Sonny tells Carly his decision about his future with the mob

Dustin Cushman

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Thursday September 7, 2017: Jordan helps Curtis out of a jam, Griffin apologizes to Ava, Sonny informs Carly of a major decision, and Franco and Jake work on a project.

Sonny tells Carly his decision about his future with the mob image

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Jordan approaches Finn’s room at the Metro Court and hears Curtis inside ranting. She inquires if everything is okay, and he explains that Finn checked himself into rehab to keep himself on track considering Hayden’s departure, so he has been taking care of Roxy. However, the lizard escaped. Jordan offers to help look for her, and eventually locates her behind the couch. He offers to buy her a drink to thank her, and swipes some beers from Finn’s fridge. The two quickly end up in a kiss, but Jordan pulls away and reminds him they had to end things for Stella’s health. Curtis thinks Stella is getting better, and he is dangerously close to falling in love with Jordan. She grabs him and pulls him into a kiss.

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At Liz’s place, Franco stares at the photo of him and his not-so-imaginary friend and wonders who he is and where he went. Jake approaches Franco and is worried about his dad. Franco tells him that he likes looking at old photos when he’s troubled because it helps keep him grounded. Jake remembers Monica dropped off old photos and asked him to scan them, so he gets to work on them.

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In the chapel at GH, Carly lights a candle and says a prayer for Jason. Meanwhile, Liz chats with Sonny in the waiting room and asks about Sam. Sam went home to eat and shower, but is returning soon. Later, Michael checks on his dad. Sonny is blaming himself for what happened to Jason, but Michael promises him that Jason wouldn’t see things that way. Back in the chapel, Sonny finds Carly blaming herself for Jason’s situation. He lets her know this wasn’t her fault, and he was foolish to think he could get out of the business so easily. Sonny has realized he’s stuck in the organization for good. He doesn’t want to continue to put her or their family in danger, so he has to let her go. She refuses to let him leave her. She married him knowing who he was and what he did, but she hates the secrets. She doesn’t want to be kept in the dark anymore, and says they will tackle things together from now on. Back in the waiting room, Bobbie checks on Michael, who is worried about his mom. Nelle arrives and Michael gives her a hug. He asks about the missing necklace, and she tells him that it turned up, but not before she was arrested. Bobbie listens in as Nelle explains the whole story. Michael suggests they get her home, and asks Bobbie to call him with updates. Later, Bobbie meets up with Carly, and she tells her what she found out about Nelle’s trip to Morocco. She begs Carly not to let her guard down around that "black widow."

Ava-Griffin-gym-GH-ABC At the gym, Ava tells Griffin that she owns misreading his signals, but he sent those mixed signals out. He agrees that he is at fault, and apologizes. He enjoys her company, and in another world maybe something could have been between them, but he did take sacred vows. She reminds him that he hopped into the sack with Claudette, and asks if he'd have left the priesthood if Claudette had chosen him. Ava doesn’t think the priesthood is for Griffin, and wonders if it weren’t for her face if she could have tempted him the same was Claudette did. She knows he has needs, wants, anger and fears, but he hides behind the priesthood because he’s afraid to get his hands dirty. Ava knows she hides behind a mask, but he can’t admit he is wearing one. Ava leaves, and Sonny arrives and finds Griffin working out with the bag. The two make idle chit chat about the hard realities of life.

Liz returns home and Jake asks about his father. She tells him that he’s still sleeping, and asks what they are up to. Jake explains his project for Monica. She suggests he get ready for bed because school has started back up, so the boy goes upstairs. Liz opens up to Franco that she’s feeling guilty about lying to keep Jason with her when he returned to Port Charles as Jake, and that she stole precious time with Jason from Sam and their kids. Franco reminds her that she told him only the present and the future matter, and he will be by her side no matter what happens. Later, Jake comes tearing downstairs with one of Monica’s photos of Jason as a little boy. He remarks that the boy in the photo looks just like the boy in the photo with Franco.

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