Stella is cool as Jordan and Curtis go public with their relationship

Matt Purvis

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Friday September 8, 2017: Franco asks Scott for help, Ava and Valentin negotiate, and Griffin needs to sort out his feelings.

Stella is cool as Jordan and Curtis go public with their relationship image

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Curtis wakes up in bed with Jordan. She wonders how they managed to stay apart. After they have sex, he hopes this means they are back together. Jordan says they better tell Stella. He suggests breakfast. She suggests they make out.

Stella tells TJ she's leaving-GH-ABCStella drops by Kelly’s to admire TJ for being such a hardworking man. She tells him his uncle didn’t come home last night and offers him help paying for his education. He wants to look after it himself. Stella has loved visiting but has decided it’s time for her to head home. The mood changes when Curtis walks in with Jordan. Curtis informs his aunt that he and the cop are together and they all need to find a way to live with that. He loves both women. That makes Jordan smile. Stella calmly leaves. She forgot her phone so TJ runs it out to her. He thanks her for staying cool. She’s learned to deal with adversity and she’s decided to stay. Outside, Maxie pulls away from a kiss with Nathan. She doesn’t want to arrive at her meeting smudged and asks if he’s told her all she needs to know about Amy. She’s only teasing. Amy interrupts and Maxie escapes. The nurse tells the cop that her publisher needs him to appear at a book launch. Plus, she wants to move her brother to Port Charles to help his recovery. She cries about how Nathan always comes through for her. He agrees to help her if he gets wardrobe approval.

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At her penthouse, Ava calls Valentin and agrees to a meeting. She sits on her couch and listens to a message from Griffin, assuring her that he’s still her friend.

Ava and Valentin discuss his offer-GH-ABCWhen Valentin arrives at the Metro Court, he and Nina inform Lulu that they are back together. The three sit at a table and Lulu insists no judge will grant the Cassadine full custody. Valentin claims he’s only seeking joint custody. He wonders if Lulu is willing to act in Charlotte’s best interests too. Lulu makes a stab about Spencer and walks off. Later, Valentin meets with Ava. She’s not happy this is happening in the middle of a restaurant. However, if there’s a chance she can look the way she used to, she’ll take it. They start negotiating. She offers him a tapestry but he wants a retraction of her statement and will accept nothing less. Lulu watches as they argue about this.

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Scott pays Franco a visit-GH-ABCAt home, Liz heads downstairs. Franco already helped the kids onto the bus and called the hospital to say she won’t be in. She was up all night thinking about Jason. So was he. Franco suggests she stop beating herself up and spend some time with Monica. Liz decides to go into work instead. Scott shows up with bad news. He tells Franco his grandfather died but he didn’t want to bother him about it. Franco gives him a hug. That makes Scott uncomfortable. He sits down and tells his son how great Lee was. Franco takes out the photo of Jason and asks how they knew each other. Scott doesn’t even admit it is Jason. Unconvinced, Franco needs to know what the picture means. His father suggests he talk to Heather.

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Liz arrives at the hospital chapel to say a prayer. Griffin is there. He confesses that he treated someone ‘clumsily’ and needs to make it up to them. Before he can do that, he needs to figure out how he feels. The nurse suggests that he go to the person in question and talk it out.

Nina gets a visiti from Maxie-GH-ABCMaxie shows up at the Crimson office and surprises Nina. Maxie wants to come back to work and shows her the work she did in Portland. Upset, Nina reminds her that she fired her because she doesn’t trust her. The blonde pressures her for forgiveness. Nina needs more than a promise of loyalty, she needs something that would be valuable to Crimson.

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