Lulu is suspicious as Ava makes a deal with Valentin

Matt Purvis

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Monday September 11, 2017: Sam faces off with Carly over Jason, Franco tries to get to Heather, and Ava prepares to leave.

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At the Metro Court, Valentin prompts Ava to sign the retraction of her statement. She’s still reluctant. Lulu watches them from across the room and runs over when Ava starts to sign. Ava and the Cassadine claim they were just making an art deal and sign on it. After Valentin leaves, Lulu interrogates Ava but her squinting doesn’t overpower the other blonde. Jerome claims she’s just reclaiming part of her life. Lulu thanks her for agreeing to testify in Spencer’s suit and walks away. Meanwhile, Valentin makes a call, telling a contact to expect a woman and deal with her as they agreed.

Olivia arrives at Dante’s with food for Rocco’s birthday. The kids are thrilled and run off to clean up the playroom. He fills her in on the Valentin situation. She tries to be reassuring. Lulu arrives and they discuss Rocco’s gifts. Olivia goes off to check on the food as Lulu tells her husband what she saw at the Metro Court earlier. They’re startled when Valentin shows up with a gift for Rocco. It’s the same game that his parents got him. “It looks like my work here is done,” Valentin says. He’s about to leave but his daughter wants him to stay. He won’t be a crasher and tells the parents that he’s ready to schedule a new custody hearing. Once he’s gone, Lulu worries.

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At home, Franco continues staring at the photo of he and Jason until Kiki pops up with the poster for his exhibit - “Franco: To Hell and back.” He informs Kiki he’s going to Hell today to see Heather. That doesn’t thrill her. He asks after Jason and she admits the coma may be permanent. Franco feels bad but won’t explain anything about his visit to his mother.

Ava goes to her penthouse to pack. Kiki shows up with the poster and asks her to take a walk. Her mom doesn’t have time and explains she’s going to a spa. She’ll come back when she feels like a new woman. They discuss Griffin until Ava manages to send her daughter away. As she gets ready, she flashes back to everything that’s happened since her burning. When she comes back, she’ll be living again.

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Sam by Jason's side-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Liz and Griffin ask Sam to take a walk and a rest while they give Jason a check-up. She won’t budge without some prodding. Out in the hall, Sonny and Carly discuss him staying in the mob and Jason paying the price. She’s sure Jason will be fine and announces she’s moving back into the Corinthos compound. “No no,” he says, explaining she and Joss will be safer at home. The topic turns back to Jason. Sam interrupts and asks them what’s going on with Jason. Griffin and Liz come out and the doctor explains that the longer Jason is in a coma, the less likely he is to recover. He suggests she find a long-term care facility. Sonny takes Dr. Monroe aside to talk while Sam reminds Liz of the time with Jason that the nurse stole from her. Liz runs off and Carly tells Sam to stop acting crazy. Sam accuses her of wanting Jason for herself. Carly rejects that and threatens to call Sam’s mother. “I’m not going to let you take Jason away again!” Sam says.

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Griffin and Sonny go to the Metro Court. Sonny asks the doctor/priest why God has punished Jason rather than him. Griffin suggests that Sonny get spiritual advice from someone else and admits he’s been a failure. The mobster wonders if this means he’s thinking of leaving the priesthood.

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At the hospital for the criminally insane, Franco is surprised when the guard (played by Patrick Gallagher) informs him that Heather declined his visit. Franco asks him to bring her a BLT and tell her there is more if she comes out to talk to him. He also hands him the photo. Eventually, the guard returns. Heather won’t see her son and she had nothing to say about the picture. Franco wonders what his mother must be hiding and what Jason was doing in his childhood.

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