Sonny is One Persuasive Guy.

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Sonny nudges Skye in his direction, Sonny nudges Kate in Connie's direction, and here's something new - Liz and Sam argue!

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Outside of the courtroom, Sonny warns Skye that she owes him for holding off on Lorenzo until he brought her baby back. He threatens that she is technically an accessory for opening the door to Jason in the first place. She says that she could suddenly come up with a "crisis of conscience" and say that she saw Jason kill Alcazar. Sonny says that she better not have struck a deal with Ric. He seethes, "Don't see me so much as a threat, just see me as a better business option." He warns Skye that if she throws in with Ric, she'll end up with a knife in her back. He tells her to make her choice, and fast!

Liz walks in her front door and demands that Sam give her Jake. Lucky explains that Jake woke up and Sam was nice enough to go get him and feed him while he played with Cam. As Sam hands Jake over to Liz, she comments how strong he is -- just like his daddy. Jake goes to the kitchen with Cam and Liz tells Sam to leave. Well, they bicker back and forth for a while first, of course.


Lulu pulls away from Logan crying, and feels as if she owes him an explanation. She says that she hears bells when he kisses her - only they are alarm bells. He tells her that he wants her in bed, but only if she wants to be there. She tries to explain, but doesn't want to dump her junk on him. She says that Maxi has probably already told him what a horrible person she is. Logan says that he wants to hear it from her. Lulu sighs and says that the first time she slept with a guy was based on a lie -- and he was married. Logan guesses - correctly - that they are talking about Dillon. Lulu goes on to say that she wound up pregnant because of a defective condom. She admits that one of the many ramifications of her bad choices was that Dillon ended up losing the person he really loved. Logan offers a small conciliation. He says if they ever do sleep together, they will use every precaution possible. He tells Lulu that he's a big proponent of birth control, considering that he was a mistake for his mother to live with. He tells Lulu that he commends her courage for making the difficult choice to abort last summer. She cries and says that she still thinks about it. "I want to learn from my experience and not make the same mistakes again," she says. Logan tells her that there's a big difference between being careful and being completely shut down so she doesn't feel anything. He admits that he sounds self-serving, but he doesn't want to see it happen to her.


In Venezuela, Jerry calls "Lorenzo" and then hands the phone to Carly (so that the cop can hear everything.) Carly tells "Lorenzo" that they will meet up with him in Taiwan. The bank official promptly promises Jerry that he'll draft a check by day's end. After he leaves, Carly smashes a vase against the wall next to Jerry's head. She can't believe that he and Lorenzo are messing around with some kind of game while Jason rots in Jail. Jerry dodges the vase and explains that the guy on the phone was simply a very talented covert operations guy.

Epiphany busts an orderly pushing 2 racks of couture gowns through the hospital hallway. He explains by saying "What Kate Howard wants, Kate Howard gets". Epiphany goes straight to Kate's room and says that her magazine is a waste of trees with "empty-eyed girls" who are built "like sticks". Kate says that she has to do business from the hospital since no one will discharge her. Sonny comes in and Epiphany warns him that Kate's over-sized ego could pop.


Skye is put back on the stand and Diane is able to get her to say that there was no blood or any kind of disturbance in her home the night that Lorenzo disappeared. She also says that Lorenzo disappeared often in order to avoid the dangerous people who he was involved with. Diane asks if Skye has seen any evidence that would prove -- beyond a reasonable doubt -- that Lorenzo is dead. "No," Skye says. Ric isn't pleased. Next, Diane starts to "establish a pattern" by getting Skye to tell the jury about the time that Lorenzo found a woman to act like Sonny's dead wife Lilly. She asks if it's plausible that Lorenzo set up his own death and framed Jason. Skye is allowed to answer, "Knowing Lorenzo, it's not only plausible, but it's entirely possible." Next it's Ric's turn. He makes Skye recall that her relationship with Lorenzo was complicated and that he was a difficult man. He reminds her that Lorenzo had just taken her baby away from her and suggests that perhaps she was the person who let the killer in. Next, Ric calls Amelia to the stand. He wants to know about the night of Jason's transfer when she was caught up in the shootout between Jason and a gunman. "All I know is the defendant saved my life," Amelia says. She is also able to communicate that Jason was acting in self defense. Ric points out that the only reason she was shot at in the first place is because Jason is a mob hetman.


Sonny carries Kate in his arms and deposits her on his sofa. She stands up and tells him she's capable of taking care of herself. "Unless you need me as an alibi…" she jokes. He tells her to sit until he's sure she won't fall on her face on her way home. Max calls Sonny out of the room and tells him that Jerry Jacks disappeared the same day as Carly and the all the boys will say is that they're helping Jason.


Lulu reports to work at Kelly's and Georgie says that she shouldn't work on her b-day. She says that Spinelli was in earlier working on a b-day poem for her. Georgie asks Lulu why she's not spending the day with Spinelli or one of her other guys. Lulu confides in Georgie by saying that after he bad experience with sex, she's not sure if she ever wants to go there again. Georgie asks, "You just left Logan's room, right?"


Kate stands up and asks Sonny if he wants to see cartwheels. He says no, but he offers to teach her how to swim to repay her for saving Morgan. He says that they can use his heated pool at nighttime so that no one has to see her flailing around. Just then, Morgan comes into the room and gives her some flowers and a big hug. Alexis walks in and comments that it looks like a nice family moment. (She has forms for Sonny to sign for Kristina's summer camp.) She turns to Kate and thanks her, again, for helping with the boarding school application a while ago. She tells Kate that she would make a wonderful mother and that "step children count." After Alexis leaves, Kate becomes curt and tells Sonny that they need to discuss some harsh realities. She tells him that she's letting her guard down here, but if she doesn't leave Port Charles, she'll get swallowed up in suburbia and become who he wants her to be. "Kate Howard cannot exist in your world," she yells, but Sonny reminds her that Kate Howard is a sham. He points out that she ran away years ago the same way that she runs away now by hiding behind Kate. He says that she iced over a wonderful woman only because she didn't think the world could give her what she wanted. Kate counters by saying that she'll sell her house. Sonny says that Connie is closer to the surface than she's been in a long time. He draws her in for a kiss and Kate holds his face in her hands.


Ric calls his last witness to the stand. His name is Donald Mancini and he's a gardener on Lorenzo's road. He is invited to say what he has seen. He starts by saying that he saw Jason outside Mr. Alcazar's house. "I saw Jason Morgan put Mr. Alcazar's dead body in the back of an SUV."


Mr. Mancini tells the court that he didn't come forward earlier because he thought Jason would kill him.

Liz goes to Alexis and asks her to "back Sam off" of Lucky.

Sam tells Lucky that he has been so nice.

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