GH Recap: The mysterious woman from Turkey begs Tracy for help

Dustin Cushman

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Tuesday April 18, 2017: Alexis and Julian reconnect, Larry is caught trying to steal Tracy's painting, Samira arrives in Port Charles, and Franco and Liz discuss Jake.

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Larry-caught-stealing-painting-GH-CD Ashton sneaks out of the Quartermaine mansion with Tracy’s painting while the others look for him. On the grounds, Larry runs into a mysterious young woman. Ned, Laura and Dillon arrive and discover Larry holding the painting, which he claims he just got back from this woman who stole it. They don’t believe him, and Ned and Dillon force him back to the house. Laura welcomes the young woman, who introduces herself as Samira Adin (played by Ivy Natalia). Samira reveals she needs to see Tracy. Back inside, the painting is unveiled and everyone is stunned by the resemblance to Tracy. Laura brings Samira in to see Tracy, and Samira insists the painting be returned to the monastery because her daughter’s life is on the line. She explains her daughter has been taken by human traffickers, and the monks were going to use the painting to buy the girl back. Samira-letter-Laura-Monica-GH-CD Tracy can’t hand over the painting because US customs knows she has it and there will be a paper trail to her if it ends up on the black-market or used to buy a human. Tracy suggests they ask Robert Scorpio for help, so Laura agrees to call him. Samira offers Tracy proof she is not out to con her, and gives her a ring that Edward owned and a diary he kept with a photo of Lila. Tracy demands to know where she got these. Samira reveals Edward left them to her mother, and her mother gave them to her. Tracy realizes who Samira is considering her brilliant blue eyes, which look just like Edward’s. She looks at the portrait of her mother and father and asks him how he could do this to her. Meanwhile, Ned sees his father out and crucifies him for what he did to Tracy. Ned let’s Larry know that he’s no longer welcomed in his life, which includes his wedding. Later, Ned reflects matters tells Olivia that he’d like to adopt her son after all.

Liz-Franco-hospital-Jake-GH-CD Jake runs into Franco at the hospital, and Franco asks him about the picture Jake left for him at his studio. Jake begs Franco not to tell his parents about it. Liz approaches and scolds Jake for running off like he did. Jake hopes he’s not in trouble for talking to Franco. Liz says he isn’t, and sends him off to see Andre. Liz confides in Franco that she feels helpless when it comes to what is going on with Jake. Franco shares Jake’s new drawing with Liz, and she thanks him. Jake returns and sees that Franco went back on his promise and runs off. Franco and Liz split up to search for him, and Franco finds him hiding behind a cart of files. Jake is upset with Franco because he doesn’t want his mom or dad to know about the scarecrow.

Sam-Jason-man-pier-GH-CD Jason finds Julian’s man Cooper on the docks and he and Sam confront him with a photo they have showing him meeting with Julian. He admits he was supposed to get Julian out of town, but he never showed up. They convince Cooper to call them if Julian makes contact. Sam worries her mother is with Julian, and likely of her own accord. She refuses to forgive her father and wants to see him sent to prison because it is the only way they will be safe. Sam remembers after Liv they all downloaded tracking apps to their phones, and she knows where her mother is.

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Alexis-Julian-after-sex-GH-ABC Alexis and Julian go back to Alexis’s house where they rip each other’s clothes off and have sex. Afterwards, Alexis asks Julian what happened on the bridge the night he disappeared. Julian reveals that his sister shot him but it wasn’t serious. He admits he was the one following her, and he apologizes for scaring her. Alexis says she read the letter, and Julian swears he wanted to be honest with her but couldn’t. He reveals he was going to leave the country, but decided to lay low for a while given all the charges against him. He suggests she disappear with him and they start a new life. Alexis informs Julian that he’s misunderstood what just happened, and says this was her saying goodbye to him. She was a fool to think he could change, and tonight is about her getting closure. She knows she has powerful feelings for him, but they only have led to pain. Julian doesn’t want to hurt her anymore and agrees to leave town and never see her again, but asks for one last night. The two are intimate again, and later they dress and say goodbye to one another. Suddenly the police bust down the door with Sam and Jason in tow. To protect Alexis, Julian claims he took her hostage. Julian is arrested.

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