she wouldn't want him alone. After Mike goes back into the kitchen, Jax comes downstairs and sees the sad look on his wife's face. He reminds her that she's fine, but Carly says, "For now, but someone tried to kill me and they are still out there."


Out at Wyndemere Alfred is trying to get Nikolas to have "a bit of light nourishment." Nikolas doesn't want it and finally flings the silver tray onto the floor to prove his point.


Soon Leslie comes in and tells Nikolas that she has brought Spencer home. Nik thought they agreed to have her keep his son for a while, but Leslie says that she thought it would do Nik good to "hold life." Nik orders his staff to take the boy to the playroom. Nikolas apologizes to his grandmother for the imposition and offers to pay all of her expenses as well as an enormous salary. Leslie says that Spencer needs his father, but agrees to take him home with her for a while. She tells Nik that he has his mother's capacity for love AND her strength. She promises that Emily would want him to make a good life for himself and for his son. Then she kisses him and leaves.


Patrick and Robin are at the hospital. They are consulting on Jerry's treatment and agree on everything. Patrick points out that they are a good team, but he didn't feel right about "going". Robin doesn't know what he's talking about and it turns out that Mac invited him to the Scorpio Thanksgiving dinner much to Robin's surprise. Robin tells him that she (also) thinks it's best that he declined.


Logan is lifting weights in his apartment when Scott shows up. He tells Logan that "dumbbells are for dumbbells" and that all he needs are chin-ups. Then he says that it's Thanksgiving and they should spend it together. He brought some chicken and microwave potatoes, etc. He also brought all of the Godfather DVD's. Logan looks confused at the invasion and Scott says that he can't change the past, but this is their time to get to know each other. He says that wishes that Logan's half-sister Serena was here, but she's not. Before long, Lulu shows up on Logan's doorstep and he's glad to see her. She comes in and points out to Scott that he bought a chicken, not a turkey. Scott suddenly makes an excuse that he is supposed to have drinks with Mayor Floyd and that they should enjoy the dinner. After he's gone, Lulu says that she totally blew their long overdue father-son holiday.

Georgie, Maxi and Mac are unloading groceries in their kitchen. Mac says that they should call Felicia, but Maxi quickly dumps her opinion that their mother abandoned them. Georgie stands by her mother's decision to care for their grandmother in Texas Before long, Spinelli shows up at the door. He's confused why he was invited and asks if there is a cyber emergency. Georgie explains that she, Robin and Maxi all invited dates for dinner, and Spinelli says that he is happy to be her "stand in". Then he takes off!

Bobbie goes to Monica to lend her support. Monica tells her old friend that she's still not used to the word "widow" and now this. She turns to face Bobbie and says that Emily was the most precious gift that she was ever given. She says that she's hurt and sad but it is incredible anger that is stuck in her heart. Bobbie says that someday, when she least expects it, she will be able to think about the daughter that she lost and all she will be able to feel is gratitude that she was in her life at all. Finally Monica cries and Bobbie holds her close.


Coop has shown up at Mac's house thinking that his boss wants an update about a case. Mac calls Maxi downstairs and addresses them both. He says that they have been seeing each other for months now and he's sorry they didn’t feel they could tell him. After he leaves the room, Coop tells Maxi that he misses her and wants them to try again. Maxi gratefully hugs him. Spinelli returns with corn soup for the family table - something that Georgie had suggested earlier because it was on the original Thanksgiving table. Robin shows up alone and says that she and Patrick are both doing what they need to do today.

Nikolas finally changes out of his bloodied white dress shirt and pays a visit to Monica. He tells her that he loved Emily very much and then thanks her for raising such an amazing woman. Then, he says that he asked Emily to marry him last night and she said yes. Monica seems overjoyed to hear that and tells him that she will be eternally grateful for him loving her daughter the way she deserved to be loved. "We've lost her…and all we can do is figure out a way to go on," Monica tells the statue that looks like Nicolas.


At the hospital, Dr. Leo tells Luke that he will need a quadruple bypass as soon as possible. Luke says that he'll get back to him on that one. The doctor tells Luke that he can't wait and then leaves Luke and Tracy to talk. Before Tracy can speak, Luke says that he's not going to start an endless cycle of surgery and recuperation. Tracy tells him that she waited a long time for her perfectly-flawed husband and she's not going to lose him now! Down the hall, Edward has shown up at the nurses' desk with waiters and a gourmet Thanksgiving feast for the staff because Emily would have wanted it that way.

At the somber Q house, Alice goes to Monica and announces that she has another visitor. Monica is in no mood, but Skye and Lila come in and admit that they are feeling like orphans after the awful year that they've all had. Monica softens at the sight of the baby and says that she would love to have them join her for the traditional Thanksgiving pizza.


Bobbie arrives at Carly's house with a pie. She mocks Carly's idea of cooking and then heads straight for the kitchen. Jax tells Carly that he called the hospital and Jerry is doing fine. Mike and Bobbie come out and Carly informs them that she plans to contribute something to the table whether anyone likes it or not!


The final scene from Port Charles comes from many different places:

At Carly's, Mike presents the turkey and Carly pulls out her construction paper turkey shaped like a hand.

At the hospital, Luke and Tracy are quietly lying next to each other in his bed - staring at the ceiling deep in thought. In Leyla's room, Patrick has arrived bearing gifts - two remote control race cars for them to play with. Down the hall, Dr. Leo, Lainey and Kelly are digging into their thanksgiving feast and they finally convince Epiphany to sit down and join them.

There's a burnt chicken on Logan's table as he feeds Lulu lo main noodles on chopsticks.

Mac is fumbling with cutting the turkey until Robin finally takes the knife and fork away from him and does the honors - much to Georgie & Spinelli and Maxi & Coop's delight.

After a feast of turkey and all the trimmings (including pizza) Dillon, Ned, Skye, Edward, Alice and Monica marvel at baby Lila and Monica's focus drifts over to a picture of smiling Emily.

Nikolas walks into the empty ballroom at Wyndemere. He daydreams about a lovely waltz with Emily dressed in regal black and white attire.

NEXT ON General Hospital:

Monica tells Luke that he will die without a quadruple bypass.

Carly tells Detective Harper that there were two killers at the ball.

Trevor goes to GH to inquire about Anthony's condition.

"That's right, I killed her," Nik tells Jason.

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