Nina is suspicious when Valentin recovers the missing necklace

Dustin Cushman

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Tuesday September 5, 2017: Valentin saves the day by recovering the necklace, Griffin's patient gets worse, Anna remains suspicious of Valentin, and Curtis gives Finn bad news.

Nina is suspicious when Valentin recovers the missing necklace image

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Anna-Andre-diamonds-GH-ABC Anna meets with Andre in the park to discuss what he’s learned about the jewel thefts in Europe. He tells her that the robberies were all under ten minutes, and the level of planning was done by a brilliant thief. Anna says Valentin was always an excellent strategist. Many of the stolen jewels were sold to a woman named Casandra Peirce, who then resold them at higher prices. Anna doesn’t think Valentin would have taken a smaller payout and let Cassandra make the big bucks, but Andre explains Cassandra was linked to a lot of dirty deals that even Valentin may not have wanted a part of. Anna inquires to Cassandra’s whereabouts, and Andre says she now lives in Monte Carlo. Anna decides to take a trip there.

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arrested-Nelle-GH-ABC In Morocco, Nelle is brought to Valentin’s tent by the Inspector. Nina is furious with him for arresting Nelle when she is innocent. Valentin reappears and produces the missing necklace, which he claims was mistakenly put in one of the make-up artist’s kits. The inspector is not satisfied with this explanation, so Valentin switches to French and convinces him to close the case. Nina thinks they should just scrap the shoot and get out of here given what they’ve been through. Dillon and Nelle leave, and Nina confronts Valentin as to where he really found the necklace. He refuses to tell her anything more than he made some calls to some past associates to meet with the real thief and get the necklace back. He asks if his checkered past will affect her decision to take him back. She loves him good or bad, and knows his heart is good and belongs to her. They kiss, and he grimaces in pain. Nina discovers he got roughed up while getting the jewels back, so she helps him by bandaging his wounds. At the photo shoot house, Nelle thanks Dillon for defending her when he had no reason to believe she was innocent.

Ava asks Kiki grab drinks at Perk’s Café, and Kiki tells her mom about working with Dr. Bensch. Kiki realizes she has to get back to the hospital, so Ava goes with her.

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angry-Griffin-GH-ABC At GH, Griffin speaks with Dr. Bensch about Marisol, who doesn’t have much time left. Griffin meets with her parents, and gives them the bad news. The parents return to their daughter’s room, and Griffin calls a priest in to give Marisol her last rites. Ava and Kiki arrive, and Kiki heads to do rounds with Dr. Bensch. Ava spots Griffin meeting the priest and sending him into Marisol’s room. She approaches Griffin and offers him comfort, but he lashes out and says there is nothing she or anyone can do. He storms off. Ava talks with the priest, who reveals that Marisol just passed, and Griffin feels he has failed as both a doctor and a priest. Meanwhile, Kiki works with Bensch, who is impressed by her observations, insights and empathy, the latter which can’t be taught. Later, Kiki calls Dillon in Morocco to give him the news that Jason is out of surgery, but not out of the woods. She asks when he’s coming home. He tells her they are on their way back tonight, so the two plan to catch up when they see one another.

Curtis-Finn-Hayden-news-GH-ABC Curtis meets Finn at his room at the Metro Court and tells him that he trailed Hayden to LAX, where she called him and lead him to her hotel room. The room was mostly empty except a few things. Curtis found cut up passports in the trash, suggesting that Hayden is creating a new identity for herself again. He also found an envelope addressed to Finn, which he hands him. Finn reads the letter in which Hayden apologizes to him for the secrets, and taking the cowards way out and running out on him. Hayden asks him to forget her and move on. Curtis leaves Finn alone as he continues to read the letter. Hayden tells him there was a complication with the pregnancy and the baby didn’t survive. She again urges him to forget her and find someone new, who will be lucky to have him. Finn looks at a photo of the ultrasound and collapses in tears on the couch. In the hotel where Curtis found the letter, there's a flashback to Hayden writing the letter to Finn and then looking at her passport which has the name Madison Ford on it. She stands up to leave, showing she is still pregnant as she rubs her abdomen.

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