Logan takes another beating.

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Nikolas goes for Round Two with his sister's bum beau, Lucky pits Alexis vs. Diane, and Kate dons scrubs!

Logan takes another beating. image

Lucky is at the PCPD when Diane finds him and hands him some divorce papers. She explains the terms outlined in the papers, but he is only concerned with one thing. He wants to know if Jason asked Diane to handle the divorce. Diane says that is strictly attorney/client privilege. After Diane leaves, Lucky sees Alexis in the hallway and asks to speak with her. He tells her that he and Liz are divorcing and asks her if she can look over the papers that Diane Miller brought over. Although she "hates family law", she calls her self a sucker and kindly agrees to down to look at the papers.

Liz and Emily are out house shopping and Liz is preparing herself not to get her hopes up. As they key into the very first house -- a brand new listing -- they fall in love with it. Liz thinks it's too good to be true and Emily tells her that it's perfectly understandable if she doesn’t want to live on her own just yet. Liz says that she's not having second thoughts because at the very least she wants to preserve a friendship with Lucky. She is looking forward to a new life, even though she's a little nervous about being on her own.


Sonny is hard at work when a casually dressed Kate visits him. He marvels that he hasn't seen her in anything but heels since high school. She is dressed for community service and after today, only has 179 days to go! Sonny doesn't buy her happy-face routine. She tells him that since she's not in jail, it's all good. She admits that it's hard to take a leave of absence from the magazine, but she's considering making a journal that she can publish at some point. She hopes to meet some interesting people and can shed light on their problems via the magazine. Sonny warns her that her problems are far from over. He explains that Trevor stopped by yesterday and warned that he won't stop until she loses everything. Kate says that he has developed amnesia about his role in her success. She says that she is not threatened by him, rather, she will learn from her own mistakes. Sonny is impressed with her and draws her in for a really sweet hug.


Spinelli brings Lulu breakfast and she tells him that he is always looking out for her and she should've listened to him from the beginning. Before she can eat, Carly comes in and tells her that they need to talk about bad boys and how to stay away from them. She gets rid of Spinelli, and then tells Lulu that she should've called her when she had problems with Logan. Carly strokes Lulu's hair and listens to everything that Logan did to hurt her. Lulu feels foolish for confiding in Logan and Carly says that she showed courage in giving her heart. Lulu goes on to explain what happened when she found out about Maxi…how she ended up hopping in the car with Johnny Zacchara. Carly's face goes cold. She can't believe that Lulu would get in the car with a stranger. Lulu explains that he was a decent guy and even Jason doesn't think he killed Leticia at this point. She thinks he's the "family screw up" or something, that's all. She assures Carly that she is fine and that she's only texted back and forth with him a couple times. Upon hearing this, Carly immediately pretends that she has a tickle in her throat and she needs some water. When Lulu goes to get some, she finds Lulu's cell phone and finds Johnny's number.


Nikolas is at the Metro Court when Logan comes upon him. He takes the opportunity to apologize to Nik, again, for hurting Lulu. Nikolas doesn't say a word; he just winds up and punches Logan repeatedly until he's like a rag doll on the floor who just takes it. Scott comes in and breaks it up. Nikolas is escorted away and Logan explains that this is the second time that Nikolas almost killed him. Scott tells him that the Cassadines and Spencers are not pushovers and he royally messed up when he hurt Lulu. "You jerked around a pretty girl that everyone in this town loves," Scott tells him. Logan says that he really cares for Lulu and yes, he was attracted to Maxi but mostly he slept with her to shut her up. He tells Scott that he's not the first guy to mess things up with a girl and Scott says, "Ya got that right."


Kate reports to Epiphany at the nurses' desk and asks where she can start. Epiphany tells her to change into scrubs and then clean room #23. "I don't clean," Kate says and Emily and Liz's head turn to look at her in unison. Kate says that her talents would be much better used in PR or even as an administrative assistant. Epiphany says that she is one orderly short and Kate fits the bill. Liz tells Kate where the locker room is and Kate thanks her before she heads down the hallway. Next Liz picks up the phone to call the realtor and put a bid on the house.

At the PCPD, Alexis tells Lucky that after looking at the papers, he really has no rights in the agreement that Diane laid out. Alexis tells him that he really could use representation of his own and Lucky asks her if she can do it. She says that family court isn't her expertise, but she promises to have a conversation with Miss Miller and be in touch.

