GH Recap: Nelle confesses all to Sonny

Matt Purvis

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Monday April 10, 2017: Alexis and Sam learn who used Julian’s card, Jake shows up at Franco’s studio, and Carly has sex with Jax.

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Alexis arrives at home with relaxation oil when Nathan shows up at her door. He explains that someone used Julian’s credit card and wonders if she thinks he might still be alive. She says he’d die before taking the bus. Besides, it would be stupid. Once West exits, she takes off.

Jake arrives at Franco’s studio to ask him why he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Franco says they will always be friends and he doesn’t want him to get into trouble.

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Liz has a challenge for Sam and Jason-ABCLiz drops by Jason’s to talk about Jake. Sam comes down the stairs as Liz explains that if Franco can’t be part of the equation for her son, neither can Sam. Franco calls Jason to say that Jake is at his studio. Liz and Jason leave. Alexis soon shows up to fill her daughter in on Nathan’s visit. Sam shows her the surveillance footage. Curtis calls. They know who used Julian’s card. It was some runaway kid who claims he found the card. Alexis isn’t sure if she wants Jerome to be alive or dead.

Jakes visits Franco-ABCBack at Franco’s studio, the artist tells Jake that Andre’s a good guy. The kid tells him about playing with the scarecrow and the witch in his session with Dr. Maddox. His parents arrive. Jake’s not happy that they were called. Jason asks to speak to Franco alone so the other two leave. Morgan doesn’t want his son there again. Franco thinks he’s annoyed because he understands Jake better than he does. Liz returns. Jason accuses Franco of manipulating his son and leaves. Liz gives her boyfriend a kiss and goes. Franco finds a scroll of paper and unrolls it on the floor. It’s Jake’s drawing.

Michael tells Kristina the family is imploding-ABCKristina bumps into Michael at Perks and suggests they catch up. He explains the family has imploded again and why. She curses Nelle. He feels sort of bad for her and worries about their parents. Michael doesn’t want to referee their marriage but his sister thinks he’s the only one who can. Later, Nathan runs into Kristina and says he’s worried her mom might be holding something back.

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Nelle confesses to Sonny-ABCNelle is at Sonny’s. She confesses to the mobster that she drugged him, put him in bed, and let him think the worst. “There’s something wrong with you,” he says, shaking his head. If she’s looking for absolution, she’s come to the wrong place. As they argue, Michael arrives in the hall and eavesdrops for a moment. He interrupts to ask what she confessed to. She won’t explain so Sonny does and then leaves to tell Carly. Michael asks if her confession was true or just what his father wanted to hear. Nelle explains she didn’t want to have sex with Sonny and she thought drugging him would be more ‘decent’. She was going to tell him but felt she should tell his father first. He’s outraged. She wants them to work it out. He yells at her to leave. Nelle hopes he can forgive her. Michael can’t fix her.

Jax and Carly have sex-ABCJax and Carly are kissing at her place. He pulls away and says this is a mistake. She doesn’t want to stop and takes him up to her room. They have sex and then return to discussing their problems. “What happened, happened,” she says. They joke about using each other. She finally feels human again. They have more sex. She goes downstairs to get some wine and Sonny barges in. Carly tries to usher him out but he won’t go. “I never slept with Nelle,” he explains.

A hooded figure goes into Alexis’ house.

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