GH Recap: Jax finds comfort with Carly

Matt Purvis

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Friday April 7, 2017: Liz poses for Franco, Tracy takes her painting home, and Nelle decides to tell Sonny the truth.

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Franco is painting in his studio when Liz shows up. Things are awkward. He explains that Jake called him and asked for help finishing the timeline but he turned him away, as she requested. She insists that’s the way it has to be and makes it clear she has no intention of cutting him out of her life. They kiss and then she looks at his painting. He asks her to pose. Liz drops her clothes and puts on a drape. He paints away. When he’s done, she looks at it, smiles and drops the robe. After sex, she goes home to the kids. Moments later, Jake shows up on his doorstep.

Tracy refused to leave the painting behind-ABCIn the Turkish monastery, Tracy reads over the letter Edward left her, saying how much he loved her and wanted her forgiveness. She tells the portrait that she knows where she will put it - over the fireplace to stare down at Monica. Laura rushes in to say she heard a woman crying again. Some monks pop up to say it must have been homesick students. They ask Tracy if she’ll consider leaving the painting so they can sell it. She refuses but writes them a check. Laura encourages her to leave the painting but she still refuses. Tracy and Laura leave to pay tariffs on the artwork. Once they return, they discover the painting is gone. Quartermaine is outraged but the monks return with the painting. One of them warns there will be consequence for this but the other refuses to explain. Laura worries but Tracy pushes her out. As they go, a woman watches them.

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Nelle feels like she has nothing-ABCMichael finds Nelle moping at Perks. Everything she ever thought was true is a lie. She fills him in on the kidney deal and how her father lied and cheated her. All she’s had to show for what she’s lost is a lousy poker chip. She throws it in the water. He understands that she was disappointed, but she shouldn’t have gone looking for revenge. Nelle was taught to expect the worst from people and doesn’t know who she is without hatred. The only thing real to her is her feelings for him. He can’t go there. It’s too late for them. She has an idea about how to make things better.

Jax confesses everything to Carly-ABCAt Carly’s, Jax asks her if it’s possible for them to get past what he’s done. She’s grateful for what he did. He feels terribly for what happened to Nelle because of him and doesn’t know how he’ll tell Joss. Carly assures him they just need to find the right time. He blames himself for his mother’s death. Jax confessed what he did to Lady Jane and that broke her heart. He wants to make things right with Nelle. She warns that could be a problem. Carly could never hate him for what he did. They kiss. He tries back away but she pulls him back for more.

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Dante and Sonny get disappointing results-ABCSonny is at the PCPD talking to Dante about the latest evidence they’ve collected. A panicking Ava eavesdrops around the corner. When the forensics results come in, Ava tries to take off but Valerie stops her to ID something. Meanwhile, Dante discovers that the bottle changed hands too many times to clearly identify the DNA. The cop assures his father they have a solid case otherwise and it should go ahead fast. Once Sonny leaves, Dante corners Ava before she can exit. He questions her about her meeting with Lucy and waves the pill bottle at her. She plays dumb.

Sonny returns home and Nelle shows up. He doesn’t want to see her face. She announces she has something that will change everything. There’s a good reason he can’t remember having sex with her…

On the next General Hospital:

Nelle makes a full confession of what she did.

Franco receives a warning.

Sonny is thrown off balance.

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