GH Recap: Jennifer Smith wants a night with Luke

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Rosalie confesses, Nikolas explains himself to Sam, and Jennifer Smith tells Luke and Laura what she's after.

Luke and Laura jump when the door of the Triple L diner opens. It's Jennifer Smith. She recalls when she tried to kill Laura, who points a gun at her. Smith calls in her goons and demands that Laura hand over her gun if she wants to see Lucky again. After Luke is disarmed, Jennifer teases them about the past few years of their lives. Following some gloating, she explains that Luke couldn't be married for what comes next. She's not out to marry him. "Why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free?" she asks. They think this is sick. Luke has to spend the night with her if they want to get Lucky back.

Dillon gives Lulu a hug as he leaves her place. They talk about keeping a secret from Dante. Valerie listens from down the hall. Her phone goes off so they notice she's there. She's about to leave but her cousin insists she stay. She heads inside with Lulu and Dillon departs. They discuss the newspaper article and Valerie mentions her run-in with Maxie. Lulu insists her friend was in the wrong. "You don't think I'm after your husband, do you?" Valerie asks. Lulu admits she's had concerns. They clear the air and the blond agrees to trust her.

In Michael's office at ELQ, he informs Rosalie that she's being arrested for corporate espionage. "That's crazy!" she objects. Jake tells her that Sam planted the bug in her phone. She trashes Sabrina. Dante prompts her to come clean. Jake pulls out the recording Nina supposedly gave him. She squirms. They offer to make this go away if she hands over her boss. She explains she's being blackmailed. They pressure her until she finally blurts out Nikolas' name. She apologizes to Michael and then Dante drags her off to make her statement. Jake assures his boss that he can trust him. They shake on trying to save the company.

Dante takes Rosalie to the PCPD interrogation room. He leaves her to write her statement and chats with Valerie in the office. She was talking to Lulu and has something to tell him.

Tracy paces around the Quartermaine estate. Sabrina tries to keep her cool. They fold laundry and then Tracy tries to figure out how much stock Nikolas could control. She calls Brook Lynn and learns that she was blackmailed. Tracy starts to rant as Dillon arrives. He fills her in about the Cassadine attempting to get his shares.

Sam corners Nikolas at the Metro Court to question him about his relationship with Rosalie. She already knows that Rosalie got the ELQ shares from Nina and handed them off. He tries to fob her off. She keeps prodding and then bluntly confronts him. He admits he's trying to take over ELQ. She's shocked. The prince insists it's only business. Helena and Victor have been selling off assets for years and he needs to put the family finances back together. He's doing this for the whole family. She doesn't want to be dragged into it. He insists that he's not stealing, just making better moves. The Cassadine walks off. Sam calls Jake over. She fills him in about her cousin admitting to everything.

Tracy bursts into Michael's office at ELQ to say that Nikolas has half the company. The prince strolls in.

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