GH Recap: Anna bugs Valentin and eavesdrops on him

Matt Purvis

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Wednesday April 12, 2017: Nina gets territorial, Finn is ready for rehab, and Ned has a heart-to-heart with Tracy.

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Laura shows up on Anna’s doorstep to discuss Valentin. She explains Lulu’s latest meltdown and needs to find a way to neutralize him. Devane explains she and the Cassadine have made peace. She did some bad things to him and only recently had her memories of them restored. Laura insists he deserved no compassion but Anna still won’t help.

Valentin explains something to Nina-ABCAt Wyndemere, Valentin trashes a watch box before Nina comes in, asking him to zip her up. He keeps his hands behind his back. She assumes he had a present for her. He hands her the card from Anna. He claims she just wants to put their past behind them but he’s not sure he trusts her. After he pockets the watch, he tries reassuring Nina about everything. Once she leaves for work, he calls someone with a job.

Laura runs into Valentin on the pier as he sends off a minion. They argue about Lulu and he insists that Charlotte will always want to stay with him. She says he can’t prey on her and Lulu like he did on Anna. She thinks he must be terrified that the women who love him will abandon him when they discover what he’s really like. He grunts and tells her to get away. She backs him up against the wall and then takes off. Soon, the minion returns with the watch and tells him what an exquisite piece of work it is. Down the pier, Griffin finds a beaten and bloody Finn in an alleyway.

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Ned tells Tracy he's engaged-ABCTracy returns home with her painting in tow and tells Monica she wants to put it on the wall. Monica is unimpressed and leaves as Ned arrives. He says Larry is still sniffing around and then informs her he’s engaged. Ned expects her to get snide but she’s happy if he’s happy. When she hugs him, he’s shocked. Tracy shows him the letter from Edward but he thinks it’s ‘bull’. Her father should have told her everything in the letter while he was alive. They discuss Edward’s flaws. Ned thinks that if she really believed he loved her, she wouldn’t need a letter. He thinks she deserved better from her father. Tracy holds in the tears as he tells her how much he loves her.

Hayden apologizes to Curtis-ABCA distracted Hayden bumps into Curtis at Perks. She can’t find Finn so he offers to do it for her. She’s grateful for his friendship and promises not to try to jump his bones again. She’ll leave that to Jordan, who appears just in time to hear that. Hayden apologizes for kissing Curtis and takes off. Jordan tells him he owes her no explanation. He thinks they should change their status.

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At the hospital, Brad happily tells Andre about his plans to buy a condo thanks to his new raise. When Brad spots Monica, he asks about his raise. She says things are tight and he’ll have to talk to Hayden. The topic of Finn comes up and Brad says there’s something she needs to know about him. Down the hall, Griffin examines Finn and questions him about using drugs. The doctors bicker until Griffin walks out. He bumps into Hayden and informs her that Finn is there. She rushes into his room. Griffin follows her in to explain that Finn’s blood-work is clean. Finn explains that he tried to get a refund from his dealer and that didn’t pan out. He’s ready for rehab and wants to tell Monica about his problem himself.

Andre is wandering by Perks when he spots Jordan and Curtis kissing. They spot the shrink and Curtis takes off. Jordan approaches Andre, who tries to escape. He tells her not to feel badly for wanting what she wants. Once he takes off, Curtis returns and makes date plans with her.

Nina drops by Anna’s to warn her again to stay away from her husband. Nina tries to clobber her but Anna smashes her into the desk. Anna insists she wants to end the feud with Valentin. His wife thinks that Anna wants to steal him away. After Nina leaves, Anna laughs. Andre calls, looking for a friend. She turns on a computer program. She’s placed a bug in the watch she gave Valentin. Listening in, she hears Nina return to Wyndemere and start making out with Valentin.

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