GH Recap: Many are stunned when Julian is spotted in Port Charles

Matt Purvis

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Friday April 14, 2017: Lulu has a good time with Charlotte, Ava threatens Lucy, and Sonny blames Jax for everything.

GH Recap: Many are stunned when Julian is spotted in Port Charles image

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Dante corners Lucy at the Metro Court to ask if she saw the robber steal some pills. Ava gets off the elevator and tries to listen in. Lucy avoids answering. Ava interrupts and claims that she and Lucy were talking art business when the Floating Rib was robbed. The cop leaves and the ladies bicker. Ava suggests she keep her mouth shut but Lucy won’t perjure herself for her. The blonde threatens to make her disappear if she breathes a word. Coe wonders what she was really doing with the pills.

Valentin picks up Charlotte from Lulu-ABCAt home, Lulu is planning a tea party with Charlotte when Valentin stops to pick up his daughter. Lulu and the social worker tell him he’s early. When Charlotte tries showing him the eggs they painted, she accidentally breaks one. Her mother reassures her. Charlotte’s ready to go. Once she leaves with her father, Lulu hugs the social worker. She thinks that went well. Later, Dante arrives at home and finds his wife in tears. She tells him how great things went with Charlotte. He’s happy to see her smiling again but he’s upset by what might have happened between Ava and his brother.

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Dylan tries to distract Kiki at the Quartermaine estate. She needs to do homework but he wants to try out his new camera.

Alexis tells Sam she thinks Julian is still alive-ABCJason and Sam are at the park with the kids when Alexis joins them. She tells them she’s not drinking but she’s also not sure Julian is really gone. They wonder if one of Liv’s cronies could be targeting her. Meanwhile, Kiki poses for Dylan across the park. She’s nervous about the upcoming Quartermaine dinner. He assures her his mom has been pleasant lately. After she goes off to change, he finds Alexis and the others and snaps some shots of them. When Jason takes a look at the pictures, he sees the guy from the security footage in the background. “That’s Julian!” Alexis gasps when they zoom in.

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Michael tells Sonny what Jax did-ABCMichael finds Sonny moping at the pier. Sonny’s thinking of taking a trip to South America. If he stays in town, he’s going to kill somebody. He fills him in on finding Carly with Jax. Michael suggests there may still be hope. When he explains that Jax made a deal with Frank, Sonny decides that he must be to blame for everything. Furious that Carly slept with Jax knowing all of this, he storms off. Michael calls Dante to warn him about what their father might do.

Nelle tries to make amends-ABCAt Carly’s, Jax finds her trying to get rid of some furniture Sonny left there. Jax hands her flowers and hopes she’s done with Sonny this time. She’s still furious with Corinthos and thinks Nelle’s a lying snake. Nelle shows up to explain why she did what she did. Jax takes the blame. Nelle hopes Carly and Sonny will reunite but that’s not going to happen. Sonny lied and Nelle exploited her grief, so they both must pay. Jax defends her and offers her money to make a fresh start somewhere else. She won’t leave until she finds a way to prove herself. “You’re staying for Michael,” Carly says, accusing her of going for a bigger payoff. She kicks her out and tells Jax that Nelle is just as destructive as she used to be. Sonny barges in and tells Jax that everything is his fault.

Valentin arrives at the Metro Court with his daughter and they plan an Easter egg hunt for her. She asks how Lulu can be her mom when she already has one. He glosses over the complications and says Nina will help him answer her questions. The little girl feels bad for having a good time with her mom. Her father tells her they all want her to be happy and she can feel however she wants about Lulu. Nelle joins them and Charlotte tells her father he owes Lulu an extra ten minutes next time.

Kiki arrives at the Quartermaine estate. Dylan answers the door and she worries about his family some more. He lures her up to the bedroom.

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Tracy could ruin Olivia’s party.

Sonny corners Jax about what he did.

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