GH Recap: Anna's in trouble at Wyndemere when Valentin catches her

Violette DeSantis

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Wednesday February 15, 2017: Anna relays what she knows to Andre, Ava asks for Scotts help, and Curtis pays an old female friend a visit.

GH Recap: Anna's in trouble at Wyndemere when Valentin catches her image

Dillon surprises Kiki at her place for Valentine’s Day with drugstore gifts. She thinks he didn’t get her text mentioning it was an anti-Valentine’s Day party. He acts disappointed but grins when she stops him from leaving - it was a joke. Kiki jokes back, “I hate you!” He’s eager to make up for their past disasters. They’re making out when Kiki gets a message about Ava's arrest for Morgan’s murder.

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Valentin gets ready at Wyndemere while on his cell with Nina who’s waiting at the Metro Court suite for him. He ends the call when Charlotte joins him. She wonders if mom’s watching from heaven. Valentin’s sure Claudette is, and then asks Charlotte for help with his tie. He shows her the engagement ring he bought Nina, and then gives her an emerald and gold bracelet. They forget the ring when they leave for the babysitter's.

Lulu and Dante arrive at the Metro Court and wait for Nathan and Maxie for their Valentine double-date. Around the corner, Maxie makes it clear they are not going to tell Lulu she was fired at Crimson for letting Lulu see Charlotte. They’re seated when Dante excuses himself for a call after the couples finish toasting each other. Lulu apologizes to Maxie who assures her everything is okay. At another table, Anna has a drink with Andre. Thinking he has plans with Jordan, she tries to be brief. Anna shares that she sanctioned Valentin’s assassination but can’t remember. He offers to hypnotize her again but she’s distracted, overhearing Nina nearby exchange her champagne. Anna decides to think about it and hurriedly pays for their drinks when Andre admits he and Jordan broke up. Dante interrupts, taking Lulu away. After, Nathan calls Nina over who tries to escape with a simple, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Nathan thanks her but pushes about the misunderstanding between her and Maxie. Nina’s short and spells out to Maxie again how she was fired for her negligence, and then leaves them. Elsewhere, Dante tells Lulu the custody hearing is next week and Valentin has a winning lawyer. They return to their table and Maxie pulls Lulu aside and admits she was fired, refusing to let Lulu take the blame. Later, Nathan promises to support Maxie in whatever she does.

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Curtis’ old friend Grace, (played by Ciera Payton), invites him in when he stops by her place. He’s interested only if she’ll agree to be his Valentine. She checks him out admiring him before he comes in. She offers drugs when Curtis inquires what she’d like to do and he admits being clean for six years. She’s worried about his relationship status but agrees to go out.

At the PCPD, Ava rants at Scott about being jailed overnight when he arrives back from the Bahamas. He reminds her that her hands are dirty but is surprised when she points out she’s in there because of the bomb. Scott calls Julian who confuses the situation by only advising Scott to be the best lawyer he can be. He returns and talks Ava out of telling the cops about switching Morgan’s drugs. Scott leaves. Jordan escorts Kiki in to see Ava when she arrives with Dillon. Alone, Ava swears she had no part in the bomb. Kiki hopes so, or it will be the end for them. She exits interrogation and advises Scott her mother needs him before leaving with Dillon. Scott returns and promises to get her home soon. Ava realizes she may be safer where she is.

Anna struggles with her headache, slumping to the floor, after breaking into Wyndemere. She's wondering where to hide the bug when Valentin returns causing her to hide. He grabs the ring, turning the lights out before leaving. Anna tries to finish up but the lights come on and Valentin demands to know why she’d bug him. He has nothing to hide. She wants to know why she'd have him killed but she collapses to the floor, unconscious as Valentin yells her name. He checks her pulse, picks her up, and rushes out.

Andre offers to leave The Floating Rib when Jordan sits at the bar. They’re commenting on their first date there when Curtis arrives. Andre jumps to the conclusion he’s meeting Jordan and leaves in a huff. Jordan leaves when Grace joins Curtis.

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Kiki doesn’t know what to think when she returns home. Dillon holds her but she pushes him way, apologizing. He reminds her he’s the son of a serial killer and can handle it. Before he leaves, she rushes over and kisses him after asking him to stay.

Dante and Lulu make love at home, happy about everything they’ve gotten through together.

Nina calls Valentin from their suite and leaves a message questioning where he is.

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