GH Recap: Nelle makes a surprise statement to Nate at the PCPD

Violette DeSantis

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017: Griffin makes Finn an offer, Brad continues to stew over things, and Hayden questions her future.

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Curtis stops by Jordan’s and hopes she’s free to go bowling. She practices holding the ball while worrying about her manicure. She apologizes to her neighbors downstairs when she drops the ball. TJ arrives and is surprised to find Curtis there. He returns Jordan’s laptop and asks if they’re a couple. They hesitate and then Jordan admits they’re thinking of dating and asks him if it’s okay if it turns serious. TJ thinks it will be hard if it doesn’t work out but is okay with it. He leaves and Curtis admits there’s only one way to find out if things will work out and says, “With some serious bowling.”

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At the Quartermaine’s, Tracy remembers Samira gifting Edward’s journal and tells his picture she’ll find answers on her own. Monica startles her, sympathetic about her feelings for Edward. Samira joins them. After thanking them for letting her stay, an argument ensues with Tracy declaring to keep the painting. Monica excuses Samira to argue with Tracy on her own but ends up agreeing they shouldn’t make things worse for Samira. Tracy exclaims, “Oh my God, I want to record that…I want it as my ringtone.” They invite Samira back but Tracy isn’t interested in learning about her family and promises that Samira won’t learn anything about Edward. Suddenly, Tracy seems helpful to Samira and offers her water. Monica leaves and Tracy offers Samira compensation for her father’s things. Samira refuses and retreats upstairs. Tracy carefully places the glass in a plastic bag and leaves. Later, Monica answers the door. ICE Agent Torosyan, (played by Jack Topalian) is looking for Samira.

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Brad annoys Finn at GH about being let off the hook by Monica. Finn’s hearing none of it and walks away. He sees Hayden get off the elevator as Griffin interrupts and announces he’s Finn’s new supervisor. Brad listens nearby while Finn interprets Griffin’s responsibility as making him pee in a cup. They leave to find a bathroom. Griffin suggests he not push everyone away when he returns with his sample, and then leaves. Brad approaches Griffin and offers to tell him what he doesn’t know about Finn. Griffin shoots him down and asks Brad to take Finn’s sample to the lab. In her office, Hayden stares at a picture of her and Finn on her phone. She smiles when he knocks and invites him in reminding him that they will only have discussions related to hospital business while he’s in rehab. He wonders if she’ll give him a chance to make things right. She shares a story about her lying father and how she ended up like him. Finn brought out the best in her but she won’t make promises she can’t keep. She hopes he he’ll stick with rehab. He claims he’ll be fine and leaves. After, Griffin finds Hayden alone and upset. Meanwhile, Tracy finds Finn on the elevator and makes a plea for his help. She asks him to hold off on sharing his troubles to handle a DNA test for her.

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Carly keeps Jax company in interrogation at the PCPD eager to help at Joss’ urging. They find Nelle outside with Nate. Nelle’s interested in Jax and Carly hearing what she has to say and Nate allows them to join him while he interviews her. Her statement simply declares she’s healthy and glad that Joss is alive and well. Carly steps out with Nate and Jax asks Nelle, “Why?” Nelle can’t punish him for saving Joss and hopes he’ll tell Joss she’s glad she’s alive too. Outside, Carly wonders if Jax can still be prosecuted without Nelle’s cooperation. Nate thinks unless Nelle testifies, it won’t go anywhere. Jax steps out with Nelle and Carly hugs him, saying, “It’s over.” She stares at Nelle over his shoulder. When Nate takes Jax away to finalize things, Carly stops Nelle and points out she’s just trying to look good for Michael. Carly sees her coming and will do everything to stop her.

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Michael arrives at Sonny’s and suggests he leave Port Charles to meet his South American partners before his mess with Carly gets worse. Michael argues that Sonny, not Jax, is responsible for ruining things with Carly and reminds him that this is about Morgan. He wonders if Sonny is trying to make things worse with Carly because of losing Morgan. Michael wants to fix things and calls the PCPD. He learns Jax is being released.

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Tracy wants Finn to do something without asking questions.

Monica questions an investigator looking for Samira.

Jason tells Liz that he refuses to let anyone get in the way of Jake’s progress.

Franco tells Kiki that Jake’s in serious trouble.

Michael questions whether Sonny really wanted Jax to go to prison.

Nelle questions when it will ever be enough for Carly.

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