GH Recap: Jax gives Carly news then makes a life-altering request

Matt Purvis

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Friday April 21, 2017: Alexis ponders what to do next, Jason tries to figure out what has Jake so upset, and Jax is deported.

GH Recap: Jax gives Carly news then makes a life-altering request image

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Dante drops by Alexis’ place to get some follow-up statements to lock Julian up. Alexis eavesdrops from upstairs while Sam tries to fob him off. She offers to take her mom down to the station later and walks the cop out. Sam asks her mom what really happened with Julian. Molly and Kristina interrupt and put on some brainless entertainment. Sam shuts it down to announce their mom needs to go and see the police. Kristina rants about Julian until her mom snaps. Alexis says that things are more complex than they think. Once Kristina and Molly are gone, Alexis admits to Sam that Julian wasn’t holding her hostage. The lawyer tells her everything. Sam suggests she take Diane along when she goes to the cops. Once Alexis is gone, Sam worries to Scout about her grandmother.

Ava visits Julian at the PCPD-ABCAva visits her brother in the interrogation room at the PCPD. He expects her to get him out. She asks for a reason to bother. She missed him when she thought he was dead, but learning he’s alive reminded her of how lousy he is. Scott arrives. Ava exits and bumps into Dante. They bicker and he tells her she can have her charm bracelet back but wonders how his brother’s pills made it to the Floating Rib. He warns his father will be looking for the truth. Back in the interrogation room, Julian forbids Scott from using Alexis in his defense. The lawyer suggests that he take a plea bargain and prepare for a jail sentence. Once he steps out, an exasperated Ava worries to Scott that the cops, or Sonny, will come after her. He assures her everything has been handled. Alexis arrives to make her statement. She locks eyes with Julian as he walks out.

At home, Liz looks at Jake’s drawings and tries to interpret them. She wonders if he’s afraid of his father.

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At Carly’s, the ICE agent informs Jax that his visa has been revoked and he must leave the country. Carly is shocked. Jax leaves with the agent, assuring her his attorney can clear this up. She’s sure she can clear it up either way.

Jason gives Sonny some advice-ABCJason is at the Corinthos compound, giving Sonny a birthday toast. Sonny expects his year will get a lot better once Jax is gone. Liz calls Jason and asks him over. He advises Sonny to be careful with Carly and then takes off. Pretty soon, Carly shows up and accuses Sonny of trying to have Jax deported. He doesn’t deny it. She tells him there will be consequences for this. After she leaves, Dante comes by and hands his father Morgan’s medication bottle. They try to figure out how the pills ended up at the bar. Sonny blames himself for what happened. His son gives him a hug and wishes him happy birthday. Once he’s alone, Sonny makes a call about his son.

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Jason shows up at Liz’s place. He’s not happy to learn his son has been talking to Franco about his therapy sessions. She shows him the drawing and explains Jake is afraid of him. Jake arrives and Liz runs off to the kitchen while Jason tells his son that he can talk to him about anything. Before the kid can open up, Liz returns as Jake explains he’s not afraid of his father. Jason tells Liz he thinks he knows what’s going on. When they take out a family album, Jake recognizes his mom but freezes up when he sees a photo of someone else.

Jax is told he's being deported-ABCWhen Carly returns home, Jax is there. She tells him Sonny tipped off the feds. He says he cut a deal, but it means he has to leave the country tonight and never return. He’ll appeal but it will take a long time. He wants her and Joss to go to Australia with him.

On the next General Hospital:

Carly makes a choice that could change her life.

Jason worries about the holes in his memory.

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