Luke Loses Laura.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Lulu decides that she will support Luke no matter what, Maxi sets her scheme in motion, and Jax thinks he needs to go after Jerry.

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The judge in Laura's case has called everyone back into the courtroom to hear his decision. At the Quartermaine house, Luke is nervous and Tracy does her best to keep him calm. Lulu surprises them both when she walks into the room and says that she wants to be there today - for her mom.

Nikolas and Scott are the first two to arrive at the courthouse. Nikolas asks Scott how much it'll take to get him to leave before the decision is read. Scott won't hear of it and continues to badger Nikolas for defending Luke's rights where Laura is concerned. He promises that he won't take Laura away from her family; he just wants to protect her from Luke. Alexis arrives and tells Scott to pipe down because he hasn't won yet.


At the Metro Court, Lady Jane and Jax are arguing over Jerry's disappearance through the window. She points out that it's not unlike Jerry to lay the groundwork for Jax to follow him yet again. She tells her younger son that he cannot save Jerry from himself and that he should focus on his new family! Ric comes upon them and asks where Jerry is. Jax tells him that Jerry is gone, but it shouldn't matter to the PCPD since Mr. Craig's blood ended up having no ties to his brother. Ric says that Jax shouldn't object to letting his forensics team sweep Jerry's room in that case.

Carly visits Jason in jail and tells him that Jerry has gone missing. She asks if he and Sonny had anything to do with it and he assures her that they didn't. That leaves Carly open for the matter at hand - getting Jason out of jail! She offers to convince Lucky that he made a mistake in arresting him, but Jason tells her to leave Lucky out of it. They argue for a while until Ric enters the room with some questions for Carly. He asks her what she and Lorenzo argued about shortly before his death. She tells him that she wanted to know what Lorenzo knew about James Craig, but he couldn't get her out of there fast enough. She says that he probably had a plane to catch and that Jason is being held for no reason.


Over their morning coffee, Robin tells Patrick that Jason was arrested last night and she feels partly to blame. Patrick comments that she is still very much attached to Jason - no matter how long ago they broke up. He points out that maybe she is so protective of her heart today partly because of her breakup with Jason. Robin admits that he could be right. She says that she and Jason loved each other completely yet they still ended up with broken hearts. She brightens up as she tells Patrick how Jason was before his head injury - a promising student and an awesome soccer player. She says that soon after Stone died, A.J. drove Jason into a tree and she thought he was going to die, too. She remembers that when he woke up and looked at her, she felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. She explains that Jason's family didn't want to accept that he would never be the same person again and how she and Jason ended up getting close because she accepted him the way he was. She goes into how Jason ended up working for Sonny and the fact that she feels responsible for the connection because she became close to Sonny during Stone's illness. The end result is that she feels somewhat guilty for Jason's career choice and the fact that he is behind bars now. Patrick tells her that he feels lucky to have her in his life and she assures him that the only crush she has is on him.

Spinelli and Milo are bickering at Kelly's over how to help Lulu through today's court proceedings. Georgie offers to go to the Quartermines to see Lulu herself and then report back if they can help in some way. After she's gone, Maxi tells Coop that she can't believe that everyone rushes to Lulu's rescue all the time. Logan arrives and Spinelli tells Milo that Logan punched him and then kissed Lulu yesterday - against her wishes! Milo's temper flares and he attacks Logan, which is exactly what Spinelli was hoping for. Coop jumps up and separates them. Spinelli says that Logan made advances to the Blonde One and Logan says that Spinelli was crying on the floor "like a little girl." Maxi yells that the testosterone level is too high, and they all calm down.


Lulu is surprised when Georgie comes over to offer her support. Georgie assures her that she has a lot of friends who care about what she's going through. They have an uncharacteristically friendly talk and then Georgie returns to Kelly's. As soon as she gets in the door Maxi jumps down her throat for befriending poor, pitiful Lulu. Georgie simply tells Milo and Spinelli that Lulu knows they are all behind her, but she can handle today without their help. Meanwhile, Maxi turns to Logan and tells him that today is his chance to come to Lulu's rescue. Logan reminds Maxi that she promised to sleep with him if he breaks Lulu's heart. Maxi agrees, but says that he's a snake for making a deal to sleep with his best friend's girl. Coop has stepped up behind her and says, "Maxi?"


Luke and Tracy arrive at the courthouse. Luke and Scott are arguing over their past transgressions where Laura is concerned when Lulu arrives. In front of everyone, she tells Scott that no matter who wins guardianship today, her mother loves her father. Scott can't believe that Lulu would defend her father and she says that she always will.


Jerry tells his staff that no one, including the PCPD, is allowed inside Jerry's room. Carly arrives and Jax asks her why she was gone when he woke up this morning. She says that she wanted to see Jason. He asks if she thinks her "friends" offed his brother. Carly isn't happy with his inference, but she admits that she did ask Jason about that and he says that they had nothing to do with Jerry's disappearance. Carly contends that Jerry just plain took off and Jax thinks he might be in trouble and need his help. Carly objects to his running off again and Jax says, "If you expect me to ignore my brother then we have a real problem."

Spinelli goes to see Jason in jail and after reminding the cop on duty that "Stone Cold is guaranteed certain inalienable rights under our constitution…"is granted 15 minutes with him. He quickly informs Jason that at 8:05 this evening his cell bars will slip open and he can escape - thanks to his handiwork. Jason tells him to delete the code in the computer and forget about busting him out. As they bicker back and forth, Ric comes into the room and keeps Spinelli in the room for some questions. He says that he will charge Spinelli as an accomplice in Alcazar's murder unless he tells him everything he knows about Jason's actions.


The courtroom is full and Alexis reminds the Spencer side that they are to remain quiet and not act up if the Judge's decision comes down in favor of Scott. Lucky and Lulu sit next to each other. He asks Lulu how she's holding up given the new information that she has heard. She says that she doesn't doubt that Laura loves Luke, and then asks Lucky how he was able to get past learning about the rape. He says he was angry at first, and then came to terms with it. From his bench in front, Luke turns back and tells Nikolas that Laura made a good choice in making him the guardian and thanks him for all he's done on her behalf. The judge comes in and reads his decision. "I am appointing Scott Baldwin as Laura Spencer's legal guardian," he says.

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