Diane goes to Sonny's office and he tells her that he asked Jason to "take care of" Trevor Lansing. Diane says that sooner or later Jason will be convicted and that will leave an ugly blot on her impressive win record. Sonny asks if she hears herself going on as if everything revolves around her and she says that she they all know it revolves around HIM. Sonny tells her not to worry because Jason refuses to take Trevor out, so that leaves her to do it. Diane is upset, and then she realizes that he means she is to do it through the legal system. He wants her to hire a PI and prove that he's involved in illegal activity. She says that she's an attorney, not a short-order cook and can't just come up with law infractions like a side of fries.

Carly goes to the Metro Court and a bloodied Logan asks to speak with her. She practically spits as she informs him that he will never hurt her cousin again. Scott is looking on as Carly tells Logan that he hurt Lulu AND he failed to guard her kids when he was hired to protect them. She tells him to go back to Texas for all she cares. Scott says, "Hey Pot…meet Kettle." He reminds her that when she blew into town she slept with her mother's husband. Carly says that when Luke finds out about Logan and Lulu he's going to take the Baldwin/Spencer feud to a whole new level.


Georgie shows up at the penthouse and Lulu lets her in. Georgie asks how the new living arrangement is going and Lulu says that it's better than living with the Q's. Georgie apologizes for her sister's part in the Logan mess. Spinelli comes home and Georgie seems embarrassed and leaves. He asks Lulu how her talk with Carly went. Lulu says that Carly is known for her choice of bad boys, so her talk doesn't mean much to her at this point.

Kate, dressed in scrubs, takes a used meal tray to Epiphany and asks what she does with it. Epiphany barks at her, and Kate apologizes for not being friendly enough when she was a patient. No matter how hard she tries to butter Epiphany up, she makes things worse, so she just goes back to the meal trays.


Alexis runs into Trevor at GH and informs him that Molly is fine, but they have had to go into hiding from him and his ruthless client. Trevor asks her to clarify, and Alexis says that since her eldest daughter is Sonny's child, and since Zacchara is known for striking against his enemies' families, she is forced into hiding. Trevor says how unfortunate it is for Alexis to have one child by Sonny and one by Ric. "Don't remind me," Alexis deadpans.

As Diane and Sonny brainstorm the Trevor situation, Alexis shows up with a paper for Sonny to sign regarding Kristina. She and Diane exchange barbs for a minute and then she tells Sonny that she just ran into Trevor Lansing and he said that Kristina isn't in any danger. Sonny asks her why she would trust anything that Trevor Lansing would say? Then Alexis tells Diane that Lucky has asked her to represent him in his divorce since the contract that she drew up is only fair to Elizabeth. "I will barbecue Lucky Spencer and soak him for every dime he has," Diane says. Sonny is tired of hearing this talk and tells Diane her job is to stop Trevor Lansing.

Carly tells a Metro Court employee that Logan Hayes isn't allowed in the hotel again, AND she wants him to sabotage the pipes in Scotty Baldwin's room so that he'll be forced out, too. She spies Trevor across the lobby and goes over and introduces herself as Sonny's ex-wife. Trevor issues his apology for her connection to Sonny and she tells him that she's much more interested in hearing just how nuts Johnny Z is. "It's a lot safer if you don't ask," Trevor tells her.


Emily is upset because she hasn't heard from Nikolas and he was supposed to meet her for her break. Meanwhile, Nikolas is at home talking to Alfred. Alfred says that the Metro Court just called and said that he attacked Logan Hayes in the middle of the lobby. Nikolas says that he remembers seeing Logan, but he doesn't remember anything about the fight. "The last thing I remember is waiting for the launch," he says blankly.


Lucky goes to Liz at the nurses' desk. She tells him that she's buying a house and he can visit anytime. Lucky says that the more he thinks of it, the more uncomfortable he is with Diane handling their divorce. He says that he has asked Alexis to represent him. "What if I'm not okay with that?" Liz asks.

Trevor goes to Kate at the hospital and informs her that she has been fired from Couture Magazine.


Spinelli is working on his laptop and Lulu asks him what he's working on. Spinelli reminds her that he's not supposed to talk to her about work. Logan knocks on the door and then greets Spinelli when he opens it. He comes in and tells Lulu that he's not over her and he knows that she's not over him.

Carly goes home and finds out that Jax isn't home yet. Then, she gets out her cell and texts Johnny. She types that she had to change phones because the other one isn't secure. Then, she asks him to meet her. From his end, Johnny gets the text and says, "Hello Lulu!"


Kate asks Trevor how he could do this to her?

As Carly is texting Johnny Z., Jax comes home and asks what she's doing?

Nikolas orders Alfred not to tell Emily about his blackouts.

Emily finds Robin's chart on Nikolas' blood panel.

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