GH Recap: Alexis comes face to face with Julian

Matt Purvis

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017: Tracy unveils her painting, Jax is arrested, and Michael thinks his father has gone too far.

GH Recap: Alexis comes face to face with Julian image

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In the park, Alexis looks at the image of Julian. She’s dazed. Her daughter and Jason don’t understand what game he’s playing. Alexis doesn’t know how to feel but she’s sure Julian isn’t trying to hurt her. Jason wants to get her a guard but she insists she can handle things.

Tracy's painting shocks her family-CDAt the Quartermaine estate, Dillon and Kiki come down the stairs after sex. She buttons him up. Olivia and Ned arrive and she shows off her ring and bruschetta. Dillon snaps some photos. Meanwhile, Laura tells Tracy that tonight might not be the best time to reveal the portrait. It is Ned and Olivia’s party after all. Tracy is adamant. When Monica arrives, she’s not happy to see the painting in her living room. Laura decides to distract her with questions about the hospital board and leads her away. Larry arrives with wine and wants half the painting or a finder’s fee. The other guests join them. Tracy isn’t impressed that Olivia brought food so Larry takes it away. Before Tracy can unveil her painting, the fire alarm goes off. They all leave to search for the source. Jason and Sam come in as the alarm stops. They show the image of Julian to Kiki and Dillon. The Quartermaine grabs his laptop and they look at more images. They see Julian with another man and Sam recognizes his tattoo as belonging to a guy on the docks. They rush off and the other guests all return to the living room. Monica tells Olivia she’s thrilled that she’s joining the family. Everyone raises a glass and bickering begins between Monica and Tracy. Things eventually cool down and Tracy gives Olivia a warm welcome to the family before announcing that she found a treasure. Larry escapes while Tracy tells them about the letter from Edward. When she unveils the painting, everyone is shocked that it’s the portrait of a clown on black velvet.

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Sonny storms into Carly’s and tells Jax that everything is his fault. Carly orders Sonny out. He threatens to go to the cops about Jax. The Australian isn’t proud but did what he had to. Carly tears into Sonny and he keeps blaming Jax. The blonde tells him to live with what he did. Dante arrives, looking for his father. Jax decides to confess to what he did for Joss. Sonny records the confession and says it’s time for Jax to pay up. Dante’s sorry but he can’t ignore what just happened. Sonny leaves as the cop arrests Jax while Joss walks in. She’s shocked. Her father explains what he did and how Nelle’s rampage was his fault. Joss thanks him for saving her life and so does Carly. Jax assures his daughter that all will be fine and exits with the cop. Carly explains to her daughter how all of this happened. She’s sorry everything got out of control. Her daughter just hopes she can now see how awful Sonny is.

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Alexis faces Julian-CDJulian is down on the docks, thinking about Alexis. He meets with a contact who tells him everything is ready. Meanwhile, Alexis arrives and thinks back to her wedding day, then to when Julian tried to kill her. Julian steps out of the fog to face her. Later, Sam and Jason come down, looking for her mom. They find her scarf by the water.

Sonny tells Michael what he did to Jax-CDWhen Sonny gets home, Michael is waiting for him. His father tells him what happened with Jax. Michael thinks he’s out of his mind. Sonny is sure Jax will just cut a deal but Michael worries he might have just sent Joss’ father to jail for saving her life. Michael kicks himself for calling Dante. He doesn’t think anyone is going to forgive Sonny for this.

Dante takes Jax to the PCPD for processing. They discuss the moral implications of what Jax did.

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