GH Recap: Monica makes a promise to Samira

Dustin Cushman

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Thursday April 20, 2017: Franco confides in Liz about Jason, Tracy asks Finn for help, Monica agrees to help Samira, and Sonny can't get over his anger.

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Franco-worries-about-Jake-GH-ABC At GH, Jason and Liz discuss how well they’ve been getting along for Jake’s sake. After a session with Andre, Jason departs. Meanwhile, Franco confides in Kiki that he believes Jake is afraid of Jason. Kiki urges Franco to tell Liz, just as Liz walks up and hears this. Kiki leaves them to talk. Franco admits to Liz that he knows something about Jake, but doesn’t want to betray his trust again. Liz tells him he won’t be, and Andre just told her and Jason that Jake isn’t opening up because he senses tension between them. Franco blurts out that the truth is that Jake is afraid of his father. Franco explains that Jake doesn’t want Jason to know about the scarecrow drawing or what happened on the island for some reason. Tracy-asks-Finn-DNA-test-GH-ABC Elsewhere, Tracy asks Finn for a DNA test and explains the whole story about the painting and Samira. Finn asks what she is hoping to find out from the DNA test. Tracy admits she doesn’t want to be related to Samira. However, it is because while they were grieving him in Port Charles, he was sleeping with a woman half his age in Turkey. She wishes she could just go back to being in that moment of bliss when she first read her father’s letter. Tracy swears she will help Samira, but that painting means everything to her. Finn agrees to run the test, and hopes he doesn’t regret it.

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Federal Agent Torosyan arrives at the front door of the Quartermaine Mansion looking for Samira because her visa has expired. Monica tells the agent that she isn’t here, and won’t let him look around without a warrant. He promises to be back. Samira thanks Monica for not turning her in, but Dillon wonders how the feds knew she was here. Samira suspects it may have been Tracy, but Monica doubts that Tracy would stoop that low. Monica suggests they get her visa extended, but Samira just wants to leave with the painting to save her daughter. Samira asks Monica if she has children, and when Monica thinks back on Emily, she agrees to help Samira get out of the country and with the painting.

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At the Corinthos place, Sonny can’t believe it when Michael tells him that Jax is being released. Jason arrives and is filled in on what has been going on. Michael tries to get Sonny to see the bigger picture and how this war with Jax and Carly affecting their kids. Michael decides to go to the station to find out what is happening with Jax. Sonny inquires why Jason dropped by. Jason tells him that Julian is alive and has been arrested. He urges Sonny not to focus on Julian and instead try and work things out with Carly. When Jason steps out to take a call from Sam, Sonny makes a call to someone for a favor. Jason returns and pours some drinks. He and Sonny toast to Julian hopefully staying behind bars for a long time. They also toast to Sonny, whose birthday is today. Sonny thinks about all that has transpired, and wishes he could rewind time. He also believes Jax needs to stay out of things, and better yet get out of the country.

Carly-shocked-by-Nelle-GH-ABC At the PCPD, Nelle wonders what she must do for it to be enough for Carly to forgive her. Carly informs her nothing will ever be set things right, and to stay away from Michael. Jax approaches after being released and thanks Nelle again for what she did. Carly and Jax walk off to sign all the papers so he can leave. Michael appears and is shocked to see Nelle there. He offers to compensate her if she chooses not to press charges, not realizing she’s already done so. Carly and Jax approach, and Nelle walks away. Michael is stunned to learn what Nelle did for Jax, and Carly tells him not to let this one decent thing get to him. Carly rants about what Sonny having Jax arrested, and Michael tries to calm her down. Jax agrees with Michael and suggests she and Sonny call a truce for Joss and Avery’s sake.

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Carly and Jax return to Carly’s place. She continues to rant on about Sonny, and Jax calms her down and makes her see how lucky they are this didn’t turn out as badly as it could have. Later, Agent Torosyan arrives and tells Jax he has to come with him immediately.

Michael runs into Nelle down at docks while she waits for the boat to Wyndemere. He apologizes for misjudging her back at the station. She’s shocked. The boat arrives and Michael wishes her a good day at work.

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