GH Recap: Nina, Finn and Griffin all get shocks involving Anna

Dustin Cushman

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Thursday February 16, 2017: Anna is rushed to GH, Griffin becomes more suspicious of Finn, Franco helps the nurses, and Nathan tries to broker peace between Nina and Maxie.

GH Recap: Nina, Finn and Griffin all get shocks involving Anna image

Epiphany and Felix arrive at Liz’s place to strategize and walk in on her and Franco kissing. Epiphany and Felix wonder what he’s doing here. Liz explains he’s staying with her during his recovery. Liz, Felix and Epiphany begin discussing the strike, and Franco tells them that he has their back. He offers to join their sick-out, but they have another idea. They need someone on the inside to spy for them, and he agrees. They give him a list of things to find out for them, and Franco heads off to GH. Once he’s gone, Epiphany asks Liz what the deal between her and Franco is. Liz admits she’s falling in love with him. Felix gives her a hug. Epiphany is happy for Liz, but warns her she will keep an eye on Franco.

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valentine-rushes-anna-hospital-GH-ABC At GH, Laura talks with Tracy and pushes her to step up and help her and the others who are working. Tracy refuses and says the only thing she’s stepping up to is the bar. Meanwhile, Valentin bursts in carrying Anna and screams for a doctor. Griffin comes running and wonders what he’s done to Anna. They get her to a room, and Valentin explains what happened. Anna begins to wake up, but her vision is blurry and reflexes weak. In another room, Hayden wakes a sleeping Finn and confronts him about his erratic behavior. She tells him if she doesn’t tell her what is going on then she’ll go to Tracy. Finn is paged by Griffin and says he has to go.

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Maxie returns to her table at the Metro Court to find Nathan gone. Nathan heads upstairs to surprise Nina, who is still waiting for Valentin. Nathan begs Nina to give Maxie a second chance and points out that she needs her to ground her out-of-the-box visions. Suddenly Maxie bangs on the door and asks Nina to open. Nina does, and Maxie sees Nathan in the room and assumes Nina’s trying to sway him to her side. Nina explains Nathan almost convinced her to hire Maxie back, but now she sees that’s impossible. Maxie tells Nina she’s sure she can run Crimson, and then mumbles, “right into the ground.” Nathan takes Maxie to the hall and tells her she’s not helping. Meanwhile, Nina texts Valentin and asks where he is. He responds, “The hospital.” Nina tells Nathan and Maxie they can talk about this later because she must leave. They see she is worried, and tell her to call if she needs anything.

kiki-dillon-romance-GH-ABC Kiki and Dillon begin to get hot and heavy at Kiki’s place. He asks if she’s sure, and she is. The two undress one another and move over to the bed to have sex. Afterwards, Kiki tells Dillon that she trusts him, and she hopes her feelings for him stay this way forever.

Laura finds Tracy at The Floating Rib drinking martinis and scolds her for getting sauced while people are losing their jobs. Hayden arrives to talk to Tracy, but Tracy won’t talk to her unless she has finished laying off nurses. laura-tracy-eat-GH-ABC Hayden reveals she needed to talk to Tracy about something else, but decides to leave. Laura and Tracy continue to argue about GH, and Laura tries to make Tracy see that cutting the nurses will destroy the heart of GH and leave it just a building. Tracy realizes that Laura is right and GH is the sum of the people who work there. She apologizes for letting facts and figures get in the way, and thinks there is another solution.

Back at GH, Valentin asks Finn and Griffin how Anna is. Finn tells him they found a blood clot and that’s all he can say. Finn tends to Anna and draws some blood, but his shaky hands cause him to drop the vial. Griffin sees this. Finn claims he’s just tired after a long shift. Later, Valentin sneaks in to see Anna while she sleeps. He speaks to her in Latin, and holds her hand. Nina arrives and is stunned to see her husband sitting by Anna’s side. At the nurse’s station, Griffin asks Finn what is going on with him. They are interrupted when the results of Anna’s bloodwork come in. Finn tells Griffin it’s not good news. Elsewhere, Franco arrives at work and runs into Hayden. He claims he’s here to help, and kisses up to her. Franco asks how they can stop the strike, but Hayden doesn’t know. She fears many will be fired, and let’s Franco know he that has been fired and his program cut.

On the next General Hospital:

Franco tells Liz he has bad news.

Dillon tells Kiki, “It seems like it’s life or death.”

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Nina asks Valentin what he’s doing with “that woman.”

Finn asks for Anna’s permission to do a bone marrow biopsy.

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