GH Recap: Townies.

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Franco bonds with Scott, Nathan turns to Diane for help, and the kids go begging.

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At home, Sam gets an update from Tracy over the phone, Patrick shows up with the kids in Halloween costumes. She fills Patrick in about the Luke situation. He's upset so she puts her hand on his. Cam and Emma snoop around and grab Sam's candy. Emma asks her to come with them. It takes some convincing.

At Wyndemere, Spencer pouts about the woman he lost to Britt and Nikolas. Joss shows up for Beggar's Night with Lucas and Maxie. Britt encourages Spencer to join in but he says it's 'for townies'. Nikolas and Britt go to the candy pantry while Maxie and Lucas eat popcorn. Joss takes Spence aside and demands that he hide her. They bicker and he reminds her they were supposed to break up Cam and Emma. Meanwhile, Maxie moans to Lucas about the Nathan situation. The prince and the doctor dole out candy. Patrick, Sam and the kids show up. Spence and Joss pretend they are a couple. This concerns Emma but her dad drags her away. Joss doesn't think Spence's plan is a good one. After she leaves, Britt starts to wonder why Spencer seems to be in a good mood.

Sam, Patrick and the kids go back to her place. Emma complains about Joss and Spencer while Patrick and Sam makes plans.

Diane shows up at Kelly's and begins bragging to Nathan about beating Scott in court. The cop is distracted and tells her about Judge Walters ruining his relationship with Maxie. Diane offers to file a complaint against the judge but warns that it could backfire and make things worse. The cop doesn't like that idea but wonders if there are any extra-legal options. She suggests they get Monica to talk to the judge since she's dating him. Maxie shows up. Nathan claims there is nothing Diane can do for them. Before rushing away, Maxie and Nathan exchange longing glances.

Scott is in his hotel room with strawberries and champagne. Franco shows up, looking for a place to crash. Scott tries to chase him out but Franco barges in and explains Bobbie isn't coming. They get in robes and eat the barely ripe berries. Scott never thought they'd be bonding like this and tells him about Logan. When Scott leaves to order steaks, Franco makes a call to see if his plans for Heather have worked. His father returns as Franco gets off the phone. He covers and they talk about the big day.

Shawn visits Sonny at home to tell him that Heather thinks Franco broke her out. They wonder why Franco would want his mother loose. Sonny remains determined to kill Franco before the wedding.

At home, Carly informs her mom that she kicked Franco out for the night. She wanted to be traditional for a change and pesters her mom not to say anything negative about the wedding. She fills her mom in on the Luke situation. Bobbie runs off to call Lulu. Sonny calls Carly to say that he loves her. He wishes her good luck. She awkwardly thanks him. Lucas arrives with Joss. She can see her mom is upset and gives her a hug.

Jake tries wheeling himself around the hospital. Michael pops up and lends him a hand. Jake asks if they know each other. Corinthos doesn't think so and introduces himself. They soon discover they have comas and brain injuries in common. The topic turns to Carly's wedding and then AJ's death. Jake suggests that he let the police handle the latter.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco plot doesn't go as planned.

Nina pushes forward with the latest tier of her scheme.

Carly demands that Michael drop his search for AJ's killer.

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