GH Recap: Sonny finds Carly with Jax and makes a shocking declaration

Dustin Cushman

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Tuesday April 11, 2017: Sonny learns about Carly and Jax, Finn struggles with staying sober, Hayden puts the moves on Curtis, and Kristina wonders what her mother is hiding.

GH Recap: Sonny finds Carly with Jax and makes a shocking declaration image

Dante-Lulu-discuss-Charlotte-GH-ABC Lulu and Rocco [O’Neill Monacan] drop by the station to see Dante. Rocco runs off to play, and Lulu tells Dante that they baked a bunch of cookies for Charlotte and got her some toys. Dante worries she’s trying too hard to make Charlotte love her, and all she needs to do is spend time with her. Rocco returns, after making a bracelet for Charlotte, and asks Lulu if she’s going to love Charlotte more than him. Lulu and Dante promise him they love him just as much as Charlotte.

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Curtis runs into Hayden sitting outside at Perks Café drinking and asks what she’s doing. She admits she’s hiding from Finn, because she’s afraid she’ll agree to get back together with him. He tells her that she can’t fix Finn right now, and if she tries she’ll just lose herself.

Finn-shoots-up-GH-ABC In his room at the Metro Court, Finn has a nightmare that he shot up. He calls Hayden, who is out with Curtis, and asks if she can come over. When she learns he hasn't called the rehab centers, she tells him he needs help she can’t give him. She disconnects.

A mysterious person sneaks into Alexis’ house and pokes around. Later, Alexis returns home and senses someone is there. She grabs her laptop to strike the person she hears coming in the door, which turns out to be Kristina. Kristina asks her mom why she’s so freaked out. Alexis admits she felt like someone was here when she got home, and that she’s been wondering if Julian is alive given she’s been getting mysterious phone calls and knocks at the door. Sam has been investigating and it doesn’t appear to be Julian. Kristina thinks her mother is disappointed that Julian isn’t alive, and tells her that is natural. Kristina finds the family album out and suggests looking at it won’t help. Alexis swears that was put away. Later when Alexis looks through the album she notices some photos are missing.

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Carly-Sonny-Nelle-truth-GH-ABC At Carly’s place, Sonny informs Carly that Nelle confessed she drugged him and they never had sex. Carly wonders if this is another one of Nelle’s lies. Sonny admits he made a mistake lying to her about Nelle, but wasn't intimate with her. He asks Carly if this can be over. Carly breaks down and says she’s sorry and he needs listen to her. Suddenly Jax walks out shirtless and asking Carly where that wine is. Sonny is furious and can’t believe Carly crucified him for months for a mistake he didn’t make, and the first chance she got she spread her legs for Jax. He tells her she can’t go five minutes without a man in her bed, which makes her a bad wife, but a great whore. Carly slaps him, and reminds him of all the lies he’s told her over the years, and that it will never change. Sonny tells her they are done and she can have Jax. He walks out. Carly refuses to feel guilty about what happened between her and Jax, and she fought for her marriage as long as she could, but she’s done.

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Back at Perks, Curtis tells Hayden she did well handling Finn and wants Curtis to visit Finn in order to try to get through to him. Curtis retorts that nobody can convince him except himself. Hayden, who is trashed from drinking, tells Curtis they should go dancing. He tells her that she is crazy, but in a good way. Hayden grabs him and kisses him.

At the Metro Court, Finn talks to Roxy about how he doesn’t know if he can go to rehab and be without her or medicine for 28 days. However, he knows he’ll lose Hayden if he doesn’t. He calls Tracy to leave her a message apologizing again for what he said the other night, and he hopes she’s well.

Back at Perks, Curtis stops Hayden from kissing him, and reminds her that they are friends and she is hurting. Hayden just wants to forget Finn, who walks up as she pulls Curtis into a second kiss. Curtis swears this isn’t what it looks like, but Finn lays into them both. Curtis tells Finn it's his fault Hayden's drunk and messed up. Curtis warns Hayden if she stays with Finn and he doesn’t get help, then he will crash and burn and take her with him. Finn swears he loves Hayden, so she tells him to prove it and get help. Finn walks off, and Curtis comforts a crying Hayden. He promises to be here for her, and that she will pull through this. Hayden hopes what Curtis said to Finn got through to him.

Down on the pier, Finn scores drugs from a dealer [Dustin Coffey].

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