Jason Is Conflicted About Jake

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Sam learns biological children are a long shot. Sonny and Kate continue to rub each other the wrong way. Ric tries to get Jason to talk. Carly worries about Jerry's hold on Jax.

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Jax worries about Jerry.

At home, Carly is worried about Jax who has been gone for a long time. He comes in a few minutes later, obviously upset. He was asked to identify a dead body and is relieved that it wasn't Jerry. At the same time, he is worried about where Jerry is now. Carly is worried too, but for a different reason. "As long as Jerry has this control over you, he is always going to manipulate you," Carly says.


Kate knows just how to annoy Carly!

At Sonny's, he offers Kate coffee, surprised that she didn't seem more upset when he watched over her the night before. She argues that her needing to stay the night was his fault anyway because he is the one that left the statue there. He advises her to go the doctor but she refuses. Sonny wonders if she keeps refusing treatment so she can keep her past a secret. Kate pretends that she likes her life just fine and prepares to leave. Carly arrives and overhears Sonny call Kate "Connie Falconetti"! Sonny covers, saying Connie is a friend of theirs and tells her that Kate returned the statue. Kate thanks Sonny for coffee and the night, annoying Carly. She dismisses Kate, wanting to talk to Sonny alone. Caught between them, Sonny just watches them spar. Kate rescues him, telling him not to choose that she will leave. He walks her out. As soon as they are alone, Sonny wonders why she really bought the statue. The conversation quickly turns to Jerry and Carly asks him to help her find him. "As long as Jerry is out of the picture, I will not hunt him down," Sonny says.


Nikolas has a plan to find Jerry!

At Windemere, Nikolas and Emily kiss, both excited to be together again. Alexis interrupts them and Emily scoots out to go to work. Alone, Nikolas asks Alexis about the chances of keeping Emily out of jail. Alone, Nikolas asks Alexis about the chances of keeping Emily out of jail. Alexis isn't sure. Nikolas asks Alexis to try to clear Emily's name by proving it was a set up! Later, Nikolas meets with an investigator and talks with him about setting up phone taps on Jax and Lady Jane's phones. Emily gets home early, worried. She doesn't want him to hunt Jerry down but Nikolas won't be stopped. "I love you and I will save you from Jerry," he says and kisses her.


Sam believes she is losing Jason.

At the hospital, Sam meets with Dr. Lee about the test results. She tells Sam that having a baby will be more difficult than they originally thought! It turns out her eggs aren't as viable as the doctors originally thought and there is only a 10% chance that she will be able to have a biological child. "You can't offer me any other hope?" Sam asks. Dr. Lee suggests adoption but Sam doesn't want to hear it. Sam goes to work. Amelia sees how upset she is and asks what is wrong. Sam tells her, worried that Jason won't want an adopted child now that Elizabeth has given him a biological child. She is worried that Jason will never need her again and angry that she will never have a child. Amelia tries to be supportive, reminding her that she does have Jason, but Sam isn't so sure. They move to the set and Sam begins to prepare for her interview. The woman she is interviewing talks about wanting another baby and almost hating women who have babies. Sam understands how she feels. Interview over, the mother begins to cry and Sam comforts her. Amelia sends Wes after the mom but Sam tells them to leave her alone. Wes leaves and Amelia again offers her sympathy to Sam. "Sometimes I wish that Jake didn't exist," Sam says.


Liz tells Jason about Jake.

In the jail, Ric pulls Jason in for a conference and asks about Alcazar's death. Ric wonders why Jason was dumb enough to leave behind evidence. Elizabeth interrupts them. When they are alone, Elizabeth suggests that Jason try to get the trail changed to a different venue. Jason isn't really interested, content to leave those decisions to his lawyers. He asks about Jake and news about the baby makes him smile. "I wish my boys could know you," she says. What she really wants is for Jason to be part of her life with Lucky but she knows it can't happen. Elizabeth leaves. Alone, Jason remembers what Amelia told him about Sam and wonders if it is true.


Jason and Sonny argue about Jake!

Ric meets with the DA about the case. He asks Ric to make sure that Jason winds up behind bars and then suggests they offer Jason a deal: less jail time if he turns in Sonny! Lucky walks through and Ric stops him, telling him about another visit between Liz and Jason. Angry, Lucky heads to Jason's holding room and asks why Elizabeth keeps coming to the jail! They argue over whether Jason should allow Liz to keep visiting. Diane arrives, annoyed that Lucky appears to be interrogating Jason. She dismisses him and then turns her anger on Jason. She is mad that he spoke with Amelia and angry that he has been talking to Lucky. Jason tells her the argument was about Liz and that it is personal, not about the charges against him. He refuses to tell her anything more. "Elizabeth wouldn't happen to be your alibi?" she asks. Jason assures her that Liz isn't involved in the Alcazar case at all. She isn't so sure and demands that Jason tell her everything about Elizabeth, their meeting in the hospital and all of her visits since then! Jason tells her not to worry and doesn't say anything, making her even more angry. She reminds him that Elizabeth could be forced to testify against him. Sonny interrupts them, telling Diane to leave so he can talk to Jason alone. Annoyed even more, she packs up her things and orders Sonny not to let Jason say anything that the cops could use. Alone, Sonny asks Jason about Amelia. He tells him that Amelia's charges are true - that Sam killed Amelia's father. Worried, Sonny tells Jason that Amelia and Sam could get them in a lot of trouble. Jason doesn't want to believe that Sam would turn against him but he is worried. He tells Sonny the whole truth about Jake! "I can't let this life touch him," Jason says angrily. Sonny can't believe that Jason has kept the secret. He tells Jason to claim his son - no matter what!


Emily and Liz talk about Jason.

At the hospital, Liz talks with Epiphany and Kelly about Jack. She shows the group pictures of Jake. Epiphany gives her a job: to get Jolene, a new nurse, up and running on a new computer program. She and Jolene talk about Jake for a moment. Emily arrives. Liz asks if she has seen Jason, worried that he is withdrawing from his own defense! Emily is also worried about Jason and both wonder what has caused the change in him. Lucky arrives and asks to see Liz alone. He confronts her about meeting Jason. Emotionally, Liz tells him that she can't leave her friend alone. Lucky obviously wants to believe that is all that is going on but he is still worried that Liz isn't being completely honest with him. She asks Lucky to come with her and the boys to the park but he can't because of work.


Lady Jane wants Jax to back off!

At the Metro Court, Jax places a call to a friend asking that he keep an eye out for Jerry. Lady Jane arrives, telling Jax to back off the search and let Jerry stay away. Jax won't do that. He is afraid that Jerry will become the diabolical person Port Charles already thinks he is if they give up on him! Lady Jane reminds Jax of Jerry's crimes, wondering how he can still believe in his brother. "I am afraid now that he is too far gone," she says. She tells Jax that they can't help or change Jerry! Jax believes that Jerry is redeemable and that he is only acting out because of the torture he received. Lady Jane is shocked and more worried than ever that Jax will go too far in trying to help his brother.


So in love!

Jax and Carly meet back up at their home. He tells her about his meeting with Lady Jane, annoyed that his mom doesn't share his feelings about Jerry. Carly, in turn, tells him that Sonny won't look for Jerry. He thanks her for trying. Emotional, Carly asks if they can just forget about everything else and concentrate on themselves for a while. They make love!

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