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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Jason plucks Liz to safety, Sonny meets JZ, and Kate tells Trevor to go to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

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"7 hours earlier. 10 p.m."

Carly's voice says, "There are two choices when you're scared; run and hide or stand and fight." Carly is running toward the mansion in the rain; but she takes a fall and doesn't get back up.


Somewhere in the hallways of the mansion, Liz is happy to see Jason and then explains everything that's going on. She tells him about the guest she found dead with an ice pick in his back. She also describes about the two guys she has run into in the hallway. Jason surmises that it must be both AZ and JZ. He tells her that he doesn't want them to know that he's there. He starts to devise a plan, but then notices that Liz has a mark on her face. Liz tells him that Sam hit her, but admits that she hit Sam first. She tells Jason that Sam threatened to tell Lucky about Jake because it's the only thing she has left to hurt him with. "When this is over, I'm going to deal with Sam," Jason promises.


There's gunfire at the launch, and Jerry returns fire to cover Jax and Sam. Then, two goons enter the boat and say, "Looks like we got all of 'em." At that moment, Jax, Jerry and Sam stop playing dead and shoot until both are dead. Sam tells Jax and Jerry to go find Carly and she'll start taking people back to the mainland on the boat. Both men say that she can't handle the boat in this weather, and Jerry insists that he do it. They decide to toss a coin rather than waste time. Jax loses/wins and will be the one to drive the boat through the rough waters of the harbor. Jerry tells him not to die, and then he and Sam leave.


Trevor has opened a door to find Sonny and Kate together. Sonny jumps down his throat for sabotaging his limo. Trevor says that he's only come to tell them that someone stabbed Ric and it's probably Anthony. Sonny still wants to talk about the hit that he survived down in Puerto Rico. Trevor continues denying culpability as Sonny lays out his theory that he runs the entire Zacchara business. Kate cuts through the banter and asks if Trevor actually saw Anthony here. He says no, but he knows the signs. He explains that Ric was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sonny thinks otherwise - he thinks AZ went after Ric because he is Trevor's son. "Which means, the person he's after tonight is you!" Sonny smiles. He tells Trevor to be decent enough to go out in the dark and let AZ find him so nobody else gets hurt. Trevor says that AZ is likely after Sonny because he wants to eliminate a sworn enemy. He turns to Kate and promises to reason with AZ to spare her, but she has to come with him now. "Burn in Hell Trevor," she doesn't miss a beat with her reply. Trevor tells her that AZ will have no qualms killing her then, and walks out. Sonny says that he's going to organize his second -- and final -- meeting with Anthony Zacchara.


Nadine has stumbled upon the monster. AZ is telling her that every flower is unique and different. Unlike women -- they are all alike. Nadine grabs a fire poker and waves it at AZ, who is very amused by her bravery. Spinelli has heard the ruckus and runs in to defend her. AZ laughs and tells him to come on in, "…the more the merrier!" Nadine bravely tries to talk him down, and Spinelli calls him the "Demented Dennison of Darkness." AZ explains that he's only trying to keep his son safe. He waves his wire and tells them that their young lives will end while they are perfect roses. Nadine hurls a crystal vase toward him and she and Spinelli run while AZ pretends he's a scary monster and tells them to run while they still can!


Logan and Johnny are urging Lulu to decide who she's going to believe. Logan contends that Johnny is the killer and Johnny urges her to leave with him to save her life. Finally Logan says that either she trusts him or not. Lulu is stumped, but ultimately she steps to Logan's side. Johnny realizes that he can't convince her to leave, so he tells her if she runs into his father she is to start talking about flowers. And, if that doesn't work she should tell him that Maria wouldn't want him to kill her. After Johnny leaves, Logan says that Johnny is just playing her.

Ric is slurring his words as he talks to the people by his side. Alexis takes Leyla's place and starts putting pressure on the wound. She is getting really worried as she watches him fade. He tells her that he wants Molly to grow up strong like her mother. He says if he doesn't live through this, he wants to apologize. Finally, Alexis says. "I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for all the ways that I failed you. I wanted to be good to you, I wanted to be good for you…I intended to be. If I had it to do all over again, differently, better, kinder, I would have," Ric says as Skye looks on. "Me too," says Alexis. Nearby, Patrick whispers to Robin that Ric has lost so much blood that his organs are shutting down. Robin asks what they can use around the house to do a "patch up" operation.


