Emily's Dead!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Emily is dead; Liz and Jason sedate Nikolas. Nikolas dreams there are two of him. Jerry goes after Zacchara. Jax finds a clue in the hall. Sonny considers getting out of the mob business. Zacchara has Kate!

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Nikolas wakes and sees Emily, unconscious, on the floor near him. He makes his way to her! Nik tries CPR but it doesn't work and begs her to breath for him. "Just one breath. Just breathe for me," he says but she is already gone. Nik begins to cry.

In another part of the mansion Jax, Carly and Jerry fill in Jason. They hear Nikolas screaming for Emily and Jason runs to them. Jason tries to talk sense into Nik but he won't let Emily go, not even for them to try to revive her. "She'll be okay. As long as I hold her, she'll be okay," he says. Jason finally gets Emily away from Nikolas and demands to know what happened; Nikolas can't tell him. Jason tries to figure it out for himself but there are too many blanks; he goes off to get help. Carly asks Jax to help her and together they ask Nik to help them get Emily to the bench. Out of his mind, Nik says they don't need to move her because she is sleeping. Carly asks about the bruises on his face. Nik talks about Emily wanting to postpone the ball because of his health problems but he made her go through with it. Carly isn't sure what to think about that. Once more, Nik begins begging Emily to wake up but she doesn't.


Jerry remains in his alcove. He hears someone coming downstairs. It's Zacchara. Jerry fires his gun but misses. Out of bullets, he hurries away. Zacchara hollers for "Johnny" to come face him.


Sonny and Kate continue their search of the mansion. She asks again why they left Ric's and Sonny says he wasn't comfortable there. They talk and Sonny admits that he doesn't always want to be a gangster but he doesn't think he can leave the power behind. He tells her about leaving his bride at the altar, saying he couldn't even leave everything behind then. Kate assures him that if he wants to change his life he can; Sonny isn't so sure. Jerry stumbles in to the room and collapses! On guard, Sonny asks what is going on. Jerry tells him what he knows, which isn't much. Worried about Emily and the others Sonny tells Kate they should go find everyone. Jerry tells Sonny to leave Kate and says he'll protect her. Once Sonny is gone, Jerry turns to Kate. Very weak, he tells her not to think of him as a hero because he'll probably use her before the night is over. Zacchara comes in, knocks out Jerry and takes Kate away! They enter one of the rooms and she tells him to let her go before Sonny finds out. Zacchara won't listen to her.

Johnny finds Lulu, alone, in the cave. He angrily asks where Logan is; Lulu informs him that she is just fine. To make Lulu see just how dangerous he is, Johnny tells her about his father and all the terrible things he has seen - from Zacchara killing his mother to the killings of his mother's family, whom Johnny was staying with at the time. Lulu can't believe it. He swears he'll protect Lulu but isn't sure he will be able to kill his father. Lulu tells Johnny about Laura's difficulties and they bond over their parents. As they talk, Logan returns. Annoyed, he asks Johnny why he is with Lulu instead of looking for his dad.


Jason arrives at the barn and tells Elizabethe that they all have to get to the main house for Nikolas. "Its Emily," he says, "she died." He tells her about finding Emily, crying. Elizabeth tells him it has to be a mistake but Jason says it's true and Em is gone. Liz can't believe it. He asks Nadine and Spinelli to help him; Liz says she can find something to sedate Nik so they can get Emily out of his arms. Liz finds what she needs and they return to the mansion. She begins to cry when she sees Nikolas with Emily. Carly and Jax go off to find Jerry. Jason manages to get hold of Nikolas and Elizabeth gives him a horse tranquilizer! Slowly, Jason picks up Emily to carry her body to the couch. Just then Sonny walks in, stunned to see that Emily really is gone. Liz stays close to Nik, helping to keep him calm. Sonny apologizes to Jason for provoking Zacchara, blaming himself for Em's death. Jason says it's Trevor's fault for losing control. Sonny goes to Emily's side and begins talking about her. "She was going to live a good life," he says emotionally. Jason is lost in his grief. Elizabeth goes to Emily next and tells her that she loves her. She lays her head on Em's chest and begins to cry. Jason tries to comfort her but he can't.

Nik, who has been unconscious for a while, has a dream that he and Emily are dancing around the ballroom. Another Nikolas is tied to a chair, calling for Em but she doesn't hear him. "Get away from him," Nik says as the other Nikolas kisses Emily. He watches while the other Nikolas chokes Emily; he is powerless to save her!


In the entryway, Jax and Carly realize Jerry is missing. Carly tells Jax that Jerry must have been faking so he could go after Zacchara himself. Jax isn't sure sure, especially when he finds a couple of bullet casings in the hallway! Carly asks if they should go after Jerry but Jax thinks they should stay in one place instead of wandering around looking for trouble. She suggests the ballroom but doesn't really want to go there, not with Jason and Emily there. She tells him she doesn't want to lose him, not after their close call earlier that night. He says they're stuck with each other and takes Carly in his arms. They stay in the entryway and talk. Jax picks up a device from the floor. It's a cell phone piggy-backing device. "That means the person who killed Letitia and the person who's been texting me is here tonight," Carly says.


Still in the barn, Nadine asks Spinelli how he got involved with Jason. A few minutes later Johnny, Lulu and Logan arrive, looking for Elizabeth. Spinelli gives them the bad news about Emily. Lulu breaks down. Logan offers to take her back to the main house. Nadine thinks that is a bad idea. Spinelli goes in to Spinelli-speak, annoying Logan. Nadine defends him. Lulu turns to Johnny and realizes he has a cut on his hand.

Sonny returns to the parlor, finds Jerry unconscious and Kate gone!

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