GH Recap: Lulu has her first supervised visit with Charlotte

Dustin Cushman

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Thursday April 13, 2017: Andre catches Anna spying on Valentin, Lulu and Charlotte spend time together, Finn confesses to Monica, and Olivia and Ned share their news with Dante.

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At GH, Brad informs Monica there is something she needs to know about Dr. Finn. Meanwhile, Finn reveals to Hayden that he is going to tell Monica everything. He heads to see Monica in her office and finds Brad on his way out. He realizes his decision to confess is likely too late. He explains the whole story to her, and wonders if he’s out of a job. She relates to Finn that she’s been where he is. She encourages him to go to rehab and come see her after. Hayden-confronts-Brad-GH-ABC In the hallway, Brad runs into Hayden and lets her know that Finn is about to be fired because he told Monica about his addiction. Monica and Finn exit her office, and she tells Finn that she’d like to stop by and visit him during his program. She leaves, and Hayden asks Finn what happened. Finn reveals that after he completes rehab that he’ll need to go before a review board, and if they approve then he can come back. An eavesdropping Brad shakes his head. Finn asks Hayden what happens between them after rehab. She suggests that first they need to get him healthy. Meanwhile, Brad asks Monica how she can let Finn off the hook. Monica points out that it is for the board to decide whether Finn has a job, and she reminds him that all humans are flawed.

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Ned-tells-Olivia-about-Tracy-GH-ABC Ned surprises Olivia at the Metro Court and reveals he told Tracy about their engagement and she is happy for them. Olivia thinks that Tracy isn’t going to be their biggest challenge, that Dante will. She believes it will take time for him to accept this.

Lulu and Dante get things ready for Charlotte’s visit at their home. Lulu worries that Valentin is going to work to undermine all these visits. Dante says he may very well, but they will deal with it.

Valentin-deflects-watch-GH-ABC At Wyndemere, Nina notices Valentin’s new watch and asks where it came from. He tells her that he just bought it. Nina opens up about confronting Anna and claims she kicked her ass and warned her to keep her hands off him. The social worker arrives with Charlotte to take her to see Lulu. Charlotte begs not to be made to go. Nina convinces Charlotte to go, and says when she comes home they will have a tea party. The little girl agrees and leaves with the social worker Miss Watkins (played by Shelly Bhalla). Nina tries to distract Valentin, who worries about Charlotte. She suggests if he’s really worried then he should go check on things, then he should check on things. Valentin takes her advice and once he's gone, Nina finds the box for Valentin’s watch in the trash and realizes it came from Anna.

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Andre-questions-Anna-GH-ABC At Anna’s place, Anna listens in on Valentin and Nina from the bug she placed, earlier, and laughs when she hears Nina say she kicked her ass. Andre arrives to see Anna and notices her computer has an audio file playing, which she claims is Mozart. She senses something is troubling him. He fills her in on seeing Jordan with Curtis and how much it stung. Anna decides to get them some tea, and Andre takes a listen to her computer and is stunned. He confronts her about spying on Valentin. Anna tells Andre that she’s going to take Valentin down because he is a criminal. When Andre asks how, she confides she plans to use their history to lull him into a false sense of security. He offers to help her, but she refuses to get him involved because she doesn’t want him hurt. She asks him to keep this a secret.

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Back at Lulu and Dante’s, Dante decides to leave and give Lulu space with Charlotte. Later, Miss Watkins arrives with the little girl. Lulu tries to bond with Charlotte, but all her daughter wants to do is go home. Lulu admits that visiting a new place can be scary, which is why she likes to take a treat with her. Charlotte says she likes cranberry scones, and Lulu tells her she tried to make them once and it didn’t go well. Lulu wanted to make them again for a tea party she was going to have. Charlotte offers to help her, if she can come to the party. Later, Lulu pretends to find an Easter egg, and wonders if the Easter Bunny came early. Charlotte becomes excited as they start to look for eggs. Valentin arrives later and finds Charlotte enjoying herself with Lulu.

Dante heads to the Metro Court and runs into Olivia and Ned discussing the commitment they are making. He notices the ring on his mother’s finger, and he is happy for them. Dante welcomes Ned to the family.

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