In the ballroom, Nik admits to Emily that he had another blackout and that's why he doesn't know where Lucky is. Maxi and Georgie are nervously hanging out together, and Scott wants Luke to help him organize a search party. Luke thinks they don't have a chance against the "crack pot". Coop knocks at the door and Luke lets him in. He's soaking wet and bleeding from his forehead. Luke and Nik interrogate him and he says that he was checking things out but got knocked out. Nik thinks there are too many holes in his story. Just then, Lulu and Logan return to the ballroom and report that Anthony Zacchara is definitely in the mansion. Luke contends that they stick to his plan and stay locked up together in the ballroom. Logan says that Johnny is a killer, too, so Luke tells Logan to be the soldier that he claims to be and go find him. Scott tells Logan that they'll follow Luke's plan and stay put.


Nik tells Em that he's going to get one of his guns and will go look for Lucky. He whispers that for all he knows he blacked out and attacked his own brother. Em is worried, but he says that he has to do this. Luke comes over and tells him that as the host he needs to stay with his guests and not make himself one of the targets. Luke says that Lucky knows the mansion almost as well as he does and he's fine out there. Em says that Lucky probably found Liz and they're hiding out together. Nik insists that he's going.


Jason has whisked Liz off to a dry barn for safety. Before he leaves her there, he gives her a quick tutorial on how to shoot a handgun. He stands behind her and reaches around to steady her arms as she fires a couple practice shots. She says that she has the hang of it, and he tells her if anyone comes hear her to shoot them in the chest and run. She tells him not to worry about her. "Of course I'm going to worry about you," and then gives her an awesome kiss. He tells her to lock the door behind him and then leaves.

Johnny is out looking for his father alone. He comes upon Mr. Dead Ice Pic Man. As he covers up the body, Sonny pounces in and holds Johnny at gunpoint. Johnny is able to quickly draw his gun and there's a standoff. Kate says that they are all on the same side! She says that she'll stand in between them if she has to! Sonny puts his gun down and tells JZ to explain what's going on. JZ says that it doesn't matter who his father is after at this point, he's already started killing and it won't stop. Sonny says that he's a father, too, and he wants to stop Anthony from killing someone else. He asks Johnny if they can work together. Johnny puts his gun down and Sonny jumps him and says they're going to do this his way.


Nadine and Spinelli are trying to find their way around the mansion when they turn a corner and AZ jumps out at them. As they scurry away like mice from a mangy cat, he laughs. They wander nervously down another hallway and run into Jason. "Stone Cold! It is indeed a pleasure to see you," Spinelli gasps. He tells Jason that AZ is after them.

Patrick and Robin have gathered some materials and are ready to operate on Ric. Patrick tells her that when they take the bandage off he will loose too much blood. Trevor shows up and Patrick tells him that his son will likely bleed to death while he tries to sew him up with fishing line. Trevor says that he won't allow it, but Patrick says he'll die unless they try something. And -- he'll need a blood transfusion right away.

Sam and Jerry return to the ballroom and Luke lets them in. After they tell everyone about the shootout with the goons at the launch, Luke tells everyone that they are likely in the midst of a mob war. He contends that if they sit tight, they'll be left alone. Jerry says that the boat is ready to ferry them right now! Luke says that it's stupid and no one is leaving tonight.

As Patrick is ready to start operating on Ric, Alexis and Skye hang back. Alexis tells Skye to go sit with him so he can see her face. Skye tells her that Ric will want to see the mother of his daughter. Alexis gives in and positions herself next to Ric.

In the barn, Liz hears someone and draws her gun.

Lulu sees Sonny leading Johnny down the stairs at gunpoint. Sonny roughs Johnny up a little and Lulu screams at him to stop. Kate grabs Lulu and tells her to stay out it! Sonny yells out to Anthony that he's going to blow his son's head off if he doesn't come out and face him!


Carly wakes up on the grounds. She gets up and takes cover in some caves, but she falls and whacks her head on a rock. As she lay unconscious, a shadow comes over her. She slowly wakes up as a man covers her up with his jacket. It's Anthony Zacchara. She doesn't know who he is and thanks him for helping her.


Patrick tells Trevor that Ric will die without a transfusion.

AZ asks Carly if she gardens.

Sonny yells for AZ to come get his son's body; Kate asks Sonny if he's really going to do this?